Oink for me

chapter 1

He loved cooking.

He remembered when he would cook at least once a day. He'd grin as he walked over to her with a tray full of food. Take pleasure at the sight of her sat at the dinner table pouring out of clothes that used to fit her.

He'd been fattening her up since the day they met. She couldn't say no to him. She didn't want to be fat. Sometimes he thought that's why it made him so hard. But the more he fed her the greedier she got until she could barely say no to food despite how desperately she'd want to.

"Time for piggy to eat up," he'd say as he got to the table. She looked at the mountain of food. Defeated. She knew she'd gorge it all and then some more. "Come on, fatso," a slap to her belly that was hanging out of her t-shirt make it jiggle, "eat." And she did. He leant over to whisper in her ear: "oink for me like a good pig." And she did in between pathetic wheezes from frantic eating.

Fattening up a girl to such an extent wasn't only time consuming; it was attention consuming. So as time went on and he got a little heavier he didn't notice at first.

As time went on and she slipped all sorts into his food to make him lazy and greedy he didn't notice at first.

By the time he noticed her getting thinner he was already a fat couch potato of a man.

He was already addicted to food.

Now as he lays in his reinforced bed he can barely believe the 120lb athlete before him used to be his whale girlfriend.

He bucks his blubbery hips at the sight of her but only manages to make his belly wobble.

As she wheeled the trolley full of food up to him he thinks about how much he loved cooking.

She shoves a donut in his mouth that constantly hangs open from the weight of his chins.

"Come on, fatso." She slaps his gut that's so huge he needs help getting out of bed these days. "Eat."

He finishes the donut; icing smeared around his mouth.

He doesn't need to hear what she tells him to do next.

He can't help but do it anyway.

He's too far gone.

He oinks for her like a good pig.
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Bbman30 3 years
Damn. I wish these stories were longer. You write really well