Getting bigger

chapter 1

Aimee woke up in a strange chamber. It was firmly lit but there was a table filled with food. Suddenly a man walked out from the shadows and touched a glazed doughnut on the pile of food. It started to grow and Aimee grew curious. The man noticed her intrigue and walked towards her, doughnut in hand. ‘My name is Henry. I am a wizard and I want to make all your dreams come true!’ Aimee was now invested. She had always wanted to be bigger and that was her only dream. She wanted to become a big, fat, gassy slob. She wanted to feel the pounds pack on until she was an immobile weight. Henry the wizard knew this and he was about to give her just what she wanted. Aimee opened her mouth as Henry shoved the doughnut inside. Suddenly her stomach started rumbling then it started inflating. Her stomach was sloshing and she could feel herself getting heavier. It felt so good and she started to get wet. Her stomach pushed out, against her clothes. Her arms began to grow wings of fat and her ass and thighs stretched outwards. Her face began to round and a double chin started forming. Her feet and hands started puffing up and her fat chubby fingers started disappearing into her hands. Stretch marks were everywhere on her big belly. She kept growing. Her double chin formed into a triple chin. Her belly pushed through her clothes and fell into her lap. The chair she was sitting in started to creak. Suddenly it snapped and she landed on her fat ass. She continued to grow, faster than before. Suddenly she stopped. She must have weighed at least 850lbs! Her stomach started to growl. ‘I’ll feed you darling!’ Henry said as he began to stuff Aimee’s face with all the food on the table. BELCH! Aimee burped loudly while being stuffed. PPPPPBBBBTTTTTT! She farted loudly but didn’t care. The food she was eating fell onto her body and stained her skin. She didn’t care at all anymore. The only thing she cared about was becoming fatter and fatter. BUUUURRRRPPPP! She felt so good. She wanted to grab her belly but she couldn’t reach her arms were too fat. Henry kept feeding her. She wanted to keep eating and keep growing. Henry smiled at her big fat body. ‘God you are such a pig Aimee. I like that about you.’ He smirked and kissed her food coated lips. Henry then continued feeding her, calling her names and kissing her. She kept growing. She felt so good and she never wanted it to end.
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