Changes for victoria

chapter 1

Victoria has experienced alot of changes in her life in the past 9 months. After finding Mark, her husband of 12 years in a hotel using drugs and with prositutes when he was supposed to be out of town on business. She finally had enough. She kick him out, filed for divorce and puts the house up for sale. With no real family of her own and embarrassed by the whole sorted affair. Victoria and the boys (Eric 7 and Luke 5) move 45 minutes to the other side of town to start over. She had gotten full custody with Mark's parents having visitation priledges and living only 20 minutes away. Mark completed treatment and is able to visit the boys at his parents this weekend for the first time.
Victoria is looking forward to a weekend to relax. With the boys finally in bed. She had a few things to get done online to free up her weekend. One of which is to find something to send her nephew and his wife for Thanksgiving in a few weeks. The girls at work suggested cheesecake. As she looks online for cheesecakes to have sent she clicks on " More Cheesecake " The thin, sleek, elegant woman was stunned to see a a big plump woman in bra and panties stuffing herself with cheesecake and showing off her bulges and curves bragging about how much weight she'd packed on and how big she is getting. Victoria didn't know what to think. Her heart beating faster she watched another. Then watched one of Katie C. They really were sexy but wtf, that's crazy, she thought. Having been raised in high society taught to avoid sweets and heavy meals by her mother. "You can never be too rich or to thin". And " That junk is for poor, lazy people with no hope for the good life." where her mothers mottoes. Victoria always had avoided such things living on fruits and vegtables. Very little in recent years as her harsh husband hounded her about her weight. This went against everything she had known. It was odd but arousing. Noticing her panties soaked she quickly closed the screen found a cheesecake to send ordered it and got off the computer and went to bed as she tried to get those thoughts from her head and get some sleep. Eventually she drifted off to sleep.
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