Fattening my wife

chapter 1

Joe was sitting at his computer. It was almost three in the morning as he scrolled through pictures of BBW women, wishing that he had a wife like that. Don't get him wrong, he loves his wife. She has the most incredible personality and beautiful kind eyes and heart.

But she was stick thin.

He hated how her ribs stuck out and her collar bone was so noticable that it looked like it would rip through her skin. Her arms were so small and her legs had a huge thigh gap. They would never rub together, never. Her belly was so flat and her bum was barely even there. There was not a single ounce of jiggle anywhere on her body.

Joe then came across a SSBBW with almost three belly rolls tucked into extremely tight leggings. He got instantly hard just thinking about his wife's face on that body. He imagined grabbing her fat and watching her waddle. It made him quite sad that he could barely even grab his wife's bum.

Just then, he saw a small add at the bottom of the screen. It read:
"Want a women like her? Look no further, we have just what you need to fulfil your fantasy."

Joe was rather intrigued but didn't think it would be anything 'life changing' as he clicked the link.

It took a moment but loaded up what looked like a homepage. He read what it said at the top, explaining what the site was about.

"We are a company that sells clothes for the BBW."

Joe was about to click off it until something else caught his eye.

"Have a women in your life that's just far too thin? Look no further as we have just what you need. Our clothes are designed to fill out even the thinnest of women."

Now, joe was very, very intrigued. He clicked another link that took him to rows of jeans that all appeared to be the same size.

"Follow these simple instructions and you'll never see a boney woman again. Click on what size you would like your sexy woman to be."

Joe almost thought it was too good to be true but he was rather turned on and just the thought of his wife filling out was yearning him to go further.

He looked through the sizes and clicked on a UK size 14. Of course, he would love his wife to me MUCH bigger but he was testing this site. It probably was a ridiculous joke but something in the back of his mind made him keep going.

"Now, click what size your woman currently is."

Joe clicked on the UK size 6. He felt really disappointed when he realised she had gone down a size since they first got married.

"Okay, the jeans are on the way to you. Once they arrive, don't be alarmed if they're too small, they'll soon stretch out to be their normal size when your lovely woman puts them on. Thank you for your order, we hope to see you back very soon."

Joe raised his eyebrows. They didn't ask for money, they didn't even ask for his address. He knew it was too good to be true as he wiped his history and shut his laptop, getting ready to go to bed.

Little did he know, there was a parcel on the way and it would arrive very, very soon.

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JoeBillyBob 5 years
Pretty good start if i do say so myself. Keep working!