Fail better

chapter 1 - confessions

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“Fail Better”

Warning: This is an adult/fetish story involving weight gain, adult language, feeding, and stuffing. If this isn’t your type of thing, please don't read it.

Written by berserker1133

Corrected and edited by polarisdreamer
Chapter 1: Confessions

October, 2010.

“Oh, come on, man! Are you really gonna bail on me?”

“Yeah, sorry Nick. Chloe just texted, she’s on her way.” Roberto answered, while he took another sip of beer.

“You are the worst wingman ever.” Nick determined, as he scanned the crowd of people inside the Death Blossom and repeated loudly, “The worst wingman ever!”

Some patrons gave them a weird look, but most of them didn’t even turned their heads. They both shared a laugh.

“What can I say! I really like her; she is funny and…”

“Oh, man. Don’t give me that crap,” Interrupted Nick, “On a scale of 1 to Scarlett Johansson, where she is?”

“Have you seen Match Point?”

“***, mate. There is no way she is that…”

Nick didn’t get to finish his sentence as the girl got in the middle of them and greeted Roberto with an effusive kiss. The girl indeed had some resemblance to the unforgettable Nola Rice, but with a warmer and a less explosive look. Charming face, blonde hair and big ocean eyes. She was a beauty, there was no other way to put it. Nick couldn’t even feel bad about Roberto leaving with her.

Roberto introduce Chloe to his flat mate, and they talked for a few minutes. When she went to the bathroom, Nick returned to the unfinished conversation:

“Ok, mate. About the wingman thing…”

“She’s hot, right?” laughed Roberto.

“Does she happen to have a twin sister?”

“Not that I know. But if that’s the case, I promise you’ll be the first to know.”

After shaking hands, Roberto started walking to the bathroom to pick up his lovely date so they could leave the pub together.

Before he was out of earshot, Nick shouted, “A clone would be fine too!!”


Roberto was one of those millions of promising students that the 2008 global crisis had punched hard in the face. He had just finished his degree in architecture when the stock exchange and the banks crashed. After the economy collapsed, there was little hope for work in Spain as an inexperienced architect. For that reason, Roberto took his meager savings and decide to move to London. If he couldn’t work as an architect until the world recovered from the global crisis, he at least could use that time to do something useful: learn English.

His first months in London were a pain. He lived in a very small house with a Vietnamese family with 6 children and a young couple from Poland. He worked hard in very different shitty jobs that didn’t even cover the rent. Worst of all, despite his best efforts to communicate, he didn’t feel like his English was improving at all. With his rudimentary language skills, he could survive, sure. He knew how to order in a restaurant, how to insult and even to compliment a beautiful girl, he was Spanish, after all, but he was still having a hard time maintaining a conversation without getting lost in it.

However, things started to improve. He got a better job. Not a good one, but at least he didn’t have to wash more dishes or clean disgusting toilets. He moved away from the mad house that was his first apartment and even made some friends that invited him to crazy house parties. And at one of those, in which he was so drunk that he didn’t remember it, he met Chloe for the first time. For that reason, when the incredibly hot girl greeted him at a pub one night and called him by his name, he didn’t know what was going on. She explained to him that they had met at that common friend’s house party a weeks ago. He felt like an idiot for not remembering such a beautiful girl. But Chloe didn’t seem to mind it, and they ended up chatting for hours that night too.

After that unsuspected reunion, Roberto and Chloe started hanging out together. At first, they only went out to different cafeterias for coffees, where with the excuse of Chloe teaching him proper English, they got to know each other. Roberto’s English progressed fast, so did their relationship. Before he knew it, he was having fluent conversations with anyone and without, as Chloe like to say, losing his ‘charming Spanish’ accent. Soon he was even calling her, his girlfriend.

Chloe was 21, two years younger than him, and she was finishing a fashion design degree. She was slim, carrying less than 125 lbs on her figure. She had a love for wearing heels, that didn’t have anything to do with her height. In fact, she wasn’t short at all: she stood 5’7.

When she told Roberto that she was studying fashion, he thought she wanted to become a model. However, Chloe wasn’t very interested in showing off her body. She didn’t dress like a nun by any means, but another girl in her shoes would have flaunted her long legs and her tiny waist in more obvious and alluring ways. Chloe preferred to wear a kind of gaudy style, full of colors and vintage clothes. It’s like she’d time traveled from the 80’s. If she wasn’t so pretty you could really laugh about a look like that… But she could pull off anything she wanted. She was that beautiful.

Soon Roberto knew that, as confident as she was to wear those jazzy clothes, she was quite insecure about anything else. Even though she really liked fashion design; she didn’t know if she would like to make a living of it. She always talked about not wanting her job to ruin her passion. Her parents never liked her career choice and always bugged her to switch to a “proper” one like law or medicine.

Her parents never liked Roberto either, but since they thought he was a brief exotic romance, they didn’t annoy her too much about him. They just supposed that, eventually, Roberto would go back to Spain and then Chloe would find a good old-fashioned English boy. To Chloe’s parents’ misfortune, the relationship between her daughter and Roberto was going well.

“Too well to be true”, her parents both frequently said to each other. Roberto and Chloe’s relationship had been ‘official’ for four months already and they seemed in love from the first day. Chloe liked Roberto’s sense of humor, she also liked how protected he always made her feel by his side; she liked his determination, which mixed will with her constant hesitation, and she fancied his ‘latino’ look, a young and taller Antonio Banderas, with a stronger build of wide shoulders.

On the other hand, Roberto loved everything, well almost everything, about Chloe too: she had a tender heart and very open mind, she was active and liked to make plans for the two of them, she had her temper, as every woman in the world, but she wasn’t so proud to withhold a sweet “sorry”, she was super cute and had a body with such a potential…

Roberto always had a thing for curvy and fat girls. He was aware of this ‘preference’ since he discovered the glorious curves of Aria Giovanni on the Internet during his puberty. After that amazing find that sparked his whole world, he never looked for skinny models again, or at least, slimmer than Aria. With time, he started enjoying bigger ones too as he discovered feederism with the youtube videos of Jessicuh and Cherries. However, this preference for meaty chubby girls didn’t exclude slim beauties like Chloe.

He definitely appreciated his girlfriend’s normative body, and had no problem getting turned on by it. He’d explained to former conquests that he preferred them with some “meat on the bones”, but not Chloe. The last thing he wanted was to jeopardize such a good thing with some ‘weird kink’. So, he tended to avoid the subject.

Until today, he had decided to leave that kink to the realm of imagination: fantasying about Chloe putting on some pounds and masturbating to it was enough for him. However, during the months they’d been together, the idea of confessing his preferences to his girlfriend infiltrated his thoughts more often each day and not just that he preferred chubby girls, but that he liked them to put on weight on purpose.

Just like her sophisticated taste in clothes, or just weird taste, Chloe was like no other girl he had been with before. As involved as she was with such a shallow profession as fashion, she never talked down to anyone about their appearance, specially their bodies. She followed tons of “body positive” accounts on her social media and was very vocal about the need for people to love themselves. Roberto thought that, if there was a girl in the world that could listen to his weird ‘kink’ and maybe embrace it, it was his ‘super-open-minded-body-positive-love-yourself-n omatterwhat’ hot girlfriend.
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Scott12 2 years
I just now caught this one and have to say, this is a magnificent story! Well done. I love the psychological perspective explored with in the characters and in regards to this kink. Very well done!
Berserker1 2 years
Thank you so much. I'm really glad people still enjoy this story!
Fatowl 3 years
Great story! I liked the twists in it. Have you considered expanding the story? You left so many teasers at the end. What about Carla's realization? Chloe fattening Natilia or them having feeding trusts? Jeanette visiting Chloe in Madrid to launch a
Berserker1 3 years
To be able to see all the illustrations of the story, go and check my deviantart:
Berserker1 3 years
Thanks to everyone for such nice comments!
They really mean a lot to me, as I'm putting so much effort into this (english is not my first language). Glad everyone is enjoying it!
Jazzman 3 years
Wow.Just Amazing. This is some of your best work! So deep
LeandroAlex 3 years
Chole instead of going to London she goes to Natália's house where she gets more fat
Lpark435 3 years
Was hot expecting that twist, but looking back at all the detail, not surprised though. Keep posting please!
Lpark435 3 years
One of the best stories I have read in a while, realistic fantastic weight gain, descriptions and weights, fantastic! Please continue this masterpiece
Berserker1 3 years
Thank you for your comments, guys. Really appreciate them!!
Jazzman 3 years
So Good as Usual .One of my Favorites
Chuborange 3 years
Enjoying this! Intrigued to see how her former ED plays out. You write really well.
Berserker1 3 years
@karenjenk @karlosfy
Thank you, guys. Really appreciated.
Karenjenk 3 years
I wish i could give this two likes
Karlosfy 3 years
excellent story! Well written and an organic development. Keep it up smiley