Side effects of success

  By PT98

Chapter 1 - putting a plan into action

A tall, slender woman walks down the empty hallway of the Aphrodite's Gift Laboratories. Her elegant frame is silhouetted by the ambient moonlight leaking through the windows as she adjusts her dark brown hair retying her loose bun then resetting her glasses on her face. Her posture is erect and composed, her footwork like a model's as her heals clicked on the floor. Her presence was professional and intimidating. Finally, she arrived at the room she was looking for.

The woman pulls a keycard from her lab coat pocket. Veronica's name, photograph, and credentials were printed on the front on the fresh identification. Her expression was stoic and her eyes looked like they could pierce through concrete walls. She lifts the card to the scanner with great satisfaction. She had worked so many hard hours bringing drinks, doing all the jobs the lab technicians could not be bothered to do themselves, and taking their shit as those perverted old dogs stared at her and whispered to each other while her back was turned. After many long months working for Aphrodite's Gift Cosmetics and Supplements, she had finally been promoted from an intern to a full-fledged scientist; her had work had paid off.

Veronica enters the room and walks systematically through each work station. She knows it is here. The lab techs had been working on it ever since she started working here. She starts looking through the sample bins and then she finds it: a test sample of the new breast enhancement drug that Aphrodite's Gift plans to bring to market. The scientists said that it would take a few more trials before they felt comfortable presenting it to the FDA, but Veronica had seen the data from the tests. Not only were the success rates incredibly high, but the results were better than projected. They said that they still needed more trials before they could be certain that there are not any undesirable side effects, but Veronica knew better. They are fools.

Veronica puts the sample in her inner coat pocket and smiles like a devil. She was going to be the most beautiful women in the entire city. After years spent being the flat nerd in school, she had finally started to find how to take advantage of her natural beauty and enhance it. Now, she has everything she needs to make herself into the ideal women she dreams of being. She turns, her coat trailing behind her as she walks down the halls to the parking complex, gets into her car, and drives down the empty streets thinking about how beautiful and sexy she is going to be. No man would be able to keep their eyes off of her and she would have first pick of any handsome one she wanted.
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Adrielle 6 years
Brilliant writing~
Tarquin 6 years
REALLY good, great emphasis on her lovely natural huge hangers. Please, some more. And actually, with her breasts so flabby and sagging, I don't think she needs much BODYweight at all to go along with them. Much thanks!