Bellysex (part 3)

Chapter 1 - 1

Several weeks had passed since El's first experience with Gemma and Nicole. The tentative excitement which she had then felt about her rounder, softer body had now blossomed into a sensual love of food and eating; the very thought of gorging her stomach with fattening foods sent shuddering thrills through her loins, and she only had to push her hand beneath her clothes and fondle her rotund little paunch to make herself moist. On more than one occasion Joe had come home from work to find her lying panting on the kitchen floor, her belly stuffed and her bosom heaving as she writhed in orgasmic bliss among the remains of whatever rich treats she had been gorging on. She loved Joe to lick her plump pot-belly while she ate, to rub it and kiss it as she crammed her hungry mouth with one hand and masturbated with the other; and whenever they made love, she liked him to call her 'piglet' and 'fat girl'.

Another result of her meeting with Joe's plumpers was that she suddenly found that she had an insatiable appetite for lady-loving; it was as if urges that had always been concealed within her had suddenly been unleashed by her first lesbian experience, so that now she lusted after Gemma and Nicole as well as Joe. While she still loved to feel her boyfriend's hard body pressing against her own soft curves, the abundance of plump flesh offered by the girls was incredibly stimulating for El, and she fantasised about having a stomach like theirs. For although she had put on a generous amount of weight through her indulgences, El was still no more than chubby; her breasts remained perky, her thighs smooth and firm. The other girls were no heifers, but they certainly had a headstart on El. Gemma, the plumpest of the three, had a noticeable double chin and a fat, round bottom to go with her bulging pink gut. Nicole had also packed on more pounds, so that her cute little tummy had rounded out into a protruding paunch which she could no longer conceal merely by sucking in.

One Friday afternoon El found that she was feeling horny and, with Joe working late, was about to embark on one of her eating binges, when a naughty little smile flickered over her lips. What if she were to invite Gemma and Nicole over for a girly afternoon in? The three had, so far, never met up without Joe, but El hardly thought that he would mind, especially given that he had been porking them while she was away. She made the appropriate calls and found that the girls were free, then set about preparing for their visit. Having checked that they had suitable quantities of ice cream, chocolate and cakes (and diminishing the supplies slightly due to an irresistible urge for a sneaky doughnut), she went upstairs to change. As she looked through her clothes she happened to glance upwards, and a large brown suitcase on top of the wardrobe caught her eye. That same little private smile flashed across her visage once again as she hefted the case down and opened it on the bed. Before her lay her old clothes, which had all had to be replaced a couple of weeks before, after they had become far too tight to be worn in public.

El selected a pair of pink cotton knickers and pulled them over her feet and up her legs. She began to struggle as she reached the thighs, the elastic stretching dangerously and digging into the honey-coloured flesh. Finally the panties were on, lovingly hugging the flesh of her soft hips and her plump pubic mound. Next she picked up a pair of pedal-pushers which once had been rather loose on her, and wriggled into them, having to lie down on the bed and heave to force the garment over her voluptuous thighs and bottom. The zip and button were a further challenge, and she had to lift her stomach and push it inwards in order to squeeze them shut. She sat up on the edge of the bed and watched with satisfaction in the wardrobe's full-length mirror as her belly-fat spilt luxuriously over the waistband, hanging wobbling over the strained button, which she could no longer see but whose coldness she could feel against the warm flesh. She selected a pastel-blue shirt and relished the way it tightly compressed her breasts and belly as she imprisoned them in its taut fabric, her nipples standing out proudly through the material as her breathing became almost imperceptibly more heavy. She was ready.
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Thank you, amazing
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Goodness! Thank you for writing that. I really enjoyed it.