Back in the spotlight

Chapter 1 - back in the spotlight

"Come on, baby" she called as she stood by the front door. "Everybody's waiting."
She heard the toilet flush and knew she'd be waiting a while longer.
Smirking, she look over the pictures in the hallway.
They showed him through his career. Pictures of him on the red carpet and on the sets grinning with the directors.
All the directors and extras looked so small compared to him. He was 6'5" and 220lb of muscle. Lean and strong.
The best part were, of course, his framed magazine covers. Her favourite being his feature in one of those Top 10 Sexiest lists.
All of these were over 2 years old. 2 years ago had been when she told him they needed time alone - out of the public eye. No one had seen him since.
That was all about to change. From their home she'd publicised him returning to the spotlight and arranged an interview on his first day leaving. She'd started hearing the cars pull up a few hours ago.
"I'm getting tired of waiting. Do you need help?"
" I'm *urp* coming."
With that her 520lb blubbery and out of shape boyfriend waddled around the corner. He was balancing himself against the wall; thighs stuffed into sweatpants but still obviously meeting all the way down to his chubby knees. He was sweating through his red t-shirt; the fabric around his moobs, underarms, collar, and belly button all several shades darker than the rest of it.
His mouth was open - double chin swaying - as he audibly huffed and panted as he reached her. His arm that was against the wall hanging with excess fat.
He glanced at the old photos of him. Embarrassment overwhelmed him as he muttered: "I don't want to this. I shouldn't have to."
She smiled at him, faux sympathy in her eyes. "No, what you shouldn't have done is been so greedy. Look at what you've done to yourself, fat boy."
His stomach rumbled. "What will they say?"
Her hand reached for the door handle. A wicked grin spread across her face. She could already hear the reporters outside. "Let's find out."

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