Big mistake

chapter 1

Dee loved being skinny. She was obsessed with her perfect body and perfect facial features. She had a perfect life with her perfect boyfriend and perfect house and her perfect car. Of course, getting everything you want means that you become somewhat of a snob.

One day Dee went to a book shop, looking for a gift for her mother. As soon as she entered and old woman appeared in front of her. "Good afternoon dear!" The old woman exclaimed. Dee didn't like how un-perfect this woman was so she just shoved her out of the way and told her to get lost. The old woman was furious that someone could treat her like that. She quickly went to the back of her shop and grabbed one of her magic spellbooks off her forbidden shelf. The cover read..."Beauty Spells" The old woman cackled to herself. She chased after Dee, who was reading a cooking book. "Young lady! I have the perfect book for you!" She called out. Before Dee could object she shoved the book into her arms. "I thought i would give you a gift. You are so beautiful." Dee, blinded by flattery. fluttered her eyelashes and dashed out of the store, forgetting about her mothers gift. Once Dee got home she read the cover. "Beauty Spells? Why would i need to be-" Dee looked up at herself in the mirror. She didn't feel beautiful anymore, but with the book in her hand she could make herself the most beautiful woman alive. She flipped through the pages quickly. None of the spells had titles. She flipped for another 10 seconds and saw a potion she could make. All the supplies she needed, she had. She slammed the book down and ran into the kitchen to grab all the ingredients. Once she gathered everything she put all the ingredients into a boiling pot and she let it boil until it looked like a mushy green liquid. Once it finished she poured it into one of her nicest wine glasses. Without hesitation, she drank. She drank the whole thing until there wasn't a drop left in the glass. She let out one of the loudest and most disgusting burps. She gasped and ran towards the window to check if her boyfriend was home to hear it. "oh thank god!" She shouted. His car wasn't in the driveway. She hiccuped and felt the sudden urge to go watch TV.

Dee plopped herself down on the couch. She felt a bit tired from walking over here. She flicked through the channels, looking for something good to watch. As she flipped here stomach started rumbling. "Holy shit i'm starving!" She yelled. She heaved herself up to go back to the kitchen. Once she got there she grabbed a large plastic bag from under the kitchen sink and filled it with all the junk food in her house. She waddled back to the couch and sat down. Just as she sat down she heard the door opening. She didn't want her boyfriend catching her eating all this food! She grabbed the bag and ran to the trash chute. She quickly shoved it down. She ran to go greet here boyfriend but before she could, she blacked out.
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