An exposed belly on halloween

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BRIEF ACCIDENTS CASE #02: An Exposed Belly on Halloween

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posted : Monday 23 October 2017

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"So halloween is coming up , right? I may as well share my story then, seeing as this is the right place.

This is from last year's halloween.

Well I've always had this weird desire to eat heaps of food one day and get fat (at least a belly) then walk around in public with it hanging out with no shame, but i coudlnt be seen. And then halloween was coming around, so..........that's exactly what I did. Weird I know, but who cares. I'm not morbidly obese, this isn't some life-threatening thing, we all have our weirdnessess (is that a word?). I was pretty slender before then, so it came as a bit of a shock to people when they suddenly saw me a few sizes up, but............

Anyway, before halloween last year I got a new job so i could afford to spend more money. That's what my excuse was when I bought food. I didn't exercise much anymore, sat down more, watched lots of movies, tv shows, a few games. My favourite sweet food was always caramel chocolate, which I PIGGED out on, and really packed a punch on my waist......... I got so used to just binging all day long when I wasn't at work (sometimes binging at work, woops!), I was so accustomed to it that before long it actually surprised me when my belly just poofed out all of a sudden. All of a sudden it wasn't so easy to do up my pants any more. And I'd always been slender. This was such a change it really took me. But yeah, at first I just got this little belly pooching over my jeans. Then it started to touch my lap if i bent far enough. Then I noticed my belly button was wider and deeper cos of how my belly was forming. My boobs got a bit bigger too, and so did my thighs, which was weird, since they never really started growing until after my belly. But when they grew, they grew!!!!?? Suddenly my thighs were blowing up like balloons. So yeah, then halloween was here and at the same time people like my friends and family were starting to make comments here and there. I had to call it quits finally, cos I was so surprised how big I'd grown in so little time.

Like, for example this one time at work I brought back some donuts from a nearby shop after lunch break. I sat down, got back to work and pretty much ate them all in no time, and then (I don't know how else to explain it) I swear that after an hour of sitting there doing work I kept feeling this weird change of pressure where my waistband sat against my tummy, almost like I was expanding or something. Not hugely, but like, in small, tiny bits as if another pound was being added to me right then and there. (Is that even possible?) it was amazing to feel a physical change in me in only a couple of hours!!!! I went into the ladiesroom to check, I just had to know for sure. I thought of what my belly was like in the morning compared to what it looked lik enow that I was alone at in front of the mirror and touching my tummy, I coudl have sworn it was bigger??????? When I went to sit back down I felt weirdly squishy in my sides where there was a shallow roll that dipped there, but now ditting here it felt more prominent.

But anyway! Enough about that. I digress. On halloween night it was the best, I made myself up in a zombie costume. Ill do my best to describe it....... Most of it was just old clothes I was ok with ripping: an old grey shirt, a hoodie and some high waisted shorts. I got a bucket of water, filled it with some mud and let them soak for a bit. The next day I let them dry, then rolled some more dry dirt onto the in big chunks so it looked like I'd come out the grave. Then I got some red paint, diluted it with water and splatted it on in spots,so once it dried it looked like dried blood. After that I started ripping it in places. To do that the way I wanted, I put them all on (they were really tight since they were old), got a pair of scissors, made a cut in places, then ripped strips off my hand. It was easy after rolling them in dirt and just generally ruining them... So when it was all done, there was a huge rip in the left leg of the shorts, an arm missing from the hoodie, the hood part was hanging in half and the short was ripped all down the front from the chest to the bottom so that starting from just under my boobs my belly was hanging out. There were also heaps of littler holes in the shirt in other places.

What made it awesome was that the clothes I used for the costume were old even when I was still thin, so they were extra small by now. I never realised how round my belly was until I saw myself in the mirror before walking out. My thighs had never been that thick and when i turned to the side to see how far my belly stuck out, it kept jiggling, i thought it was the cutest thing ever, i felt like all my binge eating had paid off, it was like, "oh wow, so that's where all that food went"....... Lucky mum and dad werent home to see me like that......... they would've put me on the scales or something..........

After the costume I put way too much gel in my hair to make it greasy, but twigs and dirt in it, then smeared dark red paint all over me. I also smeared the paint on my tummy. It felt so good to let my hands rub the paint into my chub like that, my belly felt so soft and big. I looked pretty awesome!!!! :D

So I just went trick-or-treating by myself, which is fine. I like walking around the neighbourhood alone anyway. Nobody could tell who i was because my face was too covered in makeup. But it was the best feeling being out in the dark by myself with the tiny shirt split like that down the middle, I could feel my belly jiggling as I walked. Everyone was out on the streets, it was so busy, and people looked. They thought the costume was great. Some stopped for photos and I was actually embarrassed at first, but I got used to it. Hey, it was only a costume right? Even though my potbelly stuck out like that. But yeah, it started to rain just a little, just spitting. It felt awesome to have my belly out in the warm night air and the rain spitting on it now and then. It washed away some of the blood unfortunately, which made my belly look a bit more obvious and pale. But damn, I just loved it too much, I'd always dreamed of this weird feeling of freedom. I even thought it'd be funny to push my belly out further, so I stopped by at snack stands and bought so many hotdogs I can't even remember, ate them all and let my belly bulge out so far it started hiding my feet. I didn't care though. No one could see my face well enough. It was one of the funnest nights of my life.

I wish I could do it more though. But without a halloween costume on people would put a face to the potbelly and that'd be embarrassing.......... :( Hey, I might do it again this halloween. I've still got the same costume.....My belly must have doubled in size since, and so have my thighs..... It would be interesting to see how I fit it now since last year!!! I might try it on and then post an update after."

[Update]23 October 2017, 23:10

So I put the costume on again, guess what. I had to force the shirt around my waist but it ripped itself under my arm!!!!!!???? There's a hole there now and I didn't even have to make it??? Man I must have gotten fatter. Needless to say, the hoodie which was already so small feels even smaller, maybe it'll rip too? The shorts are in a bad state. Or maybe my it's my thighs. Probably. They look like canned sausages in the shorts. Anyway, I think I will go out on halloween in this again - maybe someone will remember the zombie chick with a potbelly from last year and see her again this year but...... bigger.... and jiggly all over???!!!!

So yeah.

Until next time!"

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Posted: Monday 23 October 2017
Updated: Monday 23 October 2017, 23:10
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