Feeding the girl at work

  By M4nx

Chapter 1 - god i'm starving!

"God I'm starving" she said. Ramona is a 24 year old woman who works at the clothing store in the mall. She is beautiful. She about 130lbs and 5'4, Dark brown hair, pouty pink lips, hips to die for and not to mention her breast are the softest and roundest things you'll ever see. But recently her stomach has been getting rounder too. "I've been eating so much lately. Do you think I'm fat Justin?" spinning around as she asks. Justin is a 21 year old man who works at the movie theater in the mall and of course he loves every piece of Ramona. "You would look good at any weight." He says, knowing full well he would love to see her fatter. "You're so sweet, I'm really turning into a pig though, look at these love handles." Justin watches her grab her growing love handles with growing lust. "Didn't you say you were hungry?" he says changing the subject, "Yea, god I really want some cheese sticks, and a shake. Oh my gosh what am I saying, I can't ea-" interrupting her, "I'll go get it for you if you want me to." trying not to sound too eager. "Really? You really know how to treat a girl Justin. My boyfriend should take notes."
"He should." He said jokingly, "Yea, he better watch out for you." She said flirtatiously. As he walked out of the shop he whispered to himself, "I'm going to make this girl so fat."

He came back with the food. "Oh my god thank you! I was withering away over here." She looks in the bag, "Wow, this is a lot." He had gotten her a 10 piece cheese stick and a large Oreo shake but he also got a 9 piece chicken nugget as a test. "Don't worry, just save whatever you don't eat and I'll take it home." He said. "That's fine, I'll try to leave you some, but I get so bored when you aren't over here Justin and a lot of the time I just snack because we don't have any customers." Justin was getting turned on, "That's fine too. Did you still need a ride?" she already had her hands in the bag eating cheese sticks, "Yea, my car is still in the shop." He got more turned on because he was going to try to feed her again later, "Ok, I'll be back around 9, gotta get back to work."
"Ok." She turned around and went back to the register eating as she walked swinging her hips back and forth knowing that Justin was watching her.

8:45 pm

Justin sends Ramona a text.
Justin: "Hey, did I leave my nuggets in the bag?"
Ramona: "Um...I'm so sorry Justin ☹ I ate them...I thought they were for me!"
Justin: "It's fine, I forgot to grab them, I'll just stop somewhere when I drop you off."
Ramona: "You probably think I'm a big fat pig now, I ate all those cheese sticks, your nuggets and that shake. I'm so greedy, you shouldn't have left me with that much food."
Justin: "LOL, you were just hungry, I like a girl who can eat anyway."
Ramona: "Really? My boyfriend tells me I eat too much all the time, I'm so sick of it. Like can't I just enjoy my food? Lol :P"
Justin: "He's crazy. I'll be over in a bit as soon as this last movie starts."
Ramona: "ok, then you can see this food baby you put in me."
Justin: "lol"
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Djfex 5 years
uff, now that's some news
Boblevler 5 years
This girls the sexiest girl I've ever envisioned. I wish this were real story with pictures lol
Boblevler 6 years
Amazing story of love to see how ramonas family takes it and how big her sis got compared to her
The Donut King 7 years
What an amazing story! You write so well! It'd be a crime now to continue the exploits of Ramona Medina!
Djfex 7 years
I would love to see this series continue.
I hope you find time to do that, it's awesome!
MrAwesome 86 8 years
This story really needs continued
Azerty 8 years
Thank you for these new chapters
Poorboy 8 years
realy great story one of the best ones I have read on this site please write more.
FA Guy 8 years
Great story. I can't wait to read what happens next.
Blasty 8 years
This isn't the best-written story, but I absolutely love its lack of respect for reality. Well done si far.
FeedHerFat 8 years
Love the stroy, loved the I'mos Pizza drop, the square beyond compair!
Jktab 8 years
M4nx 8 years
Glad everyones enjoying the story.
Pd500 8 years
Feedher3000 8 years
Awesome! I love this!
M4nx 8 years
Thanks for the support guys, more to come.
Jazzman 8 years
I like it.
Nok 8 years
hot. nice chemistry
FAbrony 8 years
very nice, want to see more smiley
Rstlne 8 years
good start.
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