Thick girl

Chapter 1 - yoga pants

Ed had always liked it when Katie wore yoga pants. They always highlighted her assets. Katie hadn't been a super skinny girl in a long time- she had finally "filled out" a little over the last few years, and carried about 130 pounds on her 5'4 frame.

But as Ed watched his girlfriend vacuuming this morning, he noticed something different about her ass in those pants. It was so wobbly! As she took the vacuum back and forth, it seemed to shimmy after her. The fabric of her yoga pants seemed stretched really thin, leaving nothing to Ed's imagination.

And her thighs... well they hadn't been toned in a while, but she always had a decent thigh gap. This morning that gap was looking pretty small. Her thighs looked meaty today, and shook with every step she took.

Katie turned his direction and he was taken aback by the view from the front. Her tight tank top rode up nearly to her belly button, exposing a new roll of fat that hung over her pants. Her sides had new rolls too, especially under her straining bra.

When did she get so chunky? She looked downright fat. Her whole body jiggled as she cleaned.. she should be way too embarrassed to be dressed like that! She has a gut, and she is just letting it pour out of her shirt! What happened to her?

Ed continued to watch her do her housework, amazed at her pudgy stature. He had been a little distant lately, sure, but it hadn't been that long since he saw her naked! And she certainly wasn't a *** then!

He felt himself getting increasingly angry. How could she let herself go like that? How could he take her in public now? He couldn't go anywhere with a wide load as his date! The ridicule from his friends and coworkers would be endless. He fixated on her chubby little gut, watching it bounce around as she worked. He wondered what she could have been eating to grow that much fat so quickly.. there had to be 20 new pounds on her body.

20 pounds of evidence that she was a greedy, indulgent woman with no self control. He couldn't be seen with a girl like that. They were going to have to talk.
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GrowingLoveH... 6 years
I too enjoy his change of heart about her growing figure. Nicely done.
Karenjenk 6 years
I really liked this and how he takes charge. I'm Sub so it's right up my alley.

Cant wait to see what happens next.