Kara goes plush and plump

chapter 1

Kara had been working since after high school. For a few years took classes at the community college. She took a break which lasted 4 years. At 24 she had been waiting tables for too long. She had a friend who was a hair stylist and was telling her about the money she was making. She knew she had to do something. She enrolled in cosmology school and waited tables until she graduated. She liked it and got a job at Plush Designs, a very nice salon with a solid clientel.
Kara was a pretty girl, 5'8, 135lb(up maybe 5 lbs from at 20) with a trim, shapely figure and generous c cup breast. She had a good social life and liked to party. She had plenty of attention from the guys and never really gave much thought about her weight or what she ate. She was always fit and active.
Kara's first day at the salon was great!! She made 75 in tips. Met all the ladies she worked with. They were nice. They even had a welcoming party. They ordered lunch out their treat and had cake and several kinds of cookies. May and Leslie were the best, both in their forties, big bubbly girls both close to 300lbs. Megan was more snotty about thirty trim and stayed to herself. And Sara was the owner an elegant woman in her late 40s, 5'10, probably 230lbs. Over the first few weeks Kara got settled in, was making good money, enjoying her new career and becoming close with the ladies she worked with. They always brought in doughnuts or cookies or brownies and would order lunch from some where. Kara thought it was great, they were a blast. They even got drinks together after work occasionally.
Kara had been there two months. She knew she put on a few pounds. One morning after her shower her panties were digging into her as she tried to find a bra that would fit and contain her growing boobs. She resorted to an old sports bra. She decide she should see how much she had gained. Kara stepped on the scale to find she now weighed 158. She stepped off the scale and back on. 158 appeared again. Wow, replied a shocked Kara!! 23 lbs in 2 months? I better watch it, don't wanna get fat. I've been eating quite a bit I guess, she thought. I'll try to do better.
Leslie had brought in banana bread that morning. Kara had 3 big pieces before May came by to see what she wanted from Romans pizza. A cheesesteak and fries as usual Kara replied without thinking. As she unwrapped it she thought. Wow that's alot I was trying to not eat so much. She took a bite and the thought left her mind as she devoured the delicious cheese steak. Then Sara called on her way back to the shop from getting supplies asking everyone what kind of blizzards, her treat. Butterfingers, Kara exclaimed. By 4:30 may and Leslie wanted to go out after closing at 6. Beers all around and nachos and potato skins. She mentioned she'd put on weight as they ate. They told her she looked great. Better she could stand to keep gaining good men like a girl with a full figure. Or keep messing with those loser little boys. They all laughed. Look at all this Leslie said posing. The rest of the night she kept think how sexy their volupous sexy bodies really were.
After many beers and two more bars they went to Mario's for more beers and food.
They all got spaghetti and meat balls. They all left stuffed and went home.
Kara got home got another beer from the fridge and headed to her room. She washed up started to change. In her panties she rubbed her over stuffed belly. Wasn't gonna eat that much today. I just can't control myself. She felt incredibly horny. Rubbed her enlarged breasts its not so bad!! Kinda nice. She thought as she made her way to bed in her stuffed drunken state. Pleasured herself thinking how big she had gotten. How big she is gonna get if she can't figure out how to refrain from her continual indulgences.
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Plumpineminohio 6 years
Chapter 2 is chapter 2 now.
Plumpineminohio 6 years
Sorry it was in there twice. I wrote it twice and didn't think it went thru.
Jazzman 6 years
Chapter 1 twice.But it is a Great Start.The initial gain is a little much.Most intentional gainers can't equal that.But the premise is very good and nice characters. I like it and look forward to the real 2nd chapter
Theswordsman 6 years
Why is ch 1 in there twice?