A glutton's love

  By Cali

Chapter 1

“Babe, please hurry! I’m starving!”

Hearing those words as she entered the apartment immediately put a smile on Alisson’s face.

She took her time putting the groceries away in their kitchen. Her smile turned into a wide grin as she imagined her obese girlfriend holding her belly and squirming impatiently.

“Please!” Melissa whined.

“The food’s right here! Why don’t you come and get it?” Alisson teased.

“You know very well that I’m too weak to get out of bed by myself when I’m starving!” Melissa continued whining.

Alisson laughed and picked up the stack of pizza boxes Melissa was begging for. She paused to enjoy the scenery as she turned the corner into their bedroom. Stranded on their bed was her girlfriend in all her 525-pound glory. She hadn’t moved one bit since Alisson had helped her lay down two hours ago. Though surrounded by empty wrappers, enough to feed a family, Melissa still looked at the pizza boxes ravenously.

Even after being in a relationship with Melissa for 8 months, Alisson’s heart still skipped a beat whenever she saw her massive body. Alisson felt like the luckiest woman alive to be dating a wobbly, soft fatty like Melissa.

“Looks like you already had mountains of snacks to eat,” she teased as she hopped onto their bed and placed the boxes next to Melissa.

“Yeah, but they’re just snacks. They don’t count. I need some real food!” Melissa said and giggled. “Also, I need to be hand-fed, pleeease,” she begged and gave Alisson puppy eyes.

Alisson laughed. “Fine. But only if you promise to eat every last bite I give you.”

“I promise to be a good piggy and eat-“ Melissa was interrupted when Alisson shoved the first slice into her mouth.

“Enough talking. You look cuter with your cheeks full.”

As Alisson fed her girlfriend slice after slice, her other hand rubbed Melissa’s belly lovingly. She reflected on how much their relationship had changed since they started dating, especially her behavior toward Melissa. Alisson’s disdain towards her former rival, which had repeatedly caused her to put Melissa into humiliating situations, had disappeared. It was replaced with a deep love and desire to care for Melissa and her wonderful fat body. Now, she was spoiling her piggy whenever she could, tending to all her cravings and desires.

Their new relationship dynamic revealed a new side of Alisson, which she had never experienced before. Gone was the bitchy girl obsessed with being the best and putting others down. Instead, she now felt in tune with her authentic self. There was no more room for mean behavior in her life. Why would she insult someone when she could tell her girlfriend something nice instead and watch her smile light up the room? The happiness she felt being with Melissa was better than anything she had experienced before.

Alisson’s musings were interrupted when Melissa finished the final slice and burped loudly.

Before Melissa could groan in pain, Alisson leaned into her and kissed her. She loved feeling Melissa’s heavy breathing right after a massive meal. Melissa’s groan turned into a moan as Alisson’s hand explored her flabby body.

After they had reached Melissa’s goal weight and started their relationship, Alisson’s focus had shifted from obsessively fattening her up to making her feel good. As a result, her gain slowed down over the months and ultimately stopped at her current weight of 525 pounds. Both girls were happy as it left Melissa still able to get around while making her so out of shape that she depended on Alisson for every little thing.

As Alisson played with Melissa’s fat rolls, Melissa played with Alisson’s hair and slowly moved her hands to her neck. She caressed it and then stroked her back delicately. Once her hand arrived at Alisson’s ass, she squeezed it tightly, enjoying her girlfriend’s reaction. She caressed her thighs, and Alisson’s squirming told her she was touching her just the right way.

Then she moved her hand up and pinched Alisson’s belly.
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Alexander111 1 year
Sam could take control of both of them.
Cali 1 year
Thank you! smiley
ConJohn 1 year
Nice! Didn’t think I’d see a continuation of this, but happy to see it. This new development with Allison sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun in this story. Keep up the amazing writing. Cheers
Cali 1 year
Thank you! I originally planned to end the story with Melissa reaching her goal weight but then got so many ideas how their relationship could develop, so I decided to do a final continuation.