The witch makes him obese

chapter 1

"Hun, come upstairs, I have a surprise for you" Sally shouted as she held onto her surprise with excited hands. Her husband Tom wandered into the bedroom only a few minutes later.

He was slim with a very toned stomach, skinny legs and slightly muscular arms. Sally hated his body and has dreamed about doing this to him for a while now.

He looked at her with wonder.

"What's the surprise?" He grinned.


Sally then unfolded what she was holding onto so her husband could see but his eyes almost popped out if his head.

She was holding a pair of men's joggers but they were xxxxxL and would drown him completely. He laughed, not quite understanding what she was doing and why she had clothes that were that size.

"I don't understand, why is this a surprise?"

Sally knew exactly why but she wasn't going to tell him until things had happened and he couldn't run away.

"Oh I got these for free and thought it would be funny if you tried them on" She lied with a hearty chuckle.

Tom raised his eyebrows but it would be funny, they were way too big for him.

"Alright but I can assure you now, these will never ever fit me" He chuckled and took of the trousers he was wearing. He walked over to his wife who handed them to him with a twinkle in her eye.

Any moment now and he'll get the transformation of a lifetime.

She eagerly watched as he stepped into them and had to hold the spare material around his waist. They would fit at least six of him.

"Wow, you'd have to be morbidly obese to fit these" He joked but it was true.

Sally made him sit on the edge of the bed and whispered in his ear.

"I'm going to make you so fat that you can't fit into these."

Tom frowned with confusion?

"What?" He questioned, convincing himself that he heard her wrong.

But as soon as she stood up straight, the transformation began.

He suddenly felt different as his belly surged forwards and his waist started to fill out. His legs started to get wider, as did his arms.

"W-what the hell?" He questioned in alarm and watched with wide and fearful eyes, paralysed by the shock of what was happening to him.

Fat grew around his middle as his stomach for the first time in his life spilled over his boxers waistband and expanded. He felt himself lift slightly from the bed as his bum became wider and fatter.

His pecs had turned into man boobs while his legs filled out and his belly continued to expand forwards.

Sally watched in awe as his face filled out and he grew a thick double chin. His arms were getting very flabby before his belly split into two.

"No stop!" Tom yelled. He could now see himself getting fat and he was scared about how crazy this was. His wife was doing nothing but watching him. He wouldn't stop until those joggers fit him but he was only half way there.

His man boobs got fatter and fatter as his legs were forced apart when his belly dropped between them. He could feel the joggers beginning to fill out as he grew wider and fatter. His shoulders grew rounder as his arms were forced away from his body the fatter they got.

His elbows were disappearing in a fold of fat as his belly tripled and rested against the waistband of the joggers.

His legs had started to fill them as they grew folds of their own and turned into a cellulite mess of blubber.

He continued to widen and rise as his fat bum formed a shelf on his lower back, just underneath his back rolls. His chin formed another one, hiding his neck and widening his fat cheeks.

"Sally- Help!" He breathed but he was still growing.

Eventually, he felt the waistband of the huge joggers sitting tightly around his belly. His third and second roll was tucked snuggly into them as his first one hung out over it. His t-shirt had ripped and wasn't even on him anymore. His man boobs were almost bigger than his wife's as they dropped and rested on his gut.

When he was sure he had stopped, he tried standing up.

He breathed heavy as he got to his feet and his belly was only just held up by the joggers. He couldn't see his feet and he knew his very fat arms couldn't reach the bottom of his apron gut.

"What the hell did you do to me!?" He breathed.

"I made you my fat hubby" Sally smiled.

Tom frowned in disbelief.

"Fat?" He yelled. "Look at me, I'm a fucking beast. Oh my god, change me back!"

"I can't" She smiled. "What's wrong? Do you not like it?"

"Sally, I'm huge. Of course I don't like it, I'm disgusting look at me!"

He had so many rolls, cellulite and jiggly fat that he didn't even have to move to feel it wobbling.

"If you calm down, I'll let you stay that size for a little longer" She smiled, loving to finally be in control.

Tom was still in doubt that this had happened. He tried walking over to the mirror but he waddled so bad. The sway of his belly and his bum almost threw him off balance. His thighs rubbed together so much, making each step really hard.

When he saw himself, he realised just how big he was.

His third and second belly roll tucked into the huge jogging pants. His love handles spilt over the sides and his arms were as big as his wife's waist. His legs were so fat and so was his face.

"You're going to be late for work you know" Sally grinned.

"Are you kidding me?" He asked with an angry frown. "You turned me into this disgusting slob and expect me to go out like this? What is wrong with you?"

"I don't like being spoken to like that" She said and crossed her arms. She stared at his gut and it almost immediately started to expand again.

"No, no please!" Tom begged as it began to fill out his joggers even more and his wide butt started putting strain on the waistband.

Sally continued to make him grow until his legs. Butt and belly ripped out of the joggers.

His huge belly burst free and slapped past his knees.

He stopped growing and stood there, slightly fatter than before.

"What did you say when you tried on those joggers? You'd have to be morbidly obese to fit them? Well... now you've outgrew them you fat pig."

Tom was speechless. He was huge, massive and feeling very sorry for his fat self.

"I don't want to be this big" He said as Sally came over and grabbed his belly roll.

"But I do and you'll learn to love it I promise" She smiled.

"Do you seriously like me this fat?" He questioned. He didn't realise this is what she was into.

"I'd love you a little bigger but I want you to get used to this weight first."

Tom gawped at her. Did she say even bigger?

"How can I live like this? My friends and my family-"

"Oh don't worry about them. I made sure the spell worked in a way that nobody acknowledges your weight. They'll compliment you on it and won't even bat an eyelid."

"You can not be serious? How can nobody notice this?" He said and looked at his obese frame in the mirror.

"They just won't. Now come on, let's get you properly dressed otherwise you'll be late for work."

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Gaininglove14 5 years
I would love to read more of this!!
JoeBillyBob 5 years
I know this story is pretty old, but could you please make some more of it?
Chrysophase2003 7 years
Funny how there's an element of nonconsent in some of the best weight gain fic. It's more exciting. The same for those fattened up willingly who start to get nervous wondering how big they'll end up.
Hurgon 7 years
Eat all day and watch TV? Oh, I think a man could get used to that.

PS Not normally into rapid of massive gaining ones, but this is great. Please keep going!
Balloon 7 years
I love the way the wife has taken control! I'd love to see where this story goes.
Growingsofter 7 years
My dream come true