Chapter 1 - the start (ch 1)

she's at a club when she met them. work has been good but tiring and she felt she deserved a reward, plus it was saturday. so the had some cuba libres at home so save herself having to pay loads at a bar or a club and was well on the road to tipsy when he reached the bar of the club. tight leather pants to show her ass and shape her legs, glittery high heels (really high) and a nice blouse to show plenty of cleavage. a good dose of make up, a high big bun to keep her curls in control and her face cool and some big hoop earrings was her outfit of choice for the night.

she was at the bar thinking what cocktail to order...or maybe a sangría when she saw him. muscular, with his straight black hair and his shaved sides, clear green eyes and full thick, wellmainteined eyebrows. he was just as she remembered him from their university days not so long ago with a couple more tattoos for show. go figure, the turns life gives. they just stare at each other, much like they did back then. and stare, and stare...none daring to say or do anything (much like old times) she ordered her drink, downed it looking straight at him and walked to the dance floor, hoping he would take the hint. booze giving her a push

at places like this the music wasn't just loud, it was hot. she choose it for that reason. none of that techno shit; only latino music, reggaeton and trap, loud and hot. she can feel beat thumping along with her heart and the beats thumping down to her very bones so she closes her eyes and prepares to put on a show. this music always makes her horny and she always puts some in the background when she's having sex.

she rocks her hips, makes her ass shake and bounce, running her arms up and down her sides, her breasts, her neck and again and again. she smiles, and closes her eyes to half a mast knowing she's got attention. she loves this, and knows that soon enough someone is gonna come and be her partner (even if not the someone she wants). sure enough, not even ten seconds later dark strong arms wrap around her from behind and she knows it's him. recognises some of the tattoos. he got his legs open and is keeping up with her hips movements quite nicely, he moves so his hands (big, meaty hands, oh lord) are a her waist and when the songs changed a bit and he saw a chance he spun her around so she was facing him. a shame, really, with how much she was enjoying rubbing her ass against his crotch.

once they're face to face she looks at him in the eyes. with the heels on she's his height, and she smiles, he mirrors it and she leans it and whispers something in his ear (she doesn't remember what at this point) they dance a lot, he's good at it and she has fantasized about this since she was 19 years old. he goes back at the bar at one point to get drinks and after they're back at it, even hotter than before.

at one point she's basically grinding and riding his leg. her hands on his neck, his nape, his broad shoulders, going and going while his are on her waist, her hips, her ass. she has her eyes closed and knows she's making a face of pure bliss, so hot and wet for him. so turned on by this.

she decides she wants him, all of him. she wants to blow him, and ride him and shove her boobs on his face...and speaking about his face, he's just so handsome, like a piece of art she needs to frame (with her legs). she wants so she leans in to whisper in his ear and promise him a night neither of them would forget (or maybe more time if he's up to it) but first she leans to kiss him, or she tries to, but he stops her.

"wait. i'm sorry. i have a girlfriend. she's right here" at first she doesn't understand. the music's too loud and her mind is buzzing with pleasure and alcohol. but then she gets it and is angry. how dare he make a move on her while having a girlfriend?! how dare he dance with her like that and turn her on knowing that he's not going to finish what he started and his partner is right there?!

she gets away from him, preparing herself to slap him, yell at him, do something but instead she just glares and turns around to leave. stomp away in anger and shame, but he stops her.
"no, look...she's literally right here looking at us" it only makes her angrier so her glare intensifies and she breaks her arm away from his hold "she's into it!!" he yells and she stops, cocking her head to one side and lifting a well groomed brow "really, is a thing with her" and she knows some people are into that but she needs to check "i even talked to her before going to you. she was the one that encouraged me, you know i'm too chicken to talk to you...i mean it has happened before" now that's more plausible, so she lowers her brow.

"it's true" a velvety female voice says and oh "i can't dance for shit and i love seeing him with other women...a kink of mine" she winks at her and she's awed. is instantaneous, as if a spell was over her. for starters she's stunning. gorgeous. long, long, long shapely pale legs in a sinful and tight high waisted skirt (she can't shee her ass from the angle but she bets its marvelous) tiny waist and flat stomach. fit. her eyes wander up and she's got a tight tank top that shows her ample cleavage and god. her boobs are firm and big, dusted with faint freckles (she wants to put her hands on them immediately, see her erect pink nipples) up are beautiful collarbones and a thin, soft looking neck. her hair is black and straight, in a bob cut and with straight cut bags. her eyes are a mix of grey and blue. her lips look full, soft and inviting.

lost in wonder as she is she doesn't notice when the other woman puts a hand on her neck, stroking up to her jawline "and you're such a beautiful thing. we couldn't let this chance slip" she only stares at her beautiful lips moving and before she knows they're kissing and it's fantastic. her lips are as soft as they looked and she tastes of pineapple. when is over she looks at them both and says "let's get out of here"

they go to their place; is easier since they live together and have a large bed. on the way she asks them if they have done the whole threesome thing before. veronica says she has, just once, daniel says he hasn't. she nods and tries no to let them know how excited she is over having on of her most amazing fantasies finally come to life.

see, she's bisexual and has dreamed for a long time of a threesome with a man and a woman. and now she's about to do it, with two of the most beautiful people she's seen all his life. they all kiss in the taxi and is the best, he's everything she ever dreamed of, smelling of musk, wood and coconut. she marvels at seeing them kiss each other and how hot it makes her. veronica puts a hand on her tight and kisses her again and she loves her sharpness and the taste of pineapple. suddenly she craves piña colada.

they also talk about what each likes, and dislikes and she thinks that for the first time in a long while she's gonna want to see them again after they have sex.

when they get to the bedroom veronica orders them to strip each other and they do, she says she's gonna ride him and she does, watching and running her hands over hard muscle and dark beautiful skin while veronica watches and masturbates. then when he's done, they wait for him pleasuring each other. she goes down on veronica and is everything she imagined, all the while he cradles her fingers through her curly hair and calls her pretty things.

after she's done they all three grind against each other and she finally gets to fondle her firm, huge breasts. her nipples are indeed pink and hard (and pierced, that's just a plus) and she mouths at them and pinches them. she runs her hands on her sides (there's a tattoo there somewhere) and all the while she sees and feels his big hands on her. at one point they're having sex but she can't only watch so she alternates between kissing their necks, touching their asses and running her hands through their backs. names and curse words are flying around in two, three languages and is so hot. after a while veronica goes down on her while she blows daniel. their hands are everywhere and her orgasm hits her harder than ever before.

in the morning, she's on one side of the bed, she turns and the sun from the window paints a beautiful view over the other two naked sleeping forms on the bed. she feels satiated and content. they drink coffee and exchange numbers with the promise to see each other again and repeat last night. she kisses them both on her way out.

__________________________________________ _____

so, this is the start and as i said this will be long and slowburn. let me know what you think!! (and plz donate to my ko-fi if you want)
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