Chapter 1 - gretel

Gretel woke up to hear a lock being turned. Coming into consciousness she remembered tripping over in the woods, then darkness.

Opening her eyes groggily, she found herself enclosed by bars on all sides, above and below, just enough room to curl or kneel in.

Blinking in the light she saw a face peering through the bars at her, a small hatch unlocked and hanging open.
First seeing the big brown eyes, a young woman's face came into focus, smiling at her "hello deary, you were in the woods and I found you. Here this will make you feel better" The young woman pushed through a big bowl of steaming broth.

The moment Gretel smelled it her stomach rumbled. Leaning to grab it she didn't ask questions, so consumed by hunger. Putting the bowl to her lips, she drank it down in large gulps, the soup was so creamy, so buttery and left her craving more.

"That's right my dear" the woman purred "drink it all down we can't have that belly empty"

Gretel felt woozy in her cage and lay back down, sleeping.

The woman walked around the cage examining Gretel, smiling to herself. She was Gisele, the witch of the forest and had been waiting for someone to trip over the logs she had hidden in the grass so she could bring them to her house. She couldn't believe her luck, this bud of an 18 year old, just ripe, already a little soft but so much more room to fill.

The next time Gretel awoke there was a roaring fire; Gisele was waiting with another huge bowl of broth and a loaf of bread. She grabbed them greedily wolfing half of the bread and all of the soup down in minutes. She could feel the heat from the fire and the soup in her, growing flushed she said her first words to the witch "why am I in here?"
"It's for your own safety my dear, you twisted your ankle, I didn't want you moving about" the witch smiled
"It's so hot" gasped Gretel "can you let the fire die down"
Gisele laughed "finish another bowl of broth and your bread and we'll see"
Uncomfortable in the heat and belly filling, Gretel took her time with more food but managed it, aching to curl up she knelt in her cage looking at the witch, hoping for relief from the heat.
Gisele laughed again and threw more coal on the fire, stoking it, filling the room with more heat.
"If you're too hot dear, you need to take something off"
Gretel gasped and cowered against the cage, realising this woman was maybe not her saviour after all.

After an hour of the witch feeding the fire, watching her, Gretel felt faint from the heat and peeled of her skirts and tunic, her soft milky skin golden in the firelight.

Gisele smiled and walked to cage, opening the hatch. As Gretel pressed herself against the further side the witch put her arm in and whisked out the clothes.

"So much better my dear, now I can see you properly"

Gretel started to cry, feeling so exposed and fell asleep her cheeks wet.

Over the next few weeks the witch followed a routine with Gretel, bowls of creamy broth, buttery bread, the herbs she added to food she knew would keep Gretel hungry and eating, as well as drowsy and in her control. She could tell that Gretel would soon outgrow her cage and started to make arrangements to move her.

A large high back chair appeared by the fire one day, straps on the arms and legs, Gretel looked at it curiously when she was awake and not thinking about how empty her belly felt, despite its size, now swollen and wobbling.

A few more days passed, until one morning Gretel awoke so hungry, her swollen belly feeling hollow. Sitting up she saw the witch stood by the fire, a whole pot of broth cooking over it, but no bowl waiting for her.

Gisele came over to the cage "can I trust you to come out my dear?" Gretel nodded, her mind in turmoil. She could try and escape but then she would get no broth, what to do?

The witch smiled "I know you're scared my dear but come and sit by the fire and have some broth, you know how much you need it."

She took a key on her belt and unlocked a side of the cage, as it swung open, she reached in and grabbed Gretel's wrist firmly, pulling her out.

Gretel stumbled, standing for the first time in weeks and giving the witch the first chance to look at her properly.
"Oh my dear" sighed the witch, taking in Gretel's' body, so different from the soft but firm young thing she had dragged to the cage weeks ago. Gretel's thighs had grown plump, her bum round and dimpled, and oh, her belly, sticking out and bloated, just starting to hang and jiggling as Gretel moved. Her tits, sagging a little, resting on the bump of her belly. The witch sighed under her breath, she could not have hoped for Gretel so grow as she had.

Weakly Gretel allowed herself to be led across the room, unable to walk far after weeks of being caged she slumped into the chair.

The witch quickly strapped her arms to the sides of the chair and secured each ankle to the legs of the chair "there you are my dear, so much easier for me to see you and feed you"

Gretel groaned but all she could think about was the broth and looked the pot longingly. The witch smiled "I know what you want but first I want what I want" Gretel's eyes widened as the witch knelt in front of her.

Gisele put her hand forward and squeezed Gretel's belly "oh so lovely, so fat" gripping it and making a roll the witch shook it slightly, delighting in the jiggle that went across Gretel's body. Gretel felt herself going red, humiliated but unable to escape the witch's gaze and hands. "Don't get upset my dear, this is just the beginning I want to fatten you up and feel you grow." Gisele's hand crept upwards and gripped one tit "such swelling already, you will soon be so big" Tears began to fall from Gretel's eyes "I can cheer you up dear" they witch cooed as she took a ladle of broth onto a jug and held it to Gretel's mouth "open wide" and she began to pour slowly, leaving Gretel no choice but to swallow mouthful after mouthful until the jug was empty. The witch refilled twice more and Gretel drank her belly bloating out, resting on her thighs. As the witch held a fourth jug to Gretel groaned and moved her head away, instantly she gasped as the witch twisted a nipple "never turn away from feeding again" she screeched harshly, pouring it in at a greater speed, making the swallowing into gulps, leaving Gretel gasping. "One more, my dear" Gretel groaned but opened her mouth with no objection. Gisele smiled "good girl" reaching to stroke the nipple left throbbing as Gretel finished the fifth jug.

Over the coming weeks Gretel grew in her chair, her belly supported half way out onto her thighs, hers tits drooping and resting either side of her belly.

Occasionally she would try not to drink the rich broth and received a slap or a pull on her growing sensitive tits.
Each day the witch would weigh Gretel's tits and belly in her hands and smile, giving encouraging squeezes delighting in the rolls that appeared of their own accord.

One morning Gretel awoke to find her hands and legs free from the chair, the witch standing over you "look at you so delicious and fat, today I can take you to market" Gretel look confused and the witch took her hands and heaved her from her chair. Her bum and thighs almost sticking there. The witch gave a final pull and Gretel staggered to standing. Waddling, legs forced apart by giant thighs, Gretel made her way slowly to the door.

Squeezing the through the door frame Gretel felt fresh air on her naked skin for the first time in months. Blinking in the sunlight she realised there were a group stood around the door, clapping "oh yes, look at her" "so fat, so prime" "Gisele has done splendidly this time" "what a prize ". Gretel felt the witch push her further out and then she felt hands all over her, grabbing and pulling, poking and slapping her fat, Her bum, her thighs, her belly her tits.

She heard numbers being shouted and realised they were bidding on her, stricken with fear she felt the need to run but realised her legs were too fat and too weak for her to move more than a few steps.

The bidding slowed and eventually stopped. Seeing a large bag of gold passed to the witch, a young tall man came over to her and smiled "oh you are a prize indeed and I think I will spare you from the pot" he leaned to whisper in her ear "Gisele has taken far more gold than ever before as you are a maiden and I will be your first, I will feed you and every day I will take you and you will give me my heirs." With that he slipped his hand between her giant thighs and grabbed her fat mound "this, Gretel, this is what I paid for" She stared at him wide eyed and afraid as his carriage pulled up and two servants pushed her giant body into it as she stared out of the window at Gisele, who waved, richer but sorry to see her prize go, she would just have to do even better with the next one.
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