Making my first boyfriend fat

  By Femalelover

chapter one

I'm in this relationship with my college crush. I remember we went on a date to In-N-Out and ate in the car. Every time we drive somewhere I hide biting my lip when I see his gut hang a little off the seat belt. I always thought it was cute how he'd try to eat slow around me, but I'm just a fast eater as he is- it just doesn't show. Well anyway, we were in his car eating and drinking our shakes and I'd feed him a fry every so often. He probably hasn't realized what a giant turn on it is for me to feed him. Anyway, when we finished our meals, he went outside the car to throw away the trash in a dumpster in front of the car. As he was walking away I noticed that his tucked in shirt did an amazing job at showing off his jiggling-with-every-step-love handles. He had me moaning in the car but I hid it when he turned around and I just smiled at him. It wasn't until our third month anniversary that I decided to try to get my man to have his belly grow a bit more so that he couldn't try to hide it.

We always eat breakfast together, so when he walks away to be the gentleman that he is and bring us both some water, I always put extra sausage and bacon on his plate. He has noticed sometimes that he has more than he remembered but he has never left any food go to waste. I always buy him food so he doesn't go hungry while he's at work, and because he's not picky at all I choose the most fattening things.

When we walk around our university's campus he places his hand on my waist and I place my hand lightly over his love handles or "layers of protection" as he calls them. I love that they jiggle the tinniest bit with every step he takes. and he knows they jiggle but he doesn't know that I love it. I go to the gym to try to get my waist smaller and my butt bigger and rounder, and he has noticed a difference. He slaps my butt when we're on the bed together and I absolutely love it. I do it to him too and he says it makes him feel sexy. I already think he is. If he were just a bit chunkier... just a little more jiggle, more of a slight fold, or even a little bit of the bottom of his belly showing when he wears a short shirt, that would just make him even more sexy. I can imagine him trying to fatten me up to. He likes to be dominant while we foreplay. I can imagine the joy he'd get if he were to tie me up in a chair and feed me pancakes and waffles soaked up in syrup (my favorite, I absolutely love syrup). He likes to cook, so if I ask for a tiramisu or a cake I know he'd live to spoon feed me it. We'd both get a kick out of watching him spoon feed me a slice of cake and a piece falls on my perky, growing chest, and he'll asks if he can clean it up and once I nod my head with my double chin bouncing off where my collar bone use to be, he'd bend over, his belly inching closer to my knees, and place his face right in-between my breasts, and I'd be able to feel his wet tongue in the deep crevice.
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FrecherTyp 8 years
wow sexy and very cute ;-)
RFBurton 9 years
Very nice. Please continue this excellent beginning!