Special soda

chapter 1

The day had been slow moving for Aimee. All she ever did was watch TV ever since she lost her job a few weeks ago. Her boyfriend was the one who brought in all the money for them. Today was a boring day like any other, but things were about to get interesting...

“I’m home!” David yelled as he entered the house. Aimee did nothing but wave to him as he walked to the kitchen. “I went grocery shopping and i picked up a soda for you!” He handed her an unlabelled can of soda. it felt heavy. “Thanks babe” Aimee mumbled as she cracked it open. David smirked, he had always been fascinated by bigger women, big gassy women so he invented this soda to give to Aimee. It was a soda that would cast a spell on the drinker to gain 10 pounds every time they burp, and the soda caused them to burp a lot. Aimee chugged the whole soda quickly and continued watching TV. She had always been quite thin and wasn’t planning on becoming a morbidly obese pig anytime soon but it was about to happen anyway. Aimee set the can down next to her on the floor and sat up straight on the couch. Her stomach started gurgling and felt really strange. She put her hand on it...BURP! A strange tingle shot through her and her stomach became softer, without her noticing. David bit his lip. “Was it good?” he asked her. She shook her head. “No! it tasted bland and it’s making me feel weird!” she exclaimed. BURP! she burped again, gaining another 10 pounds. Her starting weight was 120, she now weighed 140 and had a small stomach and slightly larger breasts and butt, her cheeks also puffed out. David pulled up a chair in front of Aimee. “Can you walk?” he asked her. “no i feel to weird. i just want to sit.” David smirked again, this was going wonderfully. BELCH! Aimee ripped a large burp and gained another 10. 150 now. Aimee soon noticed the change. “David, BURP! What’s URP! Happening?!?!! BEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLCCCCCCHHHHH!” she now weighed 180 and had a small potbelly and puffy cheeks. David laughed at his chubby girlfriend and said nothing. BEEEEEELLLLLLCCCCCHHHH! 190 now. Soon enough David started to feel it was going too slow so he went to go get more to make her gain even faster. He grabbed 5 cans total which would make Aimee gain 50 every time she burped. He forced them down her throat and she sat in silence for about five seconds...URP! BURP! BRAAPP! BEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLCCCCCHHH! Aimee now weighed 390 pounds. Her stomach was straining her clothes and her face was fat and puffy. URP! BURP! BURP! BURP! BEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLCCCCHHHH! 640 now. Aimee’s belly hung to her knees and she had a triple chin and massive breaths and butt. Her clothes had now ripped off her body completely and she sat there naked. BEEEEEELLLLLLCCCCHHHHHH! 690. The couch creaked and then broke, smashing onto the ground. Aimee’s fat body jiggled as she hit the ground. BURP! URP! BRRRRAAAAAAPPPPPP! UUUUURRRRPPPP! BUUUUUUURRRRRPPPP! BEEEEELLLLLLCCCCCHHHH! Aimee now weighed 990 pounds! Her fat body jiggled with every burp her face now sunken into her fat torso from all 10 of her chins. Her stomach gurgles and groans and David laughs as Aimee sits there, a big fat blob. He was ready for her to keep growing for the rest of her life.

a week pasts by

Aimee now weighs more than all the planets combined she takes up the entire universe with her big fat body. She is the only being left in the universe. But if there was someone or something else out there all they would be able to hear and smell would be her burps, echoing into space. UUUUUUURRRRRPP! BUUUUURRRRRPPPP! BEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLCCCCCHHHH! BRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPP!
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