Aaron’s little chubby girl

Chapter 1 - noticing her chub

Aaron had been dating Katie for nearly two years. They had graduated from college last year and moved in together, and so far everything was great. They both found jobs and could live comfortably. They had gotten into an adult routine- work, dinner, tv and bed. Aaron was happy, he had it all. Great job, nice house, and beautiful girlfriend. He loved showing off his sexy girlfriend- a tiny, 5'3 woman with a body that made everyone stop and stare. Katie was absolutely gorgeous.

Things started to change when Aaron came home one day to find Katie sitting on the couch with a plate of nachos. She normally ate very boring health food, but lately she had given into temptation a bit more often. Aaron liked her to be more relaxed, and often encouraged her to indulge herself.

But this day, Aaron noticed that those indulges were beginning to show up on Katie's small frame. In a tight wife beater and yoga shorts, Katie looked a little... thick? She had never looked anything but perfect to him before, but he could swear he saw a little bit of fat. Her thighs bubbles out from the tight shorts just a little. A tiny pooch on her stomach made an outline in her tank top. Her arms looked a little bit soft.

Aaron was taken aback. He sat beside her and kissed her, rubbing her stomach to see if he could feel the difference. Under her shirt he could grasp and almost jiggle the weight now covering her abs. It felt soft and almost sensual to him. He explored her further.. her ass felt more hefty. Her thighs felt more meaty. Her breasts, now straining over her tight little bra, felt heavy in his hands. Beneath her bra strap was another little roll of pudge.

Aaron found himself captivated by this new fat on his girlfriend. He couldn't stop rubbing his hands over her body, enthralled by its new curves. Aaron found himself turned on by her weight gain.. and immediately felt dirty for being aroused. She needed to lose the weight, obviously. He should encourage her to spend more time at the gym. Get healthier food in the house. Supportive things like that. Aaron wanted to be a good boyfriend.. and he certainly didn't want a fat girlfriend. He was going to help her lose it.

... but something inside him didn't want to help her shed the extra pounds. He was ashamed to admit it, but he found her sexier than ever now.
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Td0057 5 years
Great so far. Perhaps we could have a chapter or two written from her perspective.
Jazzman 5 years
Nice realistic start and good characters.Hoping you have a transition from denial to sexy acceptance and mutual gaining in mind.At least that would be pretty hot anyway
Jack-Elray 5 years
This is great. Please continue.