Adults at play - 2

chapter 1

Her eyes scanned the shelves for ingredients. She was baking her second batch of brownies that week. Her pantry was small, barely three feet square with shelving from knee-height to ceiling, but always plentifully stocked. She wondered if they would both still fit in there following his recent gain. She decided that tonight was the night to find out.

'Brownies!' she yelled, thirty minutes later, pulling the tray from the oven. She heard his footsteps approach from the lounge and she dashed to the pantry to lie in wait.

'Mmm!' he said, filling his nostrils with the sweet aroma as he entered the kitchen, his belly leading the way. 'They smell delicious!'

He stroked his belly in anticipation. 'Okay if I have one?'

'Have two if you have any,' she replied from her hiding place. 'I baked them just for you.'

She heard chewing sounds and pushed the pantry door open just enough to enjoy the view. She desperately tried not to touch herself as she watched him eat.

'I'll have a third!' he shouted back, his belly bulging.

He was such a tease. She continued to watch, mesmerized, as he rubbed his belly as he ate. His shirts were getting tight again she noticed. It was all too much. Her body began to crave his attention.

'Say, can you help me a minute please? I'm in here,' she said.

He looked over and saw the pantry door slightly ajar.

'Sure thing, I'll be right there.'

She heard him exhale loudly and stifle a belch. It was no wonder. He'd already had a second dessert after dinner that evening. His appetite was really starting to get the better of him. She saw him approach the pantry and she quickly got into position.

'Well what are you doing here?' he asked, as he opened the door.

He found his wife, up on tip toes, her back to him, struggling to reach the light bulb in the pantry corner above the top shelf. He spied the new light bulb in her hand.

'This damned bulb has blown again,' she said. 'And I can't reach it.'

Whilst his wife was superior to him in many ways, height remained firmly his domain. But before leaping to help a damsel in distress, he helped himself to a glimpse of her fine figure first.

'Here,' he said, eventually. 'Let me get that for you.'

He leaned in close behind her and plucked the bulb from her hand. He clearly wasn't used to his new girth. She felt his belly squeeze into her lower back, wedging her tight up against the shelves, her face unceremoniously planted into a bag of rice by his softened chest as he got up on tip toes behind her.

'Wow, it's cosy in here,' he said, wriggling his body mischievously. His deep voice resonated through her entire frame, and her legs buckled slightly at having to take even the slightest portion of his weight. He knew what he was doing. He never missed a trick to remind her of the contrast between them, as his earthy scent pleasantly filled her nostrils in such a confined space.

'Just screw it in,' she said, her voice muffled by the rice, and her intended double entendre falling on deaf ears.

'I can't believe this bulb has gone again,' he said as he unscrewed and replaced it.

He flicked the light switch and the pair were bathed in light. He looked at the old bulb in his hand. 'That's odd, it doesn't look like it's blown'.

He flicked the switch again, waited a few seconds for the new bulb to cool, and exchanged the two. He flicked the switch again, and the old bulb lit.

'That's strange, it still works,' he remarked.

'Yes, that is strange,' she said, smiling to herself, still pleasurably lost in the heavy warmth of his body as it enveloped her. She squeezed her pert behind into him suggestively.

'Hey, ... Wait a minute,' he said.

'Are you? ...'

'Are you turning yourself on right now?'

She threw her head back onto his chest, exposing her neck, and looked up at him.

'And what if I am?'

'Oh,' he replied, that glint in his eye widening.

'I just wanted, ...' she paused, thinking how best to phrase it.

'I just wanted to see if we both still fit in here.'

'Oh,' he replied, again. 'And why wouldn't we?'

'Just try closing that door behind you,' she said, grinning wildly.

He reached behind to grab the door handle as he kissed her on the neck, his stubble sanding her skin. 'Place your bets,' he whispered huskily in her ear, as he began to close the door. She felt him try to suck in his belly as he closed it. However, he soon ran into difficulty when the door first encountered his most generous behind.

'Suck in your belly,' he said, struggling further with the door.

'Look who's talking!' she laughed, as she felt him rise up onto tip toes to fill out into more space. That only wedged her in tighter against the shelves. She was in fat man heaven.

'Still think that third brownie was a good idea?' she asked, smirking.

'Damned space is too small,' he said, his breath grazing her collarbone.

'Or perhaps someone's too big?' she suggested constructively.

With some relief she finally heard the door latch click. It gave her a chance to catch her breath as he placed some of his weight on the door instead of putting all its pressure on her.

'Remember that night we made love in here after we first moved in?' she asked.

'How could I forget,' he said. 'You were wild that night.'

'Remember why?' she asked.

'Yes, ... yes I do,' he replied. 'If I remember rightly, you caught me in here eating the brownies you'd baked for your work colleagues.'

He looked down at his belly. 'But I should really lay off the brownies, judging by this tight squeeze.'

'Nonsense,' she said, reaching behind to rub his thick thighs. 'We'll just get a bigger pantry instead.'

She sensed the closeness of her body was exciting him. 'Fond memories of that night?' she asked, teasingly.

'How can you tell?' he chuckled.

'Woman's intuition,' she replied. 'That and the tent pole in your pants.'

He returned the favour by working his hands down her front, from her breasts to her crotch.

'How about we relive old times?' he whispered in her ear, stroking the insides of her thighs.

She clamped her thighs around his hands and squeezed them tight. 'Why not,' she said.

She felt him do that little knee-dip all fat men do when reaching down below their bellies to unbutton their pants. He grabbed her by the hips and hoisted her up to make his approach a little easier. She reached up onto a shelf for support. He was breathing heavily now, exciting rapidly as he hiked up her skirt from behind. She pulled her underwear to one side for him. She felt him struggle desperately to suck in his belly to get at her. She could feel his hips buck in frustration as he tried to reach. His struggling only turned her on more. He was too fat for that position now, not that he had realised it before.

'Having difficulties lover?' she asked, eyes like wildfire.

'Brownie by brownie, this belly has grown,' she continued, grabbing a love handle.

'And now it's too big for you to ....'

'Tease!' he interrupted, his cheeks flushing a deep dark crimson. Belittled and turned on. She knew what she was doing to him. Mind games, his masculinity challenged. Both playing with fire in a dangerous dance.

'Let me help you out,' she said, turning, with some difficulty, to face him face to face. She looked up into his eyes expectantly.

Frustrated at his previous failure, he swept a corner shelf free of its tins, sending them flying, and threw her up on to it. It freed up just enough room to get at her.

'Mmm, that's it,' she said, grinning as she landed on the shelf, turned on by his frenzied state. 'Punish me.'

He hiked up her skirt up and deftly freed her legs of her underwear.

'Come at me fat man,' she taunted, poking his belly.

'You little tease,' he said, finally entering her.

She wrapped her legs around him tightly, feeling his belly spilling outwards onto her thighs, massaging her pleasurably between her legs as he began to thrust.

'Mmm, that's it,' she whispered in his ear, grabbing to reach the shelves behind him, packages tumbling everywhere.

'Punish me, ...'

'Punish me for making you so fat.'

He kissed and his kissed and kissed; his hands everywhere like a man possessed. He couldn't get enough of her.

'You'll be punished alright,' he said. 'Look how fat you've made me.'

He grabbed his belly. 'All those brownies you baked me, you tease. You knew I couldn't help myself. Look what you made me do.'

'Punish me then,' she demanded.

'Harder ...,'

'Punish me,'


Both now close, their eyes began to lock on each other's.

'Make me ...,' he whispered, kissing her neck.

'Say it,' she said. 'I want to hear you say it.'

'Make me, ...' he said, thrusting harder, tiring rapidly.

'Say it!' she screamed.

Their eyes locked.

'Make! ... Me! ... Fatter!' he grunted.

'Yes!!' she screamed, as they both erupted in unison, their bodies intertwined, losing themselves in the ecstasy of their breathless embrace.

She held him. He held her. Minutes may have passed, neither knew or cared.

He was slumped against her now, his head on her shoulder. She eventually recovered and kissed him on the forehead.

'Of course I'll fatten you up, with pleasure.'

'But I'll need a bigger pantry.'

'And you'll have to finish those brownies for me first.'

*** ***
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Td0057 6 years
Really enjoyed this story. Love the teasing between the two as they worked toward the inevitable. Thanks!
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Very nicely done. You definitely have some wonderful talent for this kind of writing.
Built4com4t 6 years
Again...a wonderfully erotic vignette