Giantess zone

chapter 1

Over-population was a real issue, and people being shrunk out of choice or punishment was becoming more and more prevalent.

Shrinking is a death sentence, you count as deceased - even if you are still alive, be it 1 inch tall.

Inevitably, porn was the quickest to profit and the giantess zone was making a lot of money...

Jen was a tall attractive self-deprecating girl who, through either laziness or lack of finding the right course, dropped out of university. She had been tempted to apply before and now plucked up the courage:

"Tall, slim, girl; early twenties, big feet that can get very smelly and big bum - happy to torture small people on film"

While she was waiting for a response, her friend Jo said "why do you want to work for someone else? If you did it yourself you could make way more money."

"Yeah but I can't afford"

"I'll do it." He said, "I had nearly contemplated doing it anyway last year anyway as I was in a very bad place. Just look after me a bit, I'll get the benefit of not having to worry about a job and you could get rich off the back of me!"

Jen reluctantly accepted, but in the end that's how she shot to stardom. It was a gamble , but it really paid off - She hit the headlines when she realised her livestream:

"Hey guys, this is my friend Jo who has been sooo kind to agree to shrink himself so that I can begin my new giantess career with him. As you know it's difficult to get co-stars these days! Especially for a poor uni dropout like me. I've known him for many years and we're great friends - wave at the camera Jo!

It was really tough on his parents and my own were shocked but they know he's in safe hands.

He really is the best, and I don't think I could ever find someone quite like him....however, you know what? I think I'm just gonna eat him!"

She saw his look of alarm but before he could react she put him in her mouth. When she knew he was secure, she opened her mouth for the camera which showed his body near the back of her mouth with strands of saliva pulling off him - trying to move itself but struggling under her pressure.

Trying to show the camera as much as possible, she played with him a bit in her mouth making "mmm" noises and occasionally licking her lips.

Then at one point, she closed her mouth for the last time and swallowed...opening her mouth to show the evidence.

"Now I know what you guys are all do you know that I'm not just going to throw him back up in a minute?

Well, this is a live stream, and I'm gonna sit here for as long as it takes for you to be sure."

And she did.

She shot to fame due to the controversy. However there was nothing anyone could do once her friend had chosen to be shrunk - it was the same as suicide.

Ofcourse she felt insanely guilty for it but knew it was the only way she could do it. If she was gonna do this, she needed access to lots of shrunken people, not one.

She couldn't lie that the power and shock of swallowing Jo alive didn't thrill her though. She felt electric afterwards. Knowing he was helpless within her stomach as she slowly digested him.

Anyway things just exploded after that. As a bit of a joke afterwards she realeased a video calling for young hot men who wanted to worship a goddess.

Despite it being a joke she had many, many, requests. Although 99% of them weren't real, 1% was still a large amount.

This was the real trick. She made so much from people sending her all their money just so they could be shrunk by her.

Her videos were just simply the advertising.
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