Body worship clinic

chapter 1

When his results came out, he only got a Bs in his A levels which meant only one thing - he wasn't going to be getting a good job any time soon.

However, when he got his letter from the university it started with congratulations. Apparently he had been accepted on the condition that he assist with the body worship clinic - his psychometric results had indicated that he'd be a good candidate in these trials.

Naturally he accepted. He hadn't heard of this clinic but he guessed why as the letter stated that any mention of its existence would result in immediate termination of his contract and potential criminal charges and or fines.

In fact it turned out that his education wouldn't even start until his assistance in the clinic had finished, minimum 2 years maximum 4...

"In joining this clinic you will become intimate with hundreds, maybe even thousands of age appropriate women. However, your existence will be purely to facilitate a radical improvement of perspective in their view of themselves and their self worth. You have been chosen because you are failures and know enough to realise it. We hope to make you understand that these women really are better than you. You should regard them as superior in every way and be grateful for any help you can provide...."

So it went on.

When he finally arrived it felt more like a prison or a mental hospital than a university setting. There were bars on the windows and his room was bare. It was in a working building where the clinic itself was.

"And there you are!" Said the girl that was leading him around, she was a chatty 2nd year student who also helped out at the clinic. It was odd because as she said goodbye she held out her foot as if one mind hold out their hand ready to be kissed. She only had flip flops on but the move was unmistakable. Judging by the name of the clinic it didn't take him long to catch on and he awkwardly bent down and kissed the top of her foot.

She beamed at him, "you'll do just fine, especially as you're cute. This place is great and helped me so much! You know before last year I couldn't bare to go out in flip-flops lest anyone see my feet - well look at me now!" And with that she lifted up her heels then left.

The door shut with an ominous click and he doubted he'd be able to get out if he tried. So instead he waited.

It wasn't long before she was back.

"Me again! Sorry to do this on your first day but we're up against it with all the new intake! There's a lot more this year who are using the clinic. Anyway we've given you a pretty easy one and this type of session doesn't matter how you act - you're restrained anyway so you don't even need to do anything ! Great huh?"

"Just sit down in that chair over there and I'll strap you in...."

"Perfect" She said and no sooner was there a knock at the door and a woman in her mid thirties walked in with an obvious new student.

"He's all set Mary"

"Thanks Grace...this is Tabatha by the way"

"Nice to meet you" Grace said and she kissed her on the cheek and walked out.

Tabatha was quite slim, almost wiry and had long straight slightly greasy mousy hair.

"So they tell me you have a problem with your breath...don't worry I'm a doctor and here to help. Did you do what we asked?"

"Y-yes, sorry" And she covered her mouth as she spoke.

"Well you're in the right place. Bad breath can be fixed but it's a lot harder to cure the mental side - the worry. Your letter said you don't like to speak or are constantly covering your mouth out of fear. This is limiting your ability to bond with your peers and create important friendships that can last a lifetime. Well we've caught you early! So I have no doubt you'll feel better about it after some time with us and our kind volunteer over there!"

"I don't know if I can do it, I haven't brushed my teeth in two weeks its gross.."

"Tabatha, don't worry. This is a safe, secure and confidential environment. After today I guarantee you'll feel much better, if not only for being able to brush your teeth again!"

Tabatha half smiled. His mouth was taped shut also and after a bit of instruction she got up and walked over to him. Leaning down she let out a long breath "haaaaaaa" over his nose.

He grimaced as it was truly aweful, he nearly vomitted but resisted the urge by gripping the wooden chair.

Tabatha flinched at his digust "oh god I can't do this"

"Well you haven't brushed your teeth in two weeks! It's not about your breath, it's about how much you care about your breath. He certainly can't do anything about it, and nothing is gonna come of it whether he likes your breath or not"

Tabatha let out a small noise of potential complain but breathed on him again, this time a little closer and longer. Her breath was hot, humid, sticky and rank. It was all he could smell.

Her awkwardness also got less and less with each breath as she got used to. What started off at a couple of minutes between being breathed on turned into seconds - only enough so she could take a big breath.

"This does feel kinda good actually"

"That's good to hear" Said Mary, the doctor "Now put your mouth right over his nose and stay there for a while"

It was torture, but eventually it stopped.

"Come back here Tabatha, can you fill in these forms while I have a quick word with our assistant?"

Mary walked over to him and whispered in his ear "Well done...really good. I'm gonna try and get her to kiss you, if you could kiss her back gently that would be great. I'd hate to have to do anything to you because I think you have wonderful potential."

After a bit of form filling it wasn't long before he was kissing her and her slimy tongue was forcing itself down his throat. She even interspersed the kissing his breathing on his nose then back again. It was like this had been pent up for years and was suddenly being released.

When she finally stopped and sat back down Tabatha couldn't stop smiling, if shyly. She also kept glancing his way.

"Great well we'll see you soon and let us know how you get on Tabatha. This session might have done wonders but it usually takes a couple or a few to really cement it. Come back soon!"

When she left Mary grimaced. "Sorry about that - you really helped that poor girl. Thank you so much! Here, this should hopefully help."

Mary got up and used her key to lock the door from the inside, then walked over the him and started unbuttoning her trousers.

"God it's been a long day...we both deserve something good - come, lick my pussy for a bit, I promise this orifice is clean! Or at least it was this morning!"

Strapped in the chair he couldn't really refuse before a new set of lips were pushed up against his. He started to lick and before long a sticky liquid was gushing out.

"Wow that was quick," She said "Nice, you'll do well" And before he knew it she was dressed back up and out the door.
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