It's funny

chapter 1

I couldn't help but smile as I watched him as I leant against the doorframe.

He was sat on the bed, propped up by pillows, the sheets around his waist. His mouth hung open when he wasn't chewing, as it always did now. It made his double chin (which nearly covered his entire neck) even bigger and his constant audible breathing sound more like a wheeze.

He was so big now. Just over 400lb.
I'd packed 250lb on a lean guy and made him and out of shape hog.

And yet he was still eating -- almost constantly. I didn't need to talk him into it. He just couldn't help it. He was a greedy fatty.

He was hugely fat all over. His legs would never be wrapped in jeans again - especially considering he was so lazy and out of shape he'd ask me to dress him rather than gasp and sweat as he moved the bulk he wasn't yet used to. He was a sweatpants fat guy for good now. He'd ballooned so wide it was getting difficult to straddle him which wouldn't have been an issue but the porker is so pathetic I'm not sure he can be on top anymore. We tried last night. It was fun to see the former slim cutie wheeze and grunt desperately until he rolled off of me still unfinished. I rubbed his man tits to make him feel better. He says he hates it but he let out a low moan like a cow and called himself a greedy pathetic fat boy until he came.

He let out a deep burp and scratched his naked gut. My attention was brought back to the present moment.

I looked at him now; his arms thicker than his thighs used to be. Even his fingers and hands are clearly obese. His chins wobble as he eats. I'd never tell him how much I love his chins and thick neck. They make it impossible for him to hide what a piggy he is now. And to think he used to have abs. Now his lovehandles overflow his pants constantly and jiggle at every movement.

Then there's his belly. So much a blubber blimp he can't see past it anymore. He complains it's getting too big. I've told him it's fine; he needs it for his juicy fat boy titties to rest on and now we sit him sideways at the table so he doesn't have to struggle to reach around it for more food.

I look at him and I smile.
It's funny to think he used to be the one talking about making me a little chunkier.
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