Journey of two girls

chapter 1

Hey everyone! This is my first story so be kind. Feedback is appreciated, bad and good.

I groaned as I slowly woke up early on a saturday morning. Yes you read that right. Early on a saturday morning. You may be asking, who does that? Well, I'll answer that now. A girl who has a date with her best friend at the mall at 9:00 A.M so we don't hit the never ending zombie mobs. Well not really a date, but how Iwish it was...
My name is Violet Mckendry. I'm 6'0" and 17 years old. I feel really weird describing myself, but you probably would like a description. I weigh 132, which makes me look stick thin with my height, and have dark violet hair (hence the name) which makes it really hard to find anything that matches that's a bright color. I've been told by the guys at school that I'm pretty, but most of them would do anything to *** a girl. I have flat breasts and a flat ass because I'm stick thin (and I'm really jealous of my best friend because she has HUGE tits. Like Huge huge. EE or something like that). I enjoy videogames and music( i play the guitar and piano) and usually am a shut in (unless my friend forces me out like she is this saturday).
So back to the morning. I rolled out of bed (literally rolled and hit the floor with a thunk) and slowly began to start my day, drowsy from staying up til 4:00 playing CS and really trying to get out of silver (derank hit me hard) which I am still not out of. I walked downstairs into my kitchen looking like a zombie. My mom was humming and making herself coffee while getting ready for work (no one else lives with us as my sister and dad both moved across the country after the divorce).
"Hey Hun, how'd you sleep" asked my mom in the most pleasant of moods (like always)
I answered with a grunt and opened the fridge to find one of my many monsters (they are life savers) to wake myself up.
"Don't forget to grab food while you're out. You remember I'm leaving for the week right?" asked my very curious mother. In reality, i forgot all about it. With my busy schedule of CSGO and League, I didn't even notice when my mom told me about her trip. "Heres some money to buy the food you'll need." she said as she handed me a role of $100s, at least 10 of them (my mom has family gold).
"Thanks mom" I said quite casually, as my mom handing me large sums of many isn't very rare. I could probably buy some cloths and food at the mall and the grocery store near by.
My mom left shortly after finishing her coffee. She hugged and kissed me and did the whole passionate, teary goodbye which I find very boring, but go along with anyways. I hadn't even drinkin my monster yet. I'm surprised I could stand as long as I did. When she did leave, I tore open the monster can and chugged the whole thing. I woke up about five minutes after that.
After I drank the monster, I got ready to go to the mall. (I'm going to skip this scene because who really wants to read about a hour long process of me getting ready? Just know I wore all black with a Metallica shirt.)
I walked out of my house feeling clean and ready for the world. I did not get in my car, but walked over to my friends house (she lives across the street). She was walking outside of her house when i arrived
"Hey Violet! Was just about to go get you." Yelled my friend from across the street. Now I'll give some details about her. Her name Is Scarlet Groff (was also named after her hair color) and she is 17 years old standing at 5'5". She is absolutely beautiful (in my opinion). She has dark red hair that flows past her waist, a smile that lights up a room, a curvy, hourglass figure (refer to earlier in story for size.). Guys line up to ask her out. There are usually five or six guys that ask her out daily. She finds it really annoying nowadays, as it's happened for years now.
She bounded down the stairs and right up to me. "Let's get going!" said a very enthusiastic Scar. "I've been waiting so long to be able to dress you up. Don't worry Vi, I'll make sure to make you look amazing!"
"Yeah, Yeah..." I really was not looking forward to this, but I want to hang with Scar so I go along with it. We get in her car and begin the short trek to the mall. Scar was chattering about how she was gonna make me really pretty and all that while I stared off out the window.
We reach the mall and pay for our parking. "Ok, Violet, do you have anything in mind on what you want to get?"
"No, I was planning on just letting you get the clothes. Just nothing pink please."
I followed a pouting Scar through the mall until we arrived at a very flashy store. The name was in a weird font so I couldn't read it, but some of the cloths in there were pretty cool.
"Alright this is our first store." and hopefully our last.
We looked around the store, Scarlet picking up clothes for me to try on as we went. I ended up buying ten pairs of cloths for myself. I felt kinda bad as Scar wasn't buying anything.
'I'm going to wait until after we eat to get some clothes." is what she said when i asked her why she didn't get anything.
We walked towards the food court, which was easily the biggest place in the mall. They had more food stands then they did stores in the mall (not really, just seems like it). I saw a little bakery off to the side that kind of caught my eye, but Scarlet dragged me off to a different stand. I got two whopper burgers and a medium fries from the Burger King there. Scar told me to find a table while she got her food, so i did just that. I sat down near the large window that overlooks our town. I was staring off, waiting for Scar to get over here.
I heard a slam from across the table that startled me from my trance. I looked over to see Scarlet standing over a way to full tray of food. It had 6 whoppers, one subway foot long, chinese noodles, and lots of sweets, as well as a lot of fries. I was kinda stunned by how much food was there, but i didn't say anything cause I didn't want to seem rude.
At first, we ate in silence. I didn't really look at her eat and chose to focus on my food. I finished quite quickly and decided I would look at how much Scar ate. I was absolutely shocked at what I saw. The usually clean, salad eating red head was shoving food down her mouth faster than a competitive eater. I watched in amazement as Scar shoved half a burger in her mouth and followed that with a handful of fries. She had already eaten all of the chinese, the sandwich, and 5/6 of the burgers. I could see her face was flushed and that she was struggling to continue. She took another huge bite of her last burger and struggled to swallow it. I don't know why i felt a slight tingling in my nether regions as I watched my friend. I was entranced by her eating and how much of a glutton she was making of herself.
She finally swallowed her last bite of burger and stopped eating. She closed her eyes and put her hands below the table, most likely on her tummy. She was breathing heavily and had a glazed look in her eyes. We sat there in silence, waiting for Scar to be able to move again. I looked at her tray to find that she still hasn't eaten her sweets from the bakery. With how much she's eaten and how large her belly was now, I wonder how big it would get if she ate the sweets...
"Hey Scar, let me help you finish that." I say in the most casual manner I could muster. She didn't even respond. She just sat there rubbing her gut as I maneuvered around the table to sit next to her. I could really get a good view of her while next to her. She was leaning back with both hands rubbing her belly, attempting to settle the growling beast that even I could hear inside of her. I took one of the brownies from her tray and put it into my moaning friends mouth. She automatically began to chew it, probably not even realizing I was feeding her. She swallowed the brownie after a few seconds of chewing, which I quickly replaced with another one. This cycle continued along with her belly slowly getting bigger until the tray only had one brownie left.
At this point, Scar finally woke from her mindless eating.
"What the hell... Oooohhhhh gooooooddddd." She groaned very loudly, increasing the pace she was rubbing her belly. At this point, I couldn't believe how big it was. She had eaten until she literally ripped her shirt's seams. Her gut sat on her lap, and looked so full that her skin went from its usual white/tan color to a pinkish/red color. I wanted to touch it so badly, but I didn't know how my friend would react so I just ate the last brownie while I listened to her moan.
As I brought the brownie up to my mouth, I made eye contact with Scar. She had this look of want as she stared at the brownie in my hand. I moved it back and forth and watched as her head followed its movements. I decided I wanted to tease her a little bit.
I leaned over to her and put one hand on her belly and the other I waved I front of her with the brownie.
"Do you want this?" I asked. She nodded her head vigorously, signaling the already obvious answer.
"Don't you think you've eaten a bit much?i mean just look at your stomach! It's bigger than a pregnant woman's." I began rubbing her belly with my free hand. She started to blush and look down at her gut, wiggling her legs trying to hide her arousal.
"Umm... But... Uhh.. One brownie isn't going to hurt is it?" She asked, attempting to get me to give her the gooey treat. The sight of my bloated friends cute puppy dog face and her huge belly caused me to become a little flustered myself. I handed her the brownie and watched as her eyes lit up. She shoved the whole brownie in her mouth and swallowed without even bothering to chew it.
We waited in silence, not wanting to discuss what had just occurred. We just sat there and waited for our bodies to stop being aroused by the beauty that was Scar's belly.
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Wadegain 8 years
I feel strange using the same name over and over again. That's probably just me, so I'll see how I can change it. Thanks for telling me!
Wadegain 8 years
Thanks for the info jazzman. I'll keep that in mind as I write the next chapter.
Bradypig 8 years
Very nice, please continue!
Jazzman 8 years
I imagine that Scarlett would be Painfully stuffed after two double quarter pounders and fries and coke. I weigh 220 and I am quite satisfied with One Double. Imagine Your appetite and what You could consume without barfing. Then adapt that to Scarlett.
Jazzman 8 years
A great plot and well written except for the word too. As in too much. It's a great word along with you're that is often misused.
I would caution you to think about reasonable amounts of consumption.
Sonic16 8 years
I really like it, more mindless feeding sessions sound cool, i think thats how its headed kinda, again great work.