Rose and the doctor


Together Rose and the Doctor have been traveling around the universe for a year. They recently started the theme of food. "Next stop Zertnder! They're known for their exquisite taste in food similar to seafood." He seemed very thrilled with his destination choice. But on the other hand, Rose seemed preoccupied. The crunch of stale chips echoed throughout the TARDIS. Rose once petite was now too big to exit the TARDIS. But the Doctor couldn't help but feed her more. She kept getting bigger and bigger but, it turned him no so much. He had to feed her more and more, she was never big enough for his satisfaction. As he left an echoing sigh of pleasure, he know his dream would come one day where she would be too big for the TARDIS to move, and they would be stuck in one dimension or another. The time passed slowly as Rose awaited the Doctor's returning presence. She knew she had to lose weight so she could go out again but, it felt being by the Doctor's side, letting him dominate her in any way he felt he would like to. She knew she could never lose him, he made her feel whole and she made him feel whole, like he was alive, and not alone. As the door of the TARDIS shut, the Doctor announced his arrival, and the food he had brought with him. He withdrew the food from each container and slowly fed her each dish to fatten her up even more. But that wasnt enough for him jiggled her belly and watched the aftermath, the ripples slowly subsided into nothing, as if a rock had been thrown into a pond. He slowly felt around her rolls to find her tender breasts, her nipples were already firm from only playing with her belly. What a funny thing, he only had to play with her belly for the shortest amount of time and already her body responded positively. He slowly felt down counting her rolls, he finally reached her elastic waistbanded pants and panties. As he spred the lips of her pussy he relized she was already wet. He smiled and kissed her passionately he wanted the best for her he wanted her to be his princess. He slowly felt for her clit, he wanted to make her cum all over the TARDIS, he wanted her panties to be soaked.
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Akwolfgrl13 7 years
I like the pic shows 9 not 10. I liked 9 with rose better then 10 and rose. It was a cute story.