The human toilet

chapter 1

He'd never had his drink spiked before, but it was tonight.

He dreamed of a blurry blonde with big eyes and full lips but that was it.

When he woke up it was pitch dark and he couldn't move. He heard something muffled in the distance, it got louder, until suddenly something opened above him and harsh light tore in, dimmed by the shadow of someone above.

"Jen! Jen, what's this guy doing here? Don't tell me you actually did it..."

"Wh- what is this, what's happening?" He said to the shrouded face above with long brown hair dangling down towards him.

He was about to say more but before he knew it her underwear was down and her ass had sat itself above him, breathing musky heat down onto him so close he could taste it.

Sweaty fingers gripped his nose and as he opened his mouth the heavens opened and hot steaming piss was gushing into his mouth. He instinctively swallowed in order to breathe and gagged at the act.

She let him get some air before opening up again. This time it did not stop or relent.

When she was done her hot wet lips ground down on his face, hard.

"Mmmm wow that's so good." He heard her say above him.

"Hey I think he swallowed most of it."

A couple of other faces with draping hair looked down above him as she got up. Hidden by the harshness of the surrounding light.

"I dunno, I can smell it pretty bad" Said one other one

They laughed and shut the lid as they went away chatting.

There came even more laughter as the stomp stomp stomp of someone running came towards him.

Within seconds the lid was up, an ass with a couple of small hairs brushing were brushing ontop of him, and the hole they grew from opened up to pour a mush of soft heavy toxic shit instantly into his forced open mouth.

It reached parts of his mouth he didn't know he had and this time swallowing was not an option. He pushed what he could out of his mouth to breathe but it kept on coming. Noises of complaint or relief were coming above him, obviously more preoccupied with the act more than of him....
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