Amy and grace

chapter 1

It's been about 10 months since I started gaining and keep in mind that i was not a small girls by any means when i started, so the results have been wonderful! When I started really trying to gain I was about 300 pounds, and today I got on the scale, it said 356. I was so ***ing happy I started jumping up and down, so my belly started jiggling and the floor started shaking and my girlfriend burst in the door and said "What are you doing in here baby girl?" "Nothing." I replied "Well whatever you are doing your shaking the whole damn house." "Sorry babe I was just excited. Look!" I said as I stepped back on the scale. And again the dial sailed back up to 356. "Holy shit!" She exclaimed. "I knew you had gotten big since we moved in together, but holy crap! We so need to celebrate." I knew what that meant, my girlfriend was going to take me to my favourite fast food joint. Or at least that's what I thought until she said "We are going to have to do something a bit different than usual." "Oh ya and what would that be?" She looked down at my large belly that nearly covered my panties, she put her hand on my belly and gently started rubbing my fat gut. " Well now you're that you're over 350 you're not a little girl anymore so you're going to need more food than you're used to." I started to smile at the thought of her buying me any food I wanted. "But.." she continued "...I get to have my fun with you tonight after your good and stuffed." She winked at me and said "I'll meet you in the car hun."

I quickly squeezed my ass into some yoga pants I know how much Amy loves how I jiggle in them. Then I threw on a shirt and ran out the door. By the time I got to the car I was out of breath and Amy said. "Was it that hard babe? We only live on the second floor." She laughed and started the car. Then I looked down at my belly only to see that I had picked a shirt that was to small and kept riding up my belly, I blushed then asked "Where are we going first?" "Taco Bell of course! Don't you think I know my baby's favourite?" She said as she placed her hand on my thigh.

A few minutes later we pulled up to the drive thru speaker. *Hello how may I help you?* "Hi I would like 5 Beefy Fritos Burritos, 3 XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito, a Quesarito, and two 12 pack Cinnabon Delights." *Ok anything else?* "Yes we need drinks 2 large MT. Dew freezes." *Ok please pull up.* By this time I was squirming with excitement at the massive amounts of food I would be consuming.

After we got the food Amy said "How does McDonald's sound we can get a 80 piece nugget and a couple chocolate shakes?" She looked at me for a minute as I was stuffing my face with a burrito I noded yes.
When we got home with all my food I was already through 3 burritos and a shake. Amy took the bags of food and drinks into the apartment as I slowly dragged behind still working on the third burrito. When I finally sat down on my large comfortable chair I was panting and very out of breath. Then Amy came and sat next to me she poured cold lotion on my large belly and started to rub, as i stuffed my face. Her fingers glided around my belly touching every part of my huge rolls. After I finish my food Amy says "I'll be back soon."

About 15 minutes later was sitting back belly sore and bloated and Amy walks in with tight lingerie that fits snug to her body and says "Well hello there fatty." I knew what she was going to do, she was going to start the only type of foreplay that always soaks my panties till they are dripping wet. Humiliation.

"I can not belive how that fat body has grown, what the *** have u been eating? Well lard ass?" I love playing into this so I tug my super small shirt over my large belly and in a hushed tone I reply "I don't know." "And why don't you know? Oh thats right because you don't pay attention to all that food you shovel down your throat." I shudder with excitement "There is no reason to hide that fat gut, I know it's growing. I just had to buy you new clothes the other day." She grabs my huge love handles and starts jiggling my fat belly. Every time my belly hits my pussy it feels practically orgasmic.

"Damm this flab is heavy how do you carry it around all day?" "Ahh" I moan, my full belly being lifted up and slammed back down on top of my fat thighs made a loud clapping sound. "Ahh baby please stop I'm so full" I pleaded "Your full? That fat gut of yours can get full? There must be so much room in there, you can't be full." She grabbed handfuls of my fat and squeezed. Then she went into the kitchen. "Babe! Don't get more food! I'm serious I'm full!" She stepped thru the door holding a gallon of ice cream with a large spoon in the top.

"Oh you can't be serious!" I put my hands on my belly and looked down. I love how big my belly has gotten but it's just so full I really don't know how I'm going to eat any more. "Take off your shirt Grace!" I look down at my belly again, it protrudes so far from under my shirt already, it hardly covers anything. "Take it of NOW!" she demanded. I start to blush but do as I'm commanded. "Now your bra." I lean forward and try to unhook the snaps in the back, I try reaching my arms back but I can't. She saw me struggling "WOW! What a fat pig! You can't even undress yourself?" "I usually can I'm just so full I can't..." "Lier!" She interrupted "You can't be full." She sat on my legs, my belly pressing against her skinny torso. She put the ice cream on the table next to me then reached around me and unhooked my bra with her cold hands. She grabs the ice cream and rests it on my belly, she brings the spoon to my mouth and shoves it in, I try to get as much as i can in my mouth but some dripped down my fat face onto my chins.

The ice cream is about half gone and i can no longer move with out being reminded of my engorged gut. Amy brings the ice cream back to the kitchen as she can see i can eat anything else. I lie there helpless, my face and breasts sticky with ice cream. I wait for Amy to return, I have no Idea what she is going to do to me in my helpless bloated state. She reappears from the kitchen with a big smile on her face. "I think i may have actually filled that thing for now at least." She comes closer to me and gets on her knees she pulls off my pants then looks at my underwear, my thighs and belly have sucked them in. "Holy shit i'm actually going to have to cut these off!" My face reddens with shame at the predicament but at the same time i became even wetter. Amy grabbed some scissors and cut the sides of the painties and throw them aside. Then she buried her face under my belly and between my fat thighs. "Oh ***!" I started to moan at her amazing tongue ***ing. Within seconds she had me cuming.

About an hour later she kissed her way up my belly. Then she left me to nap after a wonderful evening.
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QuebecFA 8 years
This is such a beautiful, sexy story! I hope you'll add additional chapters so she can blossom into a 500+ lbs. goddess of beauty and sexiness! :-)
Jazzman 8 years
Please use this word when you mean "you are ".
You're an excellent writer. Too good to miss this basic premise of spelling.
Very nice story.
Bradypig 8 years
More please!
Fluffylove 8 years
Very sexy, please continue. Maybe make every chapter an additional 50 lb weight gain