Inflation overdose

  By PT98

Chapter 1 - allison's inflation overdose

The clicking of her mouse is constant. A petite blonde girl is sitting at her computer desk switching between her line of a couple dozen tabs, shopping for clothes, posting on forums, and watching a bit of porn in between. A session that has resulted in a tired expression and a damp spot on her skimpy shorts between her long, slender legs. It seems to be just an average Friday night for her after a long week at the office. Her friends are out on dates with their boyfriends while she sits at home, desperately horny and slightly bored. That is, until she sees a post on Inflator Enthusiast that caused her to perk up in her large rolling chair.

"My Boyfriend and I Tried this Pill and It Changed our Date Nights Forever!"

It sounded like those cheap scam ads on the side bars of the porn websites she was so used to seeing, but she had not seen anything else posted recently that was any more interesting, so she clicked the link.

"We were skeptical at first..." She skipped through the boring preface, "...It was much more potent than I had expected..." She looked for buzz words and skipped forward again, "... I was so big, I thought I would surely pop! And it didn't stop there..."

"Now you got my attention," She said to herself.

She scrolled down even further, "I wanted to let everyone who's interested know that this stuff is the real deal. Here's the link in case anyone else is crazy enough to try it: ...."
She followed the trail and was brought to a sketchy looking website with an order form. There was simply a picture of a pill bottle with some long medical-sounding name and a price in Rubles. She looked up the conversion rate and saw that they weren't exactly cheap, but cheap enough to think about. After some thought, she decided that it was worth the experiment and placed an order. Alisson filled in her name, credit card info, and address, selected express shipping, and hit order.

It was not until the following week when the package arrived. Allison had been constantly daydreaming at work, thinking about her sexual fantasies coming to life. She imagined how it would feel having her belly burst out of her shirt and having the tattered remains hang off of her breasts, but she did not want to get her hopes up. She expected that it would probably just be like any other scam product, but now, the box is right in her hands and she is mentally preparing herself for what is to come.

Allison shuts her blinds and locks her doors. She does not want anyone disturbing her. She tried to find scissors around her apartment to open the box, but her anticipation is too great and she just rips the tape off instead. Through a few handfuls of packing material, she pulls out a small pill bottle with a conspicuous black label and turns it over. The drug facts are all in Russian, but she can see that each pill is 1000mg of whatever it is that they are filled with. She raises her eyebrows at such a high number, but continues with her erotic endeavor.

She opens the bottle and drops a tablet onto her palm, playing with it in her fingers.

"One should be enough," she thinks to herself.

She grabs a left over water bottle from next to her sofa, tilts her head back, swallowing the pill with the rest of the water, and waits. Fifteen or so minutes go by and she still feels nothing, but she doesn't want to give up hope yet.

"It may just need two pills per dose."

She swallows another two and after a minute, starts to feel pressure building in her gut. Her hopes are rekindled and then put out by an anti-climactic burp.

"Ehk," She says in disgust and disappointment.

She gets up and walks back to her computer cave to spend the rest of her Friday as she always does.

Back in her chair, she boots up her desktop and opens up her usual web pages. While fingering herself to some porn, she feels a bit uncomfortable sitting back in her chain.
"Huh?" She pokes at her belly, "Great, they just make you feel bloated. They sure are potent," she says sarcastically.
She finds that she is too horny to stop however, and continues to pleasure her clit as she looks for a new video.

A few more minutes pass by and the pressure continues to build. Even though it isn't as good as a full belly bloat, the bloating she feels is helping to push her closer to the edge. She is reaching climax as she tilts her head back and moans loudly, but before she can finish, she feels the bottom of her belly being constricted and her hand being pushed against the waist band of her shorts. She looks down at her gut in awe. She looks like she is about three months pregnant, her no longer slim physique filling out her tight shirt and shorts and pressing them tightly against her skin. Her surprise turns into pleasure as she starts to feel a warm sensation in her belly that is radiating outward and reaching up into her breast. She reaches for them and is greeted by her now extremely sensitive nipples reacting to her touch. She grips tightly to her shirt which only makes the reaction more intense. Her moans grow louder as her gut grows even bigger.

Before she realizes it, her belly grows twice its size, then double that, and pauses. As she regains control, she sees that her once petite body has filled out like a balloon and the sides of her massive gut now reach the arms of her chair. She tries to stand, but cannot. Her stomach continues to grow slowly now and the arms press deeper into her increasingly tight flesh. It feels like a balloon being blown up between two fingers, getting closer together as it expands. Her pleasure now turns into worry as she tries to break free from her chair. She thrashes her body back and forth, but it does nothing but cause her huge, bulbous belly to jiggle. Things only get worse as she feels the shirt that has been riding up her inflating abdomen start to grow tighter around her sensitive breasts.

Allison's nipples become erect with pleasure as her top strains against the increasing volume of her body. Unable to moan any longer, she can feel the air being pulled into her with great force. The pace of her inflation picks up and her breasts start to strain the seams of her top, the sound causing her to panic and become aroused, as she knows it won't last much longer. She hears the sound of tearing fabric as her shirt falls to each side of her and her breast inflate to the size of bowling balls. Her once tiny areola is now about four centimeters across and her nipples are the size of quarters. She is so concerned with her breasts, that she fails to realize that her belly is now twenty times its original bloated size. She only looks down when she hears the arms of her chair finally crack and give way.

Now panicking, Allison waddles her expanding figure over to the desk on which she placed the pills. She tries finding anything on the label that may be able to help her, but after examining it more closely, she can now see that, next to what she assumes to be the directions, it says, "1/hr." She had taken three times the recommended dosage in one sitting. She opens her mouth in shock and feels a rush on air come into her stomach. Her toothpick legs can no longer hold her massive gut in the air and she falls forward onto the floor, the echoing of air bouncing around in side of her ringing in her ears.

Her belly does not stop growing bigger and bigger as her breast heave and bounce on her expanding frame, they themselves growing larger with each passing moment. The pressure that had once been orgasmic is now starting to become very painful. She looks down at herself in horror as the skin on her breast start to become incredibly strained. She can see the dark veins starting to spread and cover her engorged breasts and throb on her enormous belly. Her stomach is now as wide as her body is tall and shows no signs of stopping. She can hear creaking from below her and worries that she will break the floor, but then she realizes that the creaking is coming from her own body. Her skin screams from the tension of being pulled by her rapidly expanding body. The veins become more numerous and her skin paler, revealing the pink hue of her rushing blood underneath it.

She is not sure how much more her belly can take and fears the inevitable. There is no way that she can get up to call for help, and even if she did, no one would be able to come to her aid. Her belly and breasts feel as though they are about to burst and her eyes widen. If she could scream she would, but instead she just lays there, tears rolling down her cheek as she bites her lip and waits for the inevitable.
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