Chapter 1 - a prank on mr. harris

"Alright, I don't wanna hear another word from you," Mr. Harris began. "Tyler, I'm disappointed in you. This is your final week here at high school, and you're ruining it by slacking off and ditching. In college, there's no ditching! You'll just get kicked outta the course and waste all your money!"

"Yea, yea," Tyler started. "I get it. I gotta start acting differently. What was so wrong with what I did anyways? Do you even know what happened?"

"Of course I do."

"Then what'd I do?"

"All I know is that Ms. Henson told me that you manipulated younger students to go to a bar you were banned from to get you some drinks!

"Why are you and your fellow teachers choosing to speak in falsity? I asked college students to get me drinks, not younger students. I'm not an idiot!" Tyler laughed.

"You're not even supposed to be drinking at your age, Tyler," Mr. Harris sighed. He went to his desk and sat down eating a bag of cookies.

Tyler looked at Mr. Harris eating the cookies and thought of something brilliant.

"Mr. Harris," he began, "what're you doing?"

"You can't talk Tyler," the teacher replied.

"Mr. Harris, look. We both know that we're both bored out of our minds. We're here on a Friday night where we could be partying or something. Might as well make the best of it, right?" Tyler asked.

Mr. Harris sighed, "Alright. What do you want from me?"

"I know you've got a secret stash of food here. Mind if I get a something.?"

Mr. Harris nodded and tossed a bag of chips to Tyler. Tyler opened the bag and began eating the chips. "Thanks." Now how could he make his plan come into action!

"You've never lost in any contest, is that correct Mr. Harris?" Tyler asked.

"That's right! And I never back out at one either!" he replied.

"Great! Then I challenge you to a food eating competition!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Heh, kid, you really wanna challenge me?" Mr. Harris asked as he smacked his belly for a gran effect. "I'm over 250 pounds, at least twice your size."

"I thought you never back out?"

"I'm not!"

"Then let's do this."


" What is it, Mr. Harris?"

"What's the prize for the winner?"

"I thought you'd say that." Tyler pulled out a very large container with a tube connected to it. It had sticker slapped onto it with it saying "beer." "The winner gets to chug this entire container of beer without saying anything!"

"I guess I could go for some beer," Mr. Harris chuckled.

"Alright, bring out some food from your secret stash and let's do this!"

Mr. Harris unloaded pounds of food. He put 50 food items in front of the two. "First one to eat 50 sweets gets to chug down the beer."

The two shook on it and began the competition. Tyler was slowly eating his sweets one by one and stared at Mr. Harris who was eating the sweets as fast as he could. Sometimes, he'd even try to eat two ate once. Tyler couldn't help but laugh at how quickly Mr. Harris had fell for his trap. Once again he has manipulated someone to do whatever he wanted.

"Finished!" Mr. Harris said as he jumped up and down (his belly also jumped up and down as well). You didn't even finish half of it, Tyler!"

"Guess, you were right Mr. Harris," Tyler said as he brought the container over to Mr. Harris. "She's all your yours."

Mr. Harris put the tube in his mouth and awaited beer to flow his way. Tyler pressed a button and beer flowed at an alarming rate. Mr. Harris was a bit alarmed but he slowly got used to it,

"How does it feel?" Tyler asked.

Mr. Harris gave a thumbs up.

Tyler laughed and smirked. He went over to the container and pulled the sticker off. The sticker was hiding another message, saying "weight gain formula."

Mr. Harris was growing huge! His moobs expanded, his belly protruded, his thighs and ass thickened. His chair even lost some screws and eventually broke. And the eccentric thing about this was that Mr. Harris didn't even notice it happen. He was too busy drinking "beer" that he didn't even notice his *** bring him to the ground. Finally, the formula stopped squirting out into Mr. Harris's mouth.

"That was fantastic Tyler, thank you."

"No problem," Tyler barely held his laughter in.

Mr. Harris looked down at his belly and saw a massive amount of lard. "Tyler, what happened? My shirt is barely keeping me intact!" he exclaimed. "Quick! I have a waist measure in my cabinet. Look how big I am!"

Tyler did just that. He got the wait measure and measured his teacher's waist. "It won't fully circle around Mr. Harris!"

"That's impossible! That measure goes until 40 inches!"

"If you want me to predict your size right now, I'd say that there's still at least 8 or more inches of fat I need to wrap this measure around.

"Oh... thanks Tyler. I'll figure this out on my own. You're dismissed."

"Get well soon, Mr. Harris," he said as he turned around with a big smirk on his face. This was kinds fun. Who would be next though?
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