chapter 1

Zac grunted as he pushed through the tackle and onto the final stretch to the try line. It was the last game of the season and they were behind by only two, if he could get this try on the next 30 seconds they would win, if only by a point. He focused and sprinted his powerful legs pounding his lean yet muscled body closer to the line. He noticed a flash behind him and felt a hand grapple at his shirt and his heart raced but it quickly fell away as he pushed himself to the limit. He grinned to himself as he dove for the line and planted the ball in turf. They had won, he cheered slightly in shock as his team yahooed towards him. He stood proudly and held the ball in the air.
Celebration as you can imagine were exorbitant. Seemingly the whole 12the class had rocked up for a party, not that the team minded at least for tonight they were celebrities, Zac was one of the main heroes and didn't need to get his own drink the whole night, which he took complete advantage off considering he barely drank in season. Before long, he was heavily drunk along with nearly the entire team and they were still pounding back beer after beer. He couldn't remember whose house this even was but they had done an excellent job with the catering, whatever it was he just kept stuffing it down his throat, he didn't even know he could eat this much. He started to feel slightly ill and slowed down a little bit, it was getting to around 3 at this point so a couple of the guys grabbed some stuff for the road and walked to the nearest house to crash. They didn't realise how far it was and ended up having to go a fair distance, and despite not really being hungry stopping for snacks at a KFC for some reason, excess was the name of the game. Zac started to get a little bit of focus back and they managed to stumble to a house and crash on the carpet. Drunk and bloated it didn't take long for him to drift off to sleep.
He woke up feeling surprisingly good, he was a bit groggy but that was to be expected and he looked to be the first to get up. He lay there waking up fully before needing to run off to the toilet, he saw himself in the mirror and laughed softly. He was trashed. He thought about having a shower but he didn't have clothes to change into. As he walked back he was surprised to find he was starving, he creeped into the his friends kitchen to nick something to eat - he leant with his head in the fridge and starting eating some leftover pizza standing with the fridge door open. Feeling a little guilty but knowing it would just be put down to being eaten last night he kept eating. Finishing the pizza he moved into some sort of pasta eating right out of the tub, leaving it on the counter he rummaged around and pulled out a tub of ice cream from the fridge and starting eating that as well. He kept his eat open but everyone was still asleep. He absent mindedly scrolled on his phone his mouth constantly being refilled, before he knew it the pasta was empty and he bit his lip and threw the tub in the sink. He kept looking and ended up finding a pack of iced donuts in the cupboard and took one out and munched on it still going with the ice cream. Before he knew it all the doughnuts were gone and the ice cream was seriously depleted, he blushed as he calculated that around a litre had been eaten. He quietly packed up and headed back to the room and fiddled with his phone as the other few guys woke up. Everyone was up and moving and pretty hungry, Zac didn't mention that he had already eaten, he was feeling pretty full now. Soon though they were heading out for a big greasy takeaway breakfast, which Zac felt compelled to join. Before he knew it, he was sitting in front of a ridiculous breakfast but his inner glutton got the best of him and quickly finished it all. He felt slightly sick especially when he thought of the crazy amount he had eaten back at the house, he couldn't have eaten like that in season. He had never had a problem with eating though so he enjoyed himself and didn't think about. He was glad to get back to his house and have a shower and get changed into clean clothes. He caught his reflection and noticed that his stomach was bloated but still showed his abs. His waist was narrow and tapered as it usually was with a prominent V but his flat stomach was not so flat, just bloated.
Now that season was over and with exams coming up Zac's diet of chicken breasts and protein powder quickly changed to grazing and stress eating as he prepped, as he sat as his desk his mouth was usually chowing down on some chips or some lollies and he even starting drinking coke or energy drinks to help stay awake - something he usually avoided. He didn't even realise how much he was eating, he had never really been a stress eater but he was making up for it now. He ate as much junk as he normally would in 6 months over just two weeks but he managed to study and eat himself through his exams and do pretty well. Even as school finished up for the term and testing was over he kept eating more than he usually did, not quite as much as he had been when he was stressed but he had grown slightly addicted to the constant snacking around the house and liked to have a bowl of something when he watched a movie or played a game. He had lots of free time now without training most afternoons. It was starting to have an impact on him, as he was changing for school one day he noticed that his shorts were a bit tight and he had tighten his stomach a little bit to get them on. He caught his reflection in the mirror and paused as he saw that his abs weren't really visible. He flexed his stomach and they faintly showed but when he relaxed they were no longer there, his stomach was still flat but just not defined and slightly softer looking. He posed his arms and was satisfied, he was just a little bloated he reasoned - he threw on his shirt and being an avoider of problems he put it to the back of his mind and left for school.
It had been a month since the game and Zac was into his second day of mid semester break - after being so highly strung he was going to enjoy the month off to chill and unwind, hanging out with his friends, catching up on TV and eating became his life. For the first time as well most of his friends were 18 so they could drink as well so drinking beer became a much more common occurrence. The moment of realisation came half way through the break when he was trying to get into a pair of skinny jeans after a week of tracksuit pants and a hoodie. He struggled to get up his thick legs and had to really force them closed around his waist. He grunted as he managed to close them and went to see what had happened. He grimaced in the mirror as he saw himself. He had seriously softened up in the last month. He stomach was undefined and although he didn't have a belly it curved slightly out with a slight pudginess, his tapered waist had filled in slightly and his v shape was less dramatic. The jeans were obviously too tight for his softer legs and butt which had expanded slightly and were causing his sides to slightly sit over. He grabbed a decent pinch of fat on his stomach, gave it a small jiggle, and sighed patting his softer stomach. Even his pecs had softened up slightly. The jeans were still wearable just a little on the tight side. He kicked the scale on and hopped on top. He was relieved when it showed 164; he had only gained about 8 pounds though he did have the thought that a bit of muscle had probably been lost as well. He made a mental note to get back to the gym, a note that he knew deep down he would not follow through with.
Despite knowing he had gained weight Zac continued his lazy and increasingly gluttonous lifestyle - his parents just assumed he was trying to gain muscle and kept refilling the pantry. His room had empty packets scattered around and his bin was full of empty coke cans, he exclusively wore a pair of old but super comfortable pair of tracksuit pants and different jerseys soft with wear which were slowly getting tighter around his thickening body. He was having too much fun to relax and he was constantly craving food. By the time school started back up, around three weeks later most of his form fitting shirts were showing a slight hint of a belly forming, only slight and barely noticeable but still quite a change from the perfectly bodied jock. The main reason that no one else had really picked up on his weight gain was that it was winter and he was wearing baggy clothes, barely any of the weight had gone to his face which was still slim. When school came around he struggled to fit into his pants which were struggling to button around his thicker waist and his button up shirt sat on his small belly slightly. He threw a jumper over the top which hid the struggling pants and his starting to bulge tummy and was satisfied. All day the pants cut into his sides and he was constantly fiddling with them in discomfort. He resolved that he was going to need to get some new ones in the next size. He managed to make it through the day and made his way to get a new set of uniforms. He wanted to try the pants in a 32-inch waist going up from the 30s. He tried them on but his beefy thighs and butt were still making them slightly too tight. He swallowed a little bit of pride and tried on the 34's which were baggy enough to be comfortable and got them along with a few shirts in the next size up which meant they hung a lot better and didn't highlight his body. Satisfied he put his smaller clothes at the back of his wardrobe and the newer ones ready for the next day.
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Bugmenot 8 years
Love it please continue 😊😊😊
Igor Olman 8 years
A 17-year-old rugby player weighing 156?! What was he, a scrum half?