Fat factory

Chapter 1 - a new job + changing - day 1 + day 2

Day 1 :

Jacob said a last goodbye to his family, the 100 pound man went to his new job, a few doors further. A new ice cream factory emerged in the neighbourhood.

Jacob entered the new factory and met his new boss, Rick. Rick told the rules of the factory and wished Jacob good luck with his first day at work.

Before Jacob started his day at work, he had to take an injection into his arm, because of safety. The day at his new job officially began. Jacob felt really good and began to package all the ice-cream pots. He felt a change in his body, but couldn't say what it exactly was. He suddenly became really hungry and took a small break. He went to a fastfood restaurant to get a few hamburgers. He ended up with 15 hamburgers and 20 big portions of fries. He went back to his work.. His belly began to make strange noises.

At the end of his first shift.. Jacob suddenly felt really strong, like he was a new kind of Superman. He went back to his house and noticed some changes while he was in the bathroom. He gained 20 pounds! ( Weight of Jacob : 120 pounds ). He looked to his belly but nothing changed, well.. Who cares the few extra pounds!

Day 2 :

Jacob woke up just like any other day.. He went to the bathroom to take a shower, he gained 5 pounds in the night ( Weight of Jacob : 125 pounds ). He said goodbye to his family and went to work again.

Jacob was called to see his boss again, he told about the first day of work and that everything went really well on his first day. His boss was really happy to hear the good news and told Jacob that he got a promotion, but he had to take another injection.. This time, it was a purple coloured injection, and it was twice as big as the first one! Jacob agreed and took the purple coloured injection called F-A-T-3-0.. Jacob started his work again, he packaged more than 1000 ice-cream pots and got his daily break. He went to the same fastfood restaurant as the day before and decided he needed more food.. He took 30 hamburgers and 20 big portions of fries with 3 buckets of mayonaise. He came back home after his second day of work and took a shower.. He saw a change in his belly, maybe it was time to weigh himself.. He gained 30 pounds! ( Weight of Jacob : 155 pounds ).. He didn't know what to say.. Suddenly, Jacob felt like there was a switch in his brains, he didn't care about his belly anymore.. He even wanted to gain MORE pounds! He wanted a big, bulging belly. Jacob went to bed with his wife, she noticed his big change.. She was angry at Jacob and didn't want to sleep with him anymore.. Jacob didn't care.. He just thought about his belly, and how it would grow, he also wanted big moobs. Jacob went to sleep, in his sleep.. He gained some weight.

Day 3 ( Online 28-12-2018 ) :
Jacob decides to bring his son to his work..
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Are you going to make female weight gain in this story ?