The perfect porker

Chapter 1 - jason's personal preferences were odd...

Jason had always liked his girls... big. And getting bigger by the day. Sometimes, where a girl got very overweight, and then her weight platuated, he kind of lost interest, despite how big they were. It was the growing process that turned him on for some reason. Some of the girls were keenly aware of their added size, others were blissfully unaware. He preferred them to be unaware, that way, all that new poundage would pour and poke out of way too small clothes. In high school, he tended to go for the formerly hot chicks that recended into their adult weights, or overcame eating issues to find horribly slow metabolisms. His friends made fun of him, of course, for how frequently his girlfriends morphed into plumpers. But it didn't matter, the feeling of those thick thighs and juicy asses was way better than being cool. He couldn't help himself, he just loved the chubsters.

College was easy for Jason, every year there were new freshman just waiting to pack on that Freshman 15. With his influence it was usually more like 20 or 30- he kept the beer and snacks flowing until the girls were undeniably pudgy. Whenever they snapped up and tried to lose weight, he simply found a new one to pork up. Again, he got teased, but so many other college guys find themselves accidentally dating fatties, people seemed more kind about it during those years.

Jason Mastered in Social Work, having intended to work with Foster Kids, or something equally noble. He wanted a job that announced him as "kind" and "giving"... also he had noticed that government jobs seemed to be full of fat girls. So a combo of the two seemed perfect. But upon graduating, he was disappointed to find out how few jobs there were in his field.

His parents told him not to feel bad, it was the economy. His advisor told him that he just needed to get a double major in a broader arena. His best friend told him that he wasn't getting offers because he was getting a little tubby.

"A little tubby" was Keith's way of putting it kindly. Jason had crammed, what? 50 or 60 pounds? On during college. He had came to school as a thin enough kid, but 4 years of chasing after fat girls had done a number on his waistline, and he was a little fat now. It was almost entirely in his belly paunch- his arms and legs looked pretty much the same. But, to Keith's estimations anyway, he had to be seriously overweight if not obese, and he felt like his sloppy appearance was costing him jobs.
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Hrothvitnir 1 year
Were you describing yourself in chapter 4?
GrowingLoveH... 3 years
I really love these characters.
I hope you don’t leave them in limbo forever. Of course, I’m a fine one to talk, as I have several unfinished stories.
I love your writing.
GummieTummy 6 years
Oh. This is good. There has to be more! Please, please, continue this story! I’d love to see Britta at 180 days and beyond...Her family’s reaction...her realization...It’s fun to imagine, but would be so much better to read!