Chapter 1 - 1

Disclaimer: The following is a brutal fantasy involving a chubby girl being subjected to prostitution, misogyny, fat-shaming, sadism, degradation, violence, force-feeding and humiliation. If you are likely to be offended by any or all of these things, please stop reading now.

For the well-off Western European, Croatia remains a place where you can get plenty of bang for your buck, as it were. Chances are that in ten years' time they'll have the Euro and everything will be as damned expensive as over here - but for now, a British pound can buy enough Kuna to keep a man well occupied, whether in legitimate tourist pursuits, or in the backstreet whore-houses. I want to tell you about a visit to one of these wonderful establishments, which I can honestly say was the most fun I have ever had with a girl. She would tell a different story - in fact, I'm willing to bet it was one of the hardest working days of that little slut's life. Read on, and I'll tell you all about it.

I was on my own and at a loose end for the afternoon, and, not having had a woman for a week, I was feeling horny as hell. Wandering fairly aimlessly around Split, I went straight through the big market and continued up a hill, where I quickly found myself away from the tourist trail and in a distinctly seedy area, and decided to spend some time and money in a bordello. I stepped inside one that caught my eye, its row of red lanterns glowing faintly in the scorching afternoon sun. I wasted no time in stepping up to the greasy little pimp sweating in his cheap pinstripe suit, and was soon ushered into a gaudily-decorated saloon where a few men were drinking and ogling the available whores. Most of the ten or so girls were young and dark-skinned, some with bleach-blonde hair and all displaying plenty of bare flesh. The sight of all those breasts and thighs made me hotter than before, and I decided not to bother with a drink, but to select a whore immediately. I perched on a bar-stool and began checking them out in detail. The first had a perfect pair of breasts, quivering and bulging out of a tight corset; but a glance at her tired, jaded eyes put me off instantly. A second strutted past with a bare, round, peachy bottom; but the rest of her body was rather skinny and bony. I beckoned to the greasy pimp, slipped him a hefty pre-emptive tip, and told him that I wanted one who was a bit plumper; I had always liked slightly chubby girls, and today my intense craving for a woman made me lust after more flesh than ever. He gave an approving look, and led me through into a back bar-room, then shouted gruffly through a further door. To my utter delight, the girl who came wiggling and jiggling through, teetering on four-inch heels, was the absolute embodiment of what I wanted.

She was the type of girl who, while clearly carrying more than a few extra pounds, would still be attractive to guys who don't think they like chubby girls. I looked her over. She wore a little hat with a tall plumed feather, just like some honky-tonk hooker in a spaghetti western. She was a natural blonde, her hair falling in gentle curls to just below her shoulders. Her face was round, and there was an air of doll-like innocence in the wide-set blue eyes, the full lips, the hint of a double chin. She wore a sequinned brassiere that showed off her full breasts, exposing their firm flesh almost to the nipples, and a matching thong, beneath which black stockings hugged her plump pink thighs. Around her midriff hung a veil of shiny, metallic pink material, through which the outline of a protruding pot-belly could clearly be made out, jutting out easily as far as her big breasts; but when she turned and saw that she had a potential customer, the chubby paunch was effortfully sucked in so that the glimmering material hung almost straight down. The combination of her voluptuous, self-conscious sensuality and her adorable natural childishness drove me crazy. I was going to enjoy making this slut work.
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