Becoming fit fat and firmly girdled

chapter 1 fit fat and girdled

About 3 years ago there came out a report that actually being fit and fat was healthy. I have never been fat, I have always thought about what would it be like to have a nice fat round pot belly. After reading this report and some research I found that yes I could become nice and fat and remain healthy. The real key to become fit and fat is to first gain the weight very slowly, do not rush becomming fat. Allow for a good year or so, do not become obese. In my case I needed to go from 190 to 225 and no more, considering my height.

I had to change my life style and I need to increase my carbs plus I needed to cut back a little on my exercise. Remember it is mainly 80 percent of what you eat, and 20 percent of exercising. After you achieve your goal you can then go back and increase your exercising.

Going slow is really vitally important to become a fat person. In a real sense you are changing who you are to a new you, and the new fat you will be the new you and you will stay nice and fat always and you will not be able to loose the weight once you accept you are a fat person and that is just who you are. You have to get the point where you accept and love yourself as being fat.

If you gain the weight too fast this will not happen and you you will be come like a YO YO, getting fat and then loosing the weight and then getting fat again.

Now in my case I was concerned that once I started to become fat that the fat would not go directly into my belly would sag so I could get the shape that I really wanted. I wanted to make sure that my belly was shaped and molded that way I like. I did some research into this and what I found that the only l way I could do this is I would need daily be in a Vintage Long Legged High Waisted Boned and Zippered Panty Girdle like Rago 6210 Girdle.

To accomplish what I really wanted I found a Professional Corsetiere who was willing to help with both a fitting and girdle training which gave me needed support from an experienced person.

The corsetiere explained to me that YES as I gained the weight that wearing a decent vintage girdle daily after a few weeks to months would for sure help mold and shape my belly the way I needed my belly to be.

Here is what I did first I started by changing my diet to much more carbs then I went to the corsetiere for a fitting and training in a girdle. She measured my hips and waist she explained that to get the most benefit of molding and shaping that I needed to go 2 sizes smaller then my measured size. She told me as I gained the weight and started to become fatter in my belly I would need to go back to her for a refitting in a larger girdle.

After she measured me and picked out the Rago 6210 girdle she had to teach me how to properly put on a girdle. The corsetiere had me lay down on a bed, lean way back, then pull up my knees and pull up the girdle, then hook the hooks and eyes and pull up the zipper and stand up. Once I stood up I became quite aware of how great a felt my belly was nicely supported, not pulled in I felt great, no more worries about standing up and pulling in my belly. I was quite amazed as to the support the girdle gave my belly, and I found my posture really improved.

The corsetiere then explained what it takes to wear and become use to being girdled daily to develop a daily routine, wake up clean up and put on your girdle and go on with your day. She recommended I should be in a girdle about 16 to 18 hours a day everyday. She also told me that I should take the girdle off and sleep without a girdle to give my skin a little time to breath. She told me to develop a daily girdle routine it will take a few months.

Next to get the right kind of molding and shaping my belly she told me to keep my stomach muscles relaxed and just rely completely on the girdle to hold and support my posture when sitting standing and just getting around. To be quite honest I found this a little hard to do at first. She told me that to change this habit of pulling in ones stomach muscles will take a few weeks to even a few months. What I did find is once I could relax my belly muscles and just rely on a girdle I was amazed how great I felt.

What the corsetiere explained by following her girdle training that as I gained the weight that my daily wearing a firm boned girdle like Rago 6210 that my belly would be molded and shaped like I wanted it to. I was concerned as I became fat that my stomach would sag and not stick out like I wanted it to, but I found that over the few months of gaining the weight and wearing a girdle that my stomach did not sag it became like I wanted it to.

What I did find out also which I did not want to happen as I am sure some of you experience as you become fatter you develop lower back pains, that I found has not happened, wearing a decent vintage girdle definitly counteracts the lower back pains, and does gives your belly needed daily support.

The corsetiere also recommended that I should come back every few months for a refitting and a new girdle which worked very well she was correct as I become much fatter I did need to be refitted into a larger girdle which I did not mind.

The corsetiere also did recommend that I should own a minimum of 3 girdles, one to wear, one in my girdle draw, and one to cold wash and air dry.

What I found out when looking at myself in the mirror in a girdle that the girdle did not pull my belly in which I did not want, but on the other hand the girdle gives my belly needed really nice firm control and support and I can still be nice and fat and love it.

I am getting close to my goal of 225 and my belly is really the way I want my belly. Yes I really need to always be in a very firm boned and zippered panty girdle, but the results are really very postive and amazing, and I recommend it for everybody. I am not out of breath walking up and down steps and no lower back pains, I am rather fit and I am pleasingly plump and well girdled and I love it.

I was really surprised how great I felt as I began to become fat, the support the vintage gives my stomach is incredible. I followed the girdle training of the corsetiere. Keeping my stomach muscles relaxed and just rely on the girdle for support I found after a few weeks I am become quite dependent on the girdle, I was amazed.

I looked at myself in the mirror, wow do I have a belly. The girdle does not pull in my belly which is what I did want, the girdle give my big belly great firm support and control.

After a few weeks of gaining more weight the weight went right to my belly, and I found that my belly now really needs the wonderful daily support that the vintage girdle gives me.

Try it you will love it.
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Toms0321 2 years
Thanks isn't great being nice and fat and well girdled everyday
Toms0321 2 years
Always great hearing from you
Toms0321 6 years
Built4com4t - now 11 months later I am now finally up to my goal of 225. Wearing daily a firm long legged high waisted panty girdle my stomach is firmly well supported is actually very benefical. My belly is almost as big as yours I looked at myself
Cottonsox 7 years
No this world has become totally insane. Is their no reprieve from the advertisements, is there no haven left
Toms0321 7 years
Thank you for you nice comments.

My concerns as I started to become fat is that my belly would start to sag and not stick out like I wanted it to. As I become fatter and fatter the girdle supports my belly and my belly is molded and shaped so it does
Built4com4t 7 years
Great concept...the idea of being intentionally shaped while fattening is very arousing. I hope you continue this fantasy, especially the thoughts and desires of the "shaper"