Grow for me?

chapter 1

I burst out laughing at the story I wasn't paying attention to. I'm with my friends at a house, enjoying my Friday night. I've had a good amount of drinks and smoked just a bit too much. I slowly look around the room, all my friends are in similar states as myself. Jim is attempting to turn the TV on with jaymes. Jackie is passed out upside down. Sasha is looking at her lap with her hands in her jacket pockets. And then there's Kyla.

Kyla is the only reason why I'm even here, out of the sanctuary that is my home. We've been friends since before I can remember. She likes to drag me out of my house, which I will admit is needed from time to time. Today, she wanted me to come with her to celebrate our graduation from high school.

Now, I'm sitting next to Kyla, or rather underneath her, as she chugs back her tenth bear of the hour. She's giggling uncontrollably as she sways back and forth on my lap. If I was considered drunk, then she was plastered. Her dark green eyes were bloodshot and she could barely form a sentence. She tries to talk, but just slurs her words and giggles.

"Alright, girl, you've had enough." I say while removing what would have been her eleventh beer.

"Ahh bush I..hic'..want drunk shome moe." She whined looking at me with puppy dog eyes.

"Come on Sky, just let her drink some more! Just look at that face! How can you deny her a little bit of beer?" Says Jaymes, still attempting to turn on the TV.

"Yeah it's not like it'll do any harm!" Chipped in Jim.

"One of us has to be responsible around here." I countered "she's had way to much to drink!"
I remembered why I didn't like hanging out with this group. They have no self control.
I notice the guys look at each other and grin. Then they both stare at me.

"Too much to drink? Nonsense!" Says Jim as he walks over to us.

"We'll show you 'too much to drink'"
In my drunken state, I didn't realize that Jaymes was grabbing the beer funnel and the keg. Jim moves Kyla from my lap to the chair. He then walks over to me.

"Uh, what are you doing?" I ask, backing away from him. He doesn't respond, just continues his advance until he's right next to me. I'm backed into a corner. I'm scared of this man in front of me.
Quicker then I could react, Jim grabs my hands and puts them above my head, holding them with one hand. He straddles my legs, forcing them down. No matter how much I struggle or scream he doesn't get up. This is when I notice jaymes, holding the keg and funnel, right next to him. They don't say a word or listen to my protests. I realize there is no way out of this, so I just ponder what they're gonna do to me. I'm afraid they will rape me, but I could see Sasha calling someone. I can only hope it's the police. When I open my mouth to protest once again, Jaymes forces the end of the funnel down my throat, making me gag on the plastic. I felt the gush of beer enter my stomach. I couldn't breath because of the funnel, I also didn't have to swallow anything. The beer went straight into my stomach.

"You're always so stuck up, Sky!" Says Jaymes, holding the funnel.

"You aren't so tough now huh? Learn your place. You're just a girl with no social life!" I don't understand what I did to upset them. Maybe it's because they're drunk.
I stopped struggling against them, realizing it was useless. I tried focusing on breathing, but it was difficult for two reasons.
One, their is a funnel going down my throat
Two, my stomach is extremely full. I didn't really notice till now, but I could feel my stomach expanding from the intake of beer. My usually chubby middle was sticking out far from where it usually did. I could see my tummy over my boobs, which doesn't happen. More and more beer filled my belly, which now begins to hurt. I start moaning into the funnel, desperate for relief. I begin to struggle again, but all this did was cause my stomach to slosh around.

The boys laugh at me. I want to kill them both at this moment. I could feel my conscious fading away as the immense amount of alcohol begins to take affect. I try my hardest to stay focused, but what's the point? I'm not getting out of this...
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Wadegain 7 years
LOL! just noticed that. Just gonna leave it.
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She tried to pay with a 30 dollar bill. That's funny.
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Please continue , this is great !