Relaxation therapy 2: expanded functions

chapter one

"Not in a million years James."
Catherine Green glared at her husband, after all their years of marriage he should know better than to try to get her to do anything she didn't want yet he had the nerve to push her.

"But honey, I know you would love it if you just tried it," her husband pleaded.

"I said no," she said with finality glaring at her husband as if daring him to continue.
At just over six foot tall, Catherine towered over her shorter husband, her fierce blue eyes and long blonde hair gave her an intimidating appearance that she used to frequently browbeat him into doing what she wanted. In her youth, she had been a model and although she was almost in her forties now she worked hard to keep her slim athletic figure.
Now her husband was trying to push her into trying some crazy new relaxation chair one of his clients had invented as if she needed to relax.

Her husband James was a lawyer, who specialized in dealing with patents. The work was well paid but hardly glamorous and he spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with various crackpots and their crazy new devices much to her disgust. Now nearly fifty, James was a balding, overweight embarrassment and Catherine preferred to avoid his company spending her time in the gym with her personal trainer.
He sighed, slumping back into his chair a defeated look on his face.

"I just thought since you were such a big fitness fan you might like to give it a try before it's on the open market," he explained resignedly.

"What does a relaxation chair have to do with keeping fit?" She asked dismissively.

"Oh it does far more than relax you, her husband said his chubby face animated by her question. "The inventor is a genius, it combines the relaxation therapies of a dozen different devices with the physical therapy equipment of an entire gym and this incredible virtual interface that engages your brain while your body works. It's going to totally revolutionize the fitness industry when it's released."

"Really." Catherine was intrigued despite herself, it wasn't often her husband's job came in handy but it did mean he occasionally heard about new technologies before anyone else.

"Think of it like a vigorous workout, combined with the most amazing massage you ever had," he gushed excitedly. "They will be prohibitively expensive at first, only the very rich will be able to own one but I made it part of my contract that you could get an exclusive course on the prototype. I thought you would like to try it before anyone else but if it doesn't interest you I can cancel."

Catherine paused, as much as she wanted to dismiss his clumsy gift the chance to try something so exclusive before it hit the market would give her bragging rights for years.
"No," she said thoughtfully. "If it's already arranged I suppose I can give it a try but next time James you really have to explain yourself better."


The next morning, James drove her over to the house of this 'inventor friend', the place certainly looked more like a mansion than a laboratory, a big house surrounded with a high brick wall and what looked like a guest-house out back nestled between several big oak trees.
The door was opened by a seriously obese woman who ushered them inside, obviously he hadn't been testing his device on the help Catherine thought to herself as she eyed the decor trying not to feel impressed by the casual display of wealth.
The disgustingly corpulent servant was crammed into a silky black dress that rode up indecently high on her flabby thighs, her swollen belly barely covered by a white apron. It looked like a ridiculous attempt at a sexy maids uniform practically bursting at the seams in an attempt to contain the fatty wearing it, obviously, this inventor must be a total pervert.

"James, it's lovely to see you again," the maid said happily ignoring Catherine almost entirely. "I'll just run and tell Jerry you're here."
The woman waddled away, her flabby thighs rubbing together as she walked leaving them alone in the entrance hall.

"Seriously James," Catherine hissed viciously as soon as the maid was out of sight. "Is this man a pervert or what, who hires a maid that fat let alone dresses her like that?"

"Oh that's not the maid, it's his wife," Her husband said trying not to meet her glare.

"His wife!" Catherine gasped horrified. "What sort of perverted place have you brought me into? She's the size of a cow and dressed like a harlot."

"They may be a tad eccentric," her husband admitted. "But creative people often are, I'm sure you won't have to associate with her unless you want to."

As if that will ever happen, Catherine thought to herself in disgust.

The man's wife may have looked nothing like the wealthy woman she was supposed to be, but the skinny bespectacled man she brought back into the room was certainly everything she expected from one of her husband's crackpots.
He thanked his wife who actually bobbed like an old-fashioned servant before coming forward and shaking James' hand.
"May I introduce my wife Catherine," Her husband said introducing her with a broad smile in her direction. "Catherine, this is Jerry Davis, and his lovely wife Lauren."
"A pleasure my dear, James has told me so much about you," the balding egghead stammered offering her a limp handshake, she indulged him for a moment then stepped back fighting the urge to wipe her hand on her dress.

"So Jerry, how are the final results from your testing?" her husband continued.

"If anything they are better than we anticipated," he gushed happily. "I finished adding all the new equipment this morning when the decorative covers are ready we are all done. Once we have your lovely wife settled in for her session I'm sure you will enjoy checking my results yourself." the boffin shot her an oddly guilty looking glance as he continued gushing about his new toy.

"Well perhaps if it's ready I can leave you two to it," Catherine interrupted.
"Oh, of course my dear, where are my manners," Jerry replied absent-mindedly. "I'm sure you don't want to listen to all the boring details. Lauren, be a dear and show Catherine down to the machine and get her set up, then come back and help me entertain her husband until she's done."

"Certainly darling," the fat woman said stepping forward and taking Catherine's arm. "Please come with me I'm sure you're going to love it."
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Incubi 1 year
I may get around to finishing the third one at some point
Karenjenk 5 years
over 18,000 views...22 likes and 12 comments. This is a sad reflection of the people who come here.

Your story was perfect. wow. Another awesome one that really did it for me.

I hope you keep writing.
Mattnagle 5 years
A really enjoyable read, A good story really well written ,thanks for sharing!
Incubi 5 years
Last chapter up, enjoy.
Jazzman 5 years
Fantastic Story!
Incubi 5 years
Thank's Jazzman for spotting that error, mistake fixed and new chapter up. The story is finished just percolating through my proofreader now so expect the final two chapters this week.

And now to brainstorm ideas for the next one...
Bellyastic 5 years
Can’t wait for you to finish!
Jazzman 5 years
Chapter 8 was Hot.Hoping you're going to use you're the next time you're is called for instead of your.Like at the end of chapter 6.You're "too" excellent of a writer to make these errors. Love the entire story btw.
Incubi 5 years
Thank you, glad you like my work. Already coming up with ideas for the next one.
Jazzman 5 years
This is terrific. "You're " a great writer.
Jazzman 5 years
This is wonderful!
Incubi 5 years
Well, its taken most of a year for me to get back to this one but the story is just about finished.
I'd love to hear what folks think and I'm always open to good ideas for where my stories can go next.
Tizzy 5 years
Interesting story, can't wait to read more. smiley