Gain cafe

Chapter 1 - the pre - grand opening of gain cafe

"Alright everyone! Front and center!" Kyle yelled.

Two workers and I ran up to the center of the restaurant.

"When I call your name, say here and state your job. Jocelyn!" he continued to yell.

"Here. Hostess." She smiled.


"H ere. Cook." He said happily.


" Here. Waiter and Weight Gain Mix Maker," I called out.

"Anthony," Kyle began. "Could you remind everyone what we're trying to accomplish by making this mix?"

"To sell more burgers," I reminded the other two workers.

"And what happens when we sell more burgers?" Kyle asked.

"We get more money," Jocelyn answered.

"That's right Jocelyn. And Anthony what do we put in this mix?"

"A gallon of ice cream, a stick of butter, and half a pound of a hunger formula I've created on my spare time."

"And who do we sell food with this Weight Gain Mix?" Kyle asked.

"To young men," Zachary answered.

"Good Zachary. Why is that?"

"Because men don't care about their weight and do whatever the hell they want," Jocelyn answered as she began to chuckle.

"I think you guys are going to do great," Kyle smiled.

"Thanks boss," we all said.

"Now Zachary, go start cooking some burgers. Jocelyn and Anthony, you two get tables ready. We're open in two hours."

Kyle was a nice boss, but was strict. Jocelyn, Zachary, and I have been working with him for about a week. We were getting to know each other, and think of ways to get more money off our burgers, and that's where my Hunger formula came into the mix. Zachary is supposed to drop a couple ounces for the fries and burgers, a pound in our sodas, and two pounds in the shakes. The mix doesn't do much. It just makes the food a bit more addictive with each pound consumed. Kyle had a pretty noticeable overhang, he was probably around 250 pounds, standing at 5 feet 9 inches. Pretty short, but wide as well. He usually wore a suit to work. His short black hair and his dark skin complimented the usual dark colored suit he'd wear.

Jocelyn and I were cleaning up the tables, making sure they were spotless.

"Looks like Kyle's pretty excited," Jocelyn giggled.

"Yea, he is," I couldn't help but to giggle along. "He's getting money. Why wouldn't he be happy?"

Jocelyn laughed. "True," she admitted. "For the time I've been with him, I can tell that he just loves to get his hands on money."

We both finished cleaning up the tables and were ready for the doors to open. Two minutes left.

Jocelyn ran over to the front desk, where she would converse with customers then seat them.

I ran over to the kitchen t check up on Zachary.

"You almost done with the first batch of burgers?" I asked him.

"Yea, almost. Just needs to cook for about another five minutes and I still need to add a drop of the mix onto the food."

One minute.

"Are you all ready?" Kyle's voice was heard from the main room. I walked out to see the boss himself.

"Kyle, are you expecting a whole crowd to enter?" I asked.

"Of course not!" Kyle said.

"Good. We're just a fast food chain from the east of the US making our debut here in the west,"

"Yea, but we're different!" Kyle said.

"But no one know that, remember? my mix is a secret to only the staff," I reminded my boss.

An alarm went off. "Yes! Time for the grand opening!

Kyle opened the doors and a young man walked in.
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This chapter was used just to introduce our characters a bit more.