Deal with the enemy

  By Cali

chapter 1

"Allright good work everyone! See you tomorrow!" the track coach yelled at the end of the practice. "Finally", thought Melissa. Althought she was the best runner in her team she always looked forward to the end of the work out. Melissa was a Junior and the most popular girl in her High School. She was 5'6 feet tall and weighed around 120 lbs with blonde hair and gorgeous bright blue eyes.

As she walked to the changing room she saw Alisson throw her an angry look. Melissa had beaten her in every race today once again. Alisson was another Junior, a rich and spoiled brat who was always upset about only being the second most popular and successful girl in school. She would always look for any opportunity to make a negative comment about Melissa. "Screw her", Melissa thought as she walked away. She was looking forward to relaxing at home too much to care about all that negativity.

When Melissa got home she made herself a bite to eat and then layed down on her bed with her computer. She was looking at different work out videos when she accidently clicked on the wrong link. The video she landed on was called "My intentional Weight Gain over the years". "Wow", Melissa laughed to herself, "how did I get here? And is it really a thing to get fat on purpose?" Althought she found it weird she kept watching, being curious how fat the girl in the video would get. The first pictures showed a girl with pretty much exactly the same body Melissa had. But with every picture a little weight was added and in the end the girl ended up being around 300 pounds. The last part of the video showed the girl jiggling and playing with all her new fat. "Why would someone let herself get that fat on purpose? Look at all that flab!" Melissa thought but still couldn't take her eyes of the images before her. She felt a stange tingle going through her whole body but didn't think much of it. When the video ended she decided to call it a night as it was getting late.

The next day started as usual for Melissa. She was paying close attention to her teacher like she always did when out of the blue the images of last night popped into her head. She saw the girl grow bigger and bigger before her inner eye, bursting out of her too tight clothes, her belly getting flabby and covered in stretch marks, her thighs beginning to rub and her breasts to sag. She stopped paying attention to the rest of the classes not being able to get those images out of her head. All she wanted to do was go home and watch that video again.

The day seemed to last forever but when track practice finally ended Melissa couldn't get to her car to drive home fast enough. As she was hurrying to her car she passed by Alisson who this time had a smile of superiority on her face. Since Melissa couldn't concentrate on anything other than the video today, she wasn't able to give her best during practice and Alisson was able to beat her on every run. "You better get used to being second next season", Alisson shot at Melissa, "because I'm just getting started." Melissa didn't pay any attention to those comments. She just got into her car and drove off, getting more and more excited about what was to come.

As soon as Melissa got home she grabbed someting to eat, opened her laptop and searched for the video. She also looked at a bunch of other videos of girls gaining weight but kept coming back to the video she first saw the night before. The girl in the video looked exactly like her which fascinated Melissa. She began to image herself undergoing the same changes, getting fatter and fatter. Her whole body began shaking as she felt herself getting wet, which was an odd feeling for her. All her life Melissa didn't really get turned on by anything and never had any sexual relationships or even any sexual thoughts. There were rumors in school that she might be secretly lesbian because she didn't show any interest in boys whatsoever. Melissa just thought that there was nothing that would be able to make her aroused and had already kind of made her peace with that. But tonight was the night she would find out that she was wrong all along. Tonight was the night she would find out that there is one thing that makes her go wild with excitement: Fat.
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Patotonto 4 years
Now that I think of it, I’d really love to see a story where instead of going to Allison, She just gradually gives up being fit, she stops competing at the highest level, Allison surpasses her as Melissa grows lazier, and she slowly becomes a cow
Plushush 5 years
Depressing to see comments complaining about the sequel being premium. This series is one of the hands down best stories on this sight imo. If you're good at something, never do it for free. Get that money honey.
Cali 5 years
Making it premium gives me a good motivation to make more time for writing, however after 3 months all chapters will become free content, so in the end you'll get more chapters within a shorter time
Kipler 5 years
Whaaa? You have to he a premium member to read the sequel???? DDDD:
GummieTummy 5 years
Argh! That was SO good! I’m so sad to see it end and so anxious for the sequel! I hope Melissa desperately comes to regret her situation and can’t help herself out of it. (he he) Thanks for this wonderfully entertaining story.
Martim92 5 years
Living together sounds good. I hope that hanging out too much with her piggy will have effect on Allison's waistline too.
Kipler 5 years
Dx You're making me cry on the inside!!! But yay! for the sequel. Is it wrong of me to hope for Allison to develop feelings for Melissa? Please continue writing as this is exactly what I come here for.
Jdm 5 years
GummieTummy 5 years
This is so amazing. I want to follow Melissa and Allison through college and grad school! Never let it end!
Perenolde 5 years
Always love when you update!
Fluffylove 5 years
Please keep it coming
Perenolde 5 years
Great update!
1calcom 5 years
Karenjenk 5 years
just wow
i read this all in one sitting.
now late for work.
Supercode 5 years
Great update and glad you are still continuing this! I just hope Allison keeps Melissa around after she reaches her goal weight.
Perenolde 5 years
Thanks for the update! I always look forward to them.
Bruinsean 5 years
Wow! Where has this story been?
Champ 6 years
Excellent! Thanks for continuing this story! I hope you continue to write more in the near future!
Supercode 6 years
Great chapter! Glad you are still posting for this story!
Roguseco 6 years
This is the best story in this site, I keep rereading it, please continue
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