Weather girl grows

chapter 1

Laura Jenkins had completed college, got an internship the next two years in Raleigh N.C. as a weather person. She had goals of being a great success and was very focused. She had excelled in college, learned alot in this internship. She had also lost 25lbs and kept it off since junior year. Down to 150lbs at 5'10. A lovely young woman, was now in good shape and felt she had the skills and now the look to break in to bigger markets. She felt she was on her way as she took a job as assistant forecaster/ fill in weather girl in Pittsburgh.
Her first six months in Pittsburgh flew by. She settled in, got plenty of air time and enjoyed it. In her busy first weeks and months didn't get around to joining a gym. Pittsburgh was a big food town and she was surprised by that as well as how people seemed chubbier too. She stayed busy with work and new friends. By the end of that first summer Laura was 12lbs heavier. She really didn't notice. However, through the fall and over the holidays she noticed her clothes were getting tighter. She was busy with work, social, business, and holiday gatherings. Food was plentiful. She had been doing so well. She figured what could letting go a bit hurt. She could worry about dropping the few extra pounds in January.
By January, she piled on another 18. She stepped on the scale and was horrified. 180lbs? How could I gain so much that fast?
She thought back to the meals, desserts, fried foods.... Oh and the cookies. Lots of cookies!! She smiled thinking about it. I do really love food. I guess I let myself go to much she thought as she examined herself in the mirror. She admired her curves and the was it felt. Its not really that bad, she rationalized. Looking back again. In gonna have to take care of it though, because all my dreams could be destroyed if I get fat. She thought. Her friend Julie texted, hey girl, wanna meet for a drink and a bite?
Sure, she replied. They set a time and place and hung up. I gotta get ready. Looking back again at the mirror. There is time before summer, she thought as she darted off to get ready.
April rolls around. Its the first warm day. Laura feels so chubby. Knowing she's gained some weight. She goes home to see what the damage is....
Stepping on the scale. 192!!!
The heaviest I've ever been is 183lbs. I'm huge, bigger than I've ever been. She felt flush. Looking in the mirror and examining her body with her hands. She realizes how soft and curvy she is and how good it feels.
Oh, there's ice cream in the fridge.
What's it matter now.
Making her way to the fridge grabbing the ice cream and a pack of Oreos and a pack chocolate chip cookies. She continues to explore her plumper body with one hand. With the other shoveling spoon after spoon cookie after cookie.
I just can't stop myself. I'm fat!!
I just keep stuffing my self.
She finds it very pleasurable.
As she comes out of euphoria....
What's happening
What about all my goals? All my hard work?
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Plumpineminohio 6 years
Very encouraging.
Another chapter coming tonight.