Before & after: a smorgasbord of stories

Chapter 1 - i. table manners (before)

Her slender, curvaceous hips sashayed through the crowd, between belts and bellies, sliding her tray of empty plates down the assembly line.

Rima was a gorgeous woman of Iranian descent; a dark-haired, dark-eyed goddess amongst a gluttonous lower class of pigs scrambling to fill their maws and middles.

She slapped heaps of mashed potatoes onto the edge of one plate, slid a viscous goop of mac & cheese onto another, gradually collecting tiny mounds of sustenance, calorie-dense enough to fill a family of four for five days. She couldn’t return to her love empty-handed.

Requesting the aid of one of the waitstaff, a pale, glasses-wearing slip of a curly-haired redhead with a name tag reading, ‘Sunnie,’ Rima led the way, back to the table at which sat her lover, Louis.

Louis was immediately identifiable even among a collection of obese buffet patrons. He seemed to grow in size as Rima and the waitress approached the fat man ascending over the horizon of their table, like a new day's sun, bulging and flowing over the two chairs he occupied which were hidden by his mass. He watched with lazy eyes; his tired, titanic body struggling to process all the calories that had already been consumed. Louis petted the parts of his belly he could reach, hoping to bring it some ease. He moaned as he thought about the food on the trays being brought to him by two gorgeous women.

More: whether he wanted it or not, it was coming.

Rima placed the tray on the table, at the summit of Louis's belly and directed Sunnie to leave the other tray right beside it. The waitress did just that and gave a polite smile and cowered away, feeling a bit concerned for the obese patron she may have just helped to overfeed. He already looked ready to explode. Those next two trays were two trays past overkill. And who knew if they would be the last?

Sunnie shook her head loose of the images of that man confined to his bed by too many meals like the one she just participated in.

Rima gracefully lowered herself into her seat across from Louis, a sinister grin spreading her lips. “How's my beautiful boy?” she asked, leaning forward, elbows on the table.

Louis's cheeks inflated and his lips puckered as he suppressed a burp, keeping it to a quiet growl. “Rima,” Louis began, breathing deeply. “I can't hold it any longer. You have to get me out of here.”

“But you haven't had dessert yet,” Rima pouted.

“I'm serious, babe,” Louis said behind labored breaths. “I'm gonna blow.”

“You are such a pig. Don't you even care about table manners?” Rima asked, feigning disgust.

“Of course I do,” Louis countered, closing his eyes and leaning his head back. “That's why I want you to get me out of here. I'm about to ruin everyone's dinner.”

“‘Everyone?’ Well don't we think very highly of ourselves,” Rima teased. “Surely you wouldn't have the power to affect EVERY patron here if you were to…” she paused and glanced down at Louis's massive belly and back to his red, sweaty face before finishing: “‘blow.’”

Beneath the table, Rima kicked up her long right leg, poking her heel into the marshmallowy surface of Louis's doughy lower gut. Gradually, she applied pressure, pushing deeper into his blubber. The fullness within Louis was swelling, bloating him fuller, until it rushed towards his ass.

He seized up, moaning from his growling insides. The heat of embarrassment spread over his cheeks like a drop of red paint in a glass of water.

Rima’s grin grew sharper and her eyes narrowed as she pushed harder. Slowly. More calories crowded inside Louis, inflating him further. “What's the matter, fatso?” she asked.

Louis looked up from the spread of plates adorned with steaks and carbs and met her gaze, containing another burp, his cheeks bulging briefly.

“Getting full?” Rima teased and leaned her heel harder into Louis's yielding flesh, his fat swallowing her foot nearly to the ankle. “Need to make room?”

Louis grunted before a tremendous blast of warm wind yawned from his rear, though muffled by his bulk, still loud enough to be heard by any diner within a five-table radius. He whimpered as the pitch rose and it tapered off.

With a seductive smile, Rima slowly fanned her nose. “Oh my,” she said. “Sounds like you've made room for more…” She rose from her seat and sauntered over to Louis's side as he panted from the effort of trying to hold in another fart. She leaned in and gently placed her hand on his shoulder as she whispered in his ear, her lips brushing against its contours: “ I'll go get some more.”

-- to be continued...
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AceFA 1 year
I pay to see a full story of "making room", my god it was absolutely fantastic and exactly my kind of weight gain story, one of the best stories I've ever read
Th3f4t5ide 4 years
Thanks for the feedback, afatpandapig!

My deviantart page has the befores and afters paired together:
Afatpandapig 4 years
The jumping around between stories was a bit of a challenge as a reader. That being said. I loved Neighbors.
Th3f4t5ide 4 years
Glad to hear, Theswordsman!

I'm admittedly rather fond of the premise. It's been with me for a few years now. Glad to finally get it out!
Theswordsman 4 years
I think blast from the past was my favorite
Th3f4t5ide 4 years
Wow thanks hurgon! That means a lot!

And yes, every chapter that had a "before" will have an "after" as well.
Hurgon 4 years
You're a great writer, and these are some of your best! Will there be an after for Neighbours? I'd love to see that!
Th3f4t5ide 4 years
Who's to say! I may revisit some of these characters one day. But I honestly don't have any plans to do so at the moment.

Thanks for reading!
Th3f4t5ide 4 years
Thanks, FatGuy!

Stay tuned! Won't be much longer now...
Th3f4t5ide 4 years
Afters coming soon! Got one more left to write and it's halfway done!

Thanks for asking!
Maneki Neko 4 years
Where are the 'afters'?
Th3f4t5ide 4 years
Thank you so much!
Hurgon 4 years
Fantastic work. Really great writing!
Th3f4t5ide 4 years
And that concludes the "Before" chapters!

The "After" stories will be released at a later date and will catch up with these characters at some point in the future.

Thank you so much for reading!
Theswordsman 4 years
I like the newest chapter
Th3f4t5ide 4 years
Thanks everyone! Glad you're enjoying!!

All the "Before" chapters will be released first with a bit of a gap for the "After" chapters. I have them all (but one) written, so you'll eventually see what happens to these characters. It may just be a while.
BeSoft 4 years
Please continue with "Rima and Louise" It was the best I've ever seen for a long time
Tommmy 4 years
Please continue it soon