Fattening food

Chapter 1

Fattening Food

By Incubi©

“Go on sweetie just one more bite”

Erik waved a spoonful of dessert under Tanya’s nose, his smiling face looked up at her with an expectant expression.

“Honey I’m stuffed, honestly I couldn’t eat a crumb” she giggled.

“Hmmm I’m sure you can manage one last mouthful, we don’t want you wasting away.” he laughed “besides I worked all afternoon on this, go on you know you cant resist.”

With a helpless smile she took the spoon and finished the last mouthful, the creamy dessert tasting wonderful on her tongue.

“Happy now? I swear if I left it up to you I’d be as big as a house”

Six months ago Tanya would never have considered eating dessert, she ran a successful business selling fitness equipment and a trim body was all part of the job. Just a shade under six foot tall Tanya was slim and athletic with a mane of long tawny blonde hair and pert C cup breasts, her deep bronze tan contrasted perfectly with her pale grey eyes giving her a striking intelligent expression.When she wasn’t working she kept fit religiously and dieted constantly to keep herself in perfect shape.

All that changed when she started dating Erik.

They had met a few months previously through business, he ran a chain of gyms across the country and he was always updating his equipment. When first she first went to meet him she expected the typical businessman type, fat balding and wearing a bad suit. Instead she was confronted by a Greek Adonis almost seven foot tall with long white blond hair and a chiselled body that could have been a statue come to life.

He had completely swept her off her feet inviting her to dinner to discuss buying a huge amount of equipment with a self assured confidence that she found impossible to deny.

When she arrived at the restaurant she half expected to find him there ready to seduce her and was not exactly unhappy about the prospect.

Instead she found him waiting with a large dark haired beauty he introduced as his girlfriend Samantha. Erik refused to talk business over dinner saying that sharing good food with two lovely women was too perfect to waste talking shop. Instead they chatted enjoying the meal with Erik ordering copious bottles of expensive wine and ordering the richest foods on the menu.

At first Tanya picked at the food torn between pleasing the client and her diet plan, when Erik asked her what was wrong she sheepishly admitted she was trying to watch her weight.

“Would you rather be thin and bored with life or risk a few extra pounds whilst enjoying it?” he had asked her and she found herself reluctantly agreeing. As the wine flowed and her inhibitions loosened she found herself savouring the rich food enjoying every bite that she would never have eaten by herself.

Half way through dinner a waiter approached Erik and told him he had a phone call, excusing himself he left the table leaving the girls alone.

“You know I used to worry about my weight too,” Samantha said as she watched Erik walk away from the table. “When I met Erik I was an aerobics instructor at one of his gyms. I begrudged every mouthful that passed my lips but then Erik showed me that being skinny was making me terribly unhappy.”

Samantha leaned back on her chair the movement enhancing her ample cleavage, Tanya had not paid too much attention to her before Erik left as the other woman’s voluptuous body made her uncomfortable. Samantha was probably around five foot three and had a shapely hourglass figure squeezed into a corseted black dress, her breasts were pressed up by the corset and appeared huge compared to Tanya’s smaller figure. Watching her move Tanya could see the obvious movement of muscle under a layer of plump flesh.

“I cant tell you how nice it is to meet a man that doesn’t want some impossible stick figure, Erik is a dream he really is and his cooking is amazing.”

“He cooks?” Tanya replied slightly embarrassed and wanting to change the subject.

“Believe it or not he’s a trained chef, his father owned the gyms and he inherited them when the old man passed on. He can do things with pork that would make the piggy happy to end up on the plate I swear.”

Erik’s return ended the conversation and Tanya soon forgot about it as the evening progressed and the wine put an end to her worries.

The dessert course arrived, a strawberry tart drizzled with chocolate sauce and sitting in a sea of fresh cream. Erik and Samantha cooed over the delicious looking confection but Tanya eyed it with sudden dread.

“I couldn’t possibly, the meal was so filling I couldn’t eat another bite I swear.” she stammered.

“Oh go on give it a try” Samantha said smiling “its so naughty but it tastes so nice.”

Unable to think of a suitable reply Tanya took a small spoonful of the rich dessert its heavenly flavours danced on her tongue and she couldn’t resist a quiet moan of pleasure.

“See I said you couldn’t resist” Samantha laughed spearing a large mouthful.

Tanya took another bite, and then another. The cold cream and warm chocolate sauce tasted wonderful and the tart quickly vanished until suddenly she realised she was licking the spoon clean with relish.

“I must have been more hungry than I thought.” she said.

Erik flashed a devilish grin as if her admission was a personal victory.

“I admire people who are not afraid to enjoy the pleasures in life.” he replied his eyes alight with mischief

“We really should talk about business” Tanya replied hurriedly, his easy smile and devilish good looks were having an effect and she didn’t want to wind up flirting with him in front of his girlfriend.

“You are quite right,” he said laughing. “forget a one time sale I’m happy to sign a contract with you to supply the equipment to my entire chain for lets say the next five years.”

With those words he effectively tripled her annual turnover, her eyes widened in surprised and she started to stammer a reply but he stopped her.

“I like you Tanya, its nice to find someone willing to put up with my… eccentricities. We can work out the details tomorrow, tonight lets celebrate.”

Laughing she accepted and he waved the waiter over to order the bill, from the restaurant they went on to a club before Erik put her in a cab and paid the driver an exorbitant tip to see her to her door.

The new contract gave her more work than she had dealt with in months and for the next few weeks she had been rushed off her feet but every weekend without fail Erik called and arranged to go out for dinner and she always found herself accepting despite herself.
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Incubi 13 years
lol I love the comments about people dying or 'explicit' vore... Seriously folks it's your imagination adding in all that stuff not my story, I stopped just at the point of no return if you choose to see death or cannibalism thats your choice but its equally possible he could be teasing still... isnt it?The disclaimer was there for a reason you were warned that the theme was disturbing, if you ended up disturbed you only have yourself to blame so please no more rude PMs just walk on by next time.
Meanestguy 13 years
Well written vore... Truly I was not ready.
Incubi 13 years
Something I wrote a long time ago on request by a friend (I think shes on here somewhere) thought I'd share.