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chapter 1

Andrew and Cass were two married L.A. based actors. They were 28 and 27, respectively, but they both look a few years older. This is especially the case for Andrew; his facial hair makes him look like he's in his mid to late 30s. The two of them have been together since they attended high school in rural North Carolina. They stayed together without a hitch through college even though they attended different institutions for their acting degrees, and they were thrilled to finally move to L.A. together when they graduated. Even though they were long-distance for so long, they continued to develop similar interests, one being working out. They were both very physically fit, and they worked as personal trainers at the same L.A. gym for their day jobs.

It was a tough grind. They had each booked a couple commercials, but nothing major. Cass began a clothes reselling business so she could cut down on her personal training hours and work her schedule around auditions. Still, after 5 years in the city, they were starting to wonder if their careers would ever take off, or if moving across the country had been a huge mistake.

Still, the two of them were happy to be together and to be pursuing their dreams. They loved eyeing each other in their tight workout clothes while they separately met with clients. They mentally undressed each other with every glance until they could go home almost every night and do it for real. Andrew loved how Cass's build allowed her to keep her curves even with her tight, toned body, and while she would never admit it, Cass loved how he never slimmed down quite enough to keep little muffin tops from peeking over his shorts. She loved his muscles, but she often fantasized about how he would look and feel with a heavier build on top of all that.

Cass was at home one afternoon taking measurements of clothes to sell when Andrew called. She draped the measuring tape around her shoulders and answered.

"Hey, I just got off the phone with my agent. You're not gonna believe this!"
Cass smiled. He sounded so excited. "What?"
"I booked the pilot! I'm gonna be the dad!"
"That's amazing, babe!"
Andrew had gone through callback after callback after camera test for this role. It was only a pilot, so who knew if it would turn into a long-term job or not, but it was for a major network, so this job was a big deal.
"Thanks! Hey, but listen..." he said, his tone getting more serious.
"They told me that they wanted someone who was... more of a dad type, if you know what I mean. They said they'd love to have me for the job, but only if I can gain 40 pounds before the shoot in May."

Cass was so giddy she was speechless. 40 pounds? She could barely imagine how sexy he would look with an extra 40 pounds, still trying to fit into the same shorts. Andrew seemed to take her silence as a bad sign.

"Cass, I know that's a big change. I mean, I don't know how well I could bounce back from that, especially if the show gets picked up. I could be stuck like this for years. So if you want, I can tell them no..."
"No! I think you should take it," Cass interrupted.
"I mean, this is a huge deal, and if it gets picked up, you'll make enough that you won't even have to work at the gym anymore! When else are you going to get an opportunity like this?" She said.
And when else am I going to get an opportunity like this? she thought to herself.
Andrew was silent for a moment, considering what she had said.
"Are you sure you won't mind? You've seen my dad, it'll go straight to my gut."
"It's really okay baby. This is what you've been working for. I promise I'll think you're just as sexy as always."
Maybe even more, she thought.
Andrew sighed.
"Okay. I'm going to call my agent back and tell him I'm taking it. I'm so glad we talked."
"Okay sweetie, see you at home. I love you."
"I love you, too. See you in a bit."

As she set down the phone, Cass couldn't believe her luck. She hurriedly put the clothes away and called the best pizza joint in the neighborhood, Plus Crust. They were known for their extra doughy thick crust pizza. She didn't eat pizza; she was lactose intolerant. But she knew he couldn't resist his cheese.
"Hey, could I get an extra large meatlovers pizza with extra cheese? And a grilled chicken salad... no cheese. For Hollywood Heights, apartment 11J. Thank you so much."
She hung up the phone and scurried around the apartment, making sure everything was in order. It was time to celebrate.
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