Domesticating heather

  By PT98

Chapter 1 - introduction/chapter 1

The studio was buzzing with the sound of the needle as the artist worked away on his massive canvas. A woman with long, dark brown hair tied up in a bun laid on the rest in front of him, her back up and her massive belly rolls spilling off the sides, looking like two huge mounds of raw dough. She cooed and grunted with the sensations of the needle. Everything felt so distant through her thick blubber, but sensitive nonetheless. The tag on her collar jingles next to the cowbell that hangs from her neck. Etched on the tag, next to a small heart, was the name Heather.

The buzzing stopped and the artist wiped his sweaty brow. He sighed with pride and satisfaction and patted Heather's gargantuan ass which causes her whole body to jiggle. She stood and waddled to the full length mirror, just barely able to capture her giant doughy frame. She was elated by the end result. As she turned to view all angles, her mind reminisced about her journey and how far she had come.

Chapter 1:
Heather sat by herself. She arrived at the Starbucks, at which Greg agreed to meet her, nearly half an hour early and she was beginning to feel that was a mistake. She had been so excited that morning, but sitting there now, with nothing but a long, heavy coat to cover her slender, naked body, was more uncomfortable that she imagined. There were so many people around at this time of day; she was certain someone would see if she just moved the wrong way.

"Why did I agree to meet him out in public?" Heather thought to herself, "He always knows just how to get me to do stuff."

It had only been a few weeks since she started seeing Greg. They met in one of their classes at university and had become inseparable ever since. They were just friends at first, but after having lunch and talking together nearly every day, Heather realized that she could not stop thinking about him. She felt like she would never have a chance though.

"Surely such a handsome and polite man had a girlfriend," she thought.

But she could never bring herself to ask and validate her disappointment. It was not until he shared with her some very peculiar thoughts and feelings that she knew he felt the same way about her.

"I really like you Heather, but there's some stuff I want to share with you before I even consider going any further," Greg said, playing with his thumbs nervously.

"It's okay Greg. You know you can tell me anything. It's not like I have anyone else to tell," Heather giggles and holds his hand to reassure him.

It was strange to see someone usually so confident act this way. She wanted to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

"Well, I have a thing for big girls," Greg blushed.

"That's really okay Greg. Lots of guys do."

"Yeah, but I have a... little kink about big girls that I'm a little embarrassed about," Greg looked away, but kept one eye locked on hers.

"I'm sure it's not that bad," Heather said in a soft, almost motherly tone.

"I want to make a girl into a hucow and milk her."

Heather was surprised, but did not want to react negatively and make Greg regret sharing this with her. She had no idea what a hucow even was, but after explanation by Greg, she sat there and mulled it over in her head. She told Greg that she did not think less of him and she would like him to share any more thoughts about it with her if it would help. Greg had a huge smile on his face, leaned in, and surprised her with a kiss.

They had been dating ever since, and what once was something she barely understood has now been the only thing on her mind. Since Greg told her about it, Heather had looked up drawings and morphs every night of women with huge milk inflated tits and big, fat bellies. She watched videos of women being milked and fondled her breasts to it. She wanted to look like that. How could Greg ever be turned on by a skinny girl like her. Her breasts were just barely C-cups and her stomach was so small it was almost inverted.

She told Greg her feelings and he was sad to see her upset about her appearance and worrying about him not being satisfied by her, but was also overjoyed that she wanted to become his big, fat hucow. He rubbed her back and gave her a consoling kiss.

"I have a surprise for you Sugar," he said, "I want you to meet me this Saturday. My cousin has a place close by and there's something there that I want you to see."

Heather was puzzled. They had always either gone out or stayed at each other's apartments for dates. For what reason could he need her to go to another person's house? After some more convincing, she agreed regardless and he gave her directions as what to wear in addition to where and when to meet him. And now there she was.

Heather looked at her watch. It had been the first time she had used it in forever, since Greg told her to leave her cell phone at home. Just as it struck eleven, she heard the sound of a huge engine and saw Greg's big, red Ford pull up in front of the building. She got up, clearing her mess and walking outside to meet her lover.

He rolled down the window, "Hey Honey, you ready for your surprise?"

Heather smiled and kissed him, "Yeah! I'm glad I got here early now. You're just as punctual as always."

Heather walked over to the other side of the truck and climbed up into the cabin, making sure to hold her coat down, then closed the door and buckled herself in.

"Is the precious cargo safe," Greg smiled as he rubbed her belly.
Heather laughed, "All strapped in."

Greg looked down the city street to make sure no one was coming and then drove away and onto the highway. Heather looked at him with his shades on and the sunlight making his caramel brown hair and stubble shine like he was a model for a car commercial. After enjoying the view, she turned her attention out the window and watched as the skyscrapers gave way to open fields.
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Ellegirl 3 years
My dream 🖤
Ljgammage 3 years
Wonderful story, wonder if there's a part two of her growing even bigger
Muffintopmanor 4 years
Thank you, for writing one of the best stories I've ever read. I love this story, this fantasy, these characters. The tattoo scene gives me shivers. Can i ask about the image btw, what the source is? It fits perfectly, despite the lack of cow tattoos lol.
DominantMaleFA 6 years
Quite enjoyable. Well done.