Getting obese.

chapter 1

Me and my partner sat at the table. It was eight in the evening and we were staring at the little brown pill, sitting alone.

My husband is a chubby chaser but I'm a skinny girl. I weigh around 120lbs and I'm not fat in any way. He fell in love with me for my personality but as the years went by, he told me his fetish and the idea of gaining weight and becoming morbidly obese was surprisingly a huge turn on for me.

My husband said he was ready to care for me and we then waited until I was ready for the change. I quite my job, we got new furniture that would hold a substantial amount of weight. We got the same pair of jeans in every size so we could see how I'd grow out of it. We did the same with the t-shirt.

You see, the transformation will take around 3 days. It's slow but constant. I don't need to stuff myself silly, I just need to grow and watch how my body changes and my clothes become smaller.

That thought excited me and I shared a glance with my husband.

"Are you sure you're ready for this? You're going to become really obese" He asked and gently rubbed my skinny arm.

I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. My belly was toned, my arms were really small and my legs had a big thigh gap and were very slender. I had a really defined jaw and a thin neck. My collar bones were very defined and I had boney feet and fingers.

I knew this body wasn't sexually appealing to my husband and I didn't want that for him anymore. I wanted to turn him on with a simple glance at my body.

So it was time for a change.

"I'm ready, I want to do this" I breathed and picked up the pill.

We stared at it for a second while my husbands excited eyes got one last look of my skinny frame. I was nervous. I was probably going to get too big that it would be impossible to lose the weight. But why would I want to lose it?

I wouldn't.

I'm was more than sure I was going to enjoy these changes. My husband took a week off work so he could be with me every second of my transformation.

So with a big breath, I threw the pill to the back of my throat and swallowed it without a single bit of hesitation.
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Benchie36 3 years
Diese Geschichte ist legendär.
Danke das du sie geschrieben hast
Ponkdonk 7 years
Really enjoying this story, please keep writing it! Can't wait to read more
Jmr1903 7 years
Amazing story i hope more pages
Mdp99 7 years
Very sexy story!!!