A new work, a new weight

Chapter 1 - introducing

[Hi! I am not an English guy, so sorry if I have a lot of language mistakes. This story is not still ended, but I will upload new chapters soon. I hope you like it!! Looking forward to receiving feedback!]

I'm going to tell you the story of a couple of guys. These boys were James and David. Both were in a very good shape:

The first one, James, was 1'85 metres and 70 kilograms. He had a six-pack, strong pecs and arms. He was blond and had green eyes. He liked wearing tight clothes. The second one, David, was a bit smaller, 1,78 metres, but his weight was also smaller: 65 kilograms. He had curly and brown hair and black eyes. His abs were less marked, but he had stronger arms and legs than James. Both of them loved eating, but they wanted to stay in a good shape, so they worked out so much in order to be able of eat whatever they want.

James worked in his father's company, he was his personal assistant and so, he had no economic problems. David didn't work, when James was at working, he stayed at home doing the laundry, cleaning the rooms, etc. When he finished these tasks, he prepared the meal and waited for James to eat. After they ate, they took a nap and after that, they went to the gym. They spent there over 3 hours every day, less Sundays. When they finished their working out, they usually went to dinner out.

In spite of looking like a perfect life, there was something wrong in this. David felt useless as a result of not working. He wanted to be an English teacher in the faculty, but he had given up his dream because the nearest faculty of his house required a travel of 2 hours by car and somebody had to do the home tasks. He had never told this to James, because he thought James would see him like a selfish boyfriend, but David knew he couldn't keep on living frustrated.

One day, after their working out, David asked James if he wanted to go to a wealth restaurant which was next to their gym. James agreed, but he didn't know why David wanted to go to such an elegant restaurant that day. Once then:
- Such an elegant restaurant! But it looks so expensive, why do you want to come here in an ordinary day? - asked James.
- Well... It's not an ordinary day... At least for me... I want to tell you something...
- You're frightening me!!! Is something wrong?
- Well... Thanks to your work, we don't need to be working at the same time and we can be more time together...
- Yes...
- However, I don't like feeling so useless... I've always wanted to become an English teacher in the faculty, but as we don't need the money, I've always thought it would be rude and selfish for you if I "abandon" our home to go to work...
- Oh gosh! I thought it was something worse... Darling, thanks to my dad, we aren't broke, we don't need you to work but well... I don't want to make your life boring and to ruin your dreams... It would be selfish if I oblige you to stay at home making me apple pies, If you work as well, we could even afford paying a servant in order to do the home tasks and spend more time together. So if you want, I can ask my dad a day off and go with you to the faculty... what about... tomorrow?
- Wow... I didn't think it would be so quick... -thought David- but well... why not? YES!
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