Getting fat in college

chapter 1

So I gained some weight...
I noticed when I couldn't close the zipper to my favorite dress unless I sucked my stomach in.

Once I finally managed to zip it closed, I saw rolls. ROLLS! It's a tight-fitting A-line dress, which means it fits tight around my waist. I honestly haven't been able to put on any of my dresses because they're all that same style! I've just been wearing jeans but I can feel them getting tighter and tighter too.

I am starting to get a little muffin top and it's probably only going to get bigger since I am going to Italy for three months in just a matter of days. I am looking foreword to it, and I have the biggest craving in me to just let loose. To eat what I want, when I want. Even when I'm not hungry. Oh I wish I could do that! I will be with classmates, and honestly, I think we'll all be gaining weight at the same time, so no one will notice!

I ideally would like to gain weight ad have no one say anything about it. Right now it seems that the excess fat distributes to my stomach (it's making a small tire around my waist), my thighs, my boobs, and my chin and cheeks. I would love to get fat with my boyfriend. I secretly wish he was into big girls, so that I could get fat without having to worry of not looking sexy for him.

I get turned on when I am wearing jeans and I lean foreword and I can feel my stomach popping out. I usually look down, and lift my shirt to see how my stomach looks. I like to look at myself in the mirror with tight jeans on, and see the small tire forming. It turns me on so much.

My boyfriend already has a tire, and it turns me on so much. I love to lightly rub it when we're snuggling or even when he's lying down or sitting. It's turning me on just thinking about it. He always mentions how he can't fit into certain clothes anymore. he stared wearing a pair of new jeans that are bigger but I'm so excited to see them get tighter and tighter. He doesn't get turned on by it, but I do. And he knows it turns me on. We've been taking pictures of his progress ;) and I am so happy to have my chubby
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