Solitary consequences

Chapter 1 - freedom more chapters to come

Freedom was Jaana's most recent anticipation. Freedom from what though? Freedom from her parents. As the honey, evening light struck thick, golden beams of light through the window in which a single fly darted about erratically, Jaana felt as though she had been granted fortune for the first time in her life. Her parents led a dictating role to their perceived responsibility over her. Being an only child brought that anyhow. Plus, her parents had been through the heart-break of multiple failures before she was born, so naturally, they took on an extremely protective approach to her parenting.
After years of being limited from the outside world, she was at the age of 18 where any child (they still saw her as a child) was seen as capable of sustaining themselves home alone. Jaana was permitted time home alone because her parents, due to their unrelenting work departments, required and deserved time off. Re gathering their mental energy and motivation was a necessary action even if it meant leaving their precious child home alone. Now, like any parent would, her mother spent a good 4 hours running Jaana through every unnecessary detail of running the house. Her father took her through the maintenance of electrical appliances and power, and after un-necessary repetitive training, and kisses and hugs, the door shut behind them. Jaana waited a second to hear the car drive off and then took action in performing a rather clumsy fist-pump accompanied by a girly, 'Woo!'
The next three weeks were going to be where she would experience her inner-self.

The deep blue calm of the swimming pool glittered in the blaring sunlight and was disrupted by the sleek form of Jaana's body. Performing a perfect dive, her body slid into the waters presence. Under the surface, the rippling light cast web-like lights to shimmer over her smoothly shaped form. As her head surfaced, glistening water drained away and her luscious butter-scotch hair fell back under the weight of it gushing away. She slid around her pools depths for a while longer until she ascended the steps at the corner and the shining water streamed off her gleaming form. Her white bikini supported round, pliable C-cup breasts that shook ever so delicately as she placed her smooth, silky legs onto the warm concrete of the pool edge. Lingering over to a sun-baking chair placed facing the pool, she pulled a blue towel off its back and ran it down her body. It passed her sun-glass covered face, down her delicate neck, over her gleaming boobs and down her flat stomach which sported an immaculately crafted bellybutton ring, around her supple bum cheeks and down her fine legs.
Laying to rest on the plastic chair, she felt a slight discomfort. Somewhere in her middle. Dismissing it, she relaxed her mind and slipped into a state of relaxed bliss.

Discomfort in her midsection awoke her. Slightly blurry-eyed, she stretched her graceful limbs and realized it was evening. The sun had come up and over the sky and was verging on the beginnings of setting. Considering the time she had endured since her last taste of food, she concluded that the pain in her stomach was irresistible hunger. A cold, empty feeling in her gut.
The glass sliding door rumbled as Jaana gained access to her living room. Stepping in, she opened the drawn blinds and walked to the bathroom. Bent over the sink, she ran the tap into her hands and washed her face to clear off the dried chlorine. She hated the feeling of dry skin. She raised her eyes and they met with her reflection. Being raised a humble girl, she never pampered herself about her looks... but they were beautiful. Her large almond-shaped blue eyes were framed by well-defined arching eyebrows. Her nose moderately sized nose was upturned slightly and brought her lips up to a natural pout that made her look cutely-frustrated sometimes. She had dimples when she smiled also. Her soft chin was as delicate as the color of her azure eyes which refracted the light like a deep gem and made the heart of any man flutter.
Sniffing in dismissal, she dried her hands and exhaled deeply. She was hungry and that needed to be dealt with. Jaana was a girl of organization and planning, so this hunger, she placed at the top of her mental priority list. Within a few minutes Jaana was sitting on her plush couch with leftover mud-cake that had been made and unfinished two nights ago. Still in her bikini, she rested the tray on her smooth stomach and pinched the first piece between her index finger and thumb. Immediately after it entered her waiting mouth, she closed it and dragged her fingers through her pouted lips, sucking off any morsels of icing. With speed, the slice was finished and Jaana experienced an abnormal craving for too much of it. She got faster and faster, forcing all she could into her already stuffed mouth. She reclined back into the support of the lounge and devoured with the passion of a true lovers kiss. She ate. She ate more. She ate until there was only one piece left on the tray. She felt too full to continue, it hurt.
She slid the tray off her stomach to reveal that her previously flat stomach was now bulbous. Her expanded skin strained against the mound of food inside her bloated stomach and it gave it a light gleam. Her attention grew to the fact that it now hurt. Sucking in slightly, she pulled herself more so upright and let her belly muscles relax again, to see it push out into her lap, not touching it yet though. Her hand started to caress and rub it in circles, relieving the pain that came with stuffing herself. While the pain was prominent and upsetting for her, she found a strange sense of pleasure behind the pain. Caught in the moment, she let it fester and she moaned slightly at the sudden idea of stuffing herself so bad. It lulled her into a drowsiness. From not paying attention to it, the drowsiness became tiredness, and the tiredness food-induced slumber.
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Karenjenk 4 years
I cant believe that the last comment was 7 years ago. wow.
this is added to my reread list.
Kamina 11 years
Your writing is amazing. This is up there with the \"Ugly\" saga in caliber and in content superior. Even when it got kind of long or wordy in the descriptions, it rocked so many kinds of hardcore.
FatAdvocateFA 11 years
well where else is he gonna do it? smiley
Gary1627 11 years
Terrific story writing, it must continue.
Jahmescohen 11 years
wow, he jacked off at a party in the bathroom
Chubbybellytoy 11 years
so good!
FatAdvocateFA 11 years
No it's not my profession, but rather a talent I make good use of smiley
Nok 11 years
Your writing is terrific. Do you write in your profession?
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I hope you continue!!
FatAdvocateFA 11 years
Don't worry, I will be continuing smiley