My life

Chapter 1 - the begining

When I was a child, in order for me to go to sleep, I had to make up a story in my head and create characters and just sort of go with the flow. It was really relaxing and generally made me fall to sleep. My little fantasies changed as I got older. The first fantasy I can remember goes like this-

I sit, staring out the window of a bus, watching as the dense forest drives by. I'm on a field trip with my class going to camp where we will be staying for two weeks. I've been excited about this for months now, constantly reminding people of the trip. I could tell we were almost there, as I had snooped a bit of info from the front of the bus where the teachers sat. We slowly made our stop in front of a cabin village. We are instructed to leave the bus and walk to the building that says "Greeting room". We get there quite quickly, as the sidewalks are motorized and take you to where you want to go quickly. The building was huge, as one should expect from the name. It was a college style auditorium with 200 seats with desks to compliment each one. We sit down wherever we chose to. After we had all settled in, multiple people, who I assumed were instructors for the camp, walk to the front of the room, where they are raised up on a stage. I can clearly see the leader of this group of people. I identify her as the middle lady, who's outfit resembles that of a lawyer. She has a warm smile and seems to be a very friendly person.
"Hello students! Welcome to camp!" The lady yelled into the microphone. We all cheered in excitement, over joyed to have finally made it to the camp. "My name is Shyland, but you can call me Shy. Here you will be enjoying everything you would expect to enjoy at camp. You are assigned to cabins with one instructor each. There will be six of you per cabin. Lunch time starts at noon as is mandatory for you to attend. Please enjoy yourselves to your hearts fullest!" We all cheered again.
The instructors standing next to Shy started calling out names. We were instructed to meet the instructor who called our names. I hear my name called by a soft voice in the back of the room. I walk over to the source of the sound and see my five other cabin mates and the instructor. My instructor was a short, plump girl who couldn't be older than twenty. She was beautiful. Her face yelled innocence and kindness
"Are you Parker?" she asks as I approach. I nod, to shy to speak to the pretty lady. "Well I'm Faith. It's nice to meet you! Alright let's go to the cafeteria." We walk in a group to the motorized sidewalks. I noticed that Faith was out of breath, and it made me glad that she wouldn't have to overexert herself much more. We soon arrived at the building I could only assume was the cafeteria. Unlike the other buildings, this one was made of concrete and looked quite new. We walked inside a wide set of double doors, where I was greeted with a pleasant aroma of all types of food. The place was a buffet. All types of food covered every table in the room.
"Alright sit where you want, but we all have to sit together." We chose to sit with the burgers and fries. "Lets dig in!" yelled Faith with an abnormal amount of enthusiasm.
All seven of us begin eating. The food tasted absolutely amazing. Every bite made me want more, and the more I ate, the more there was to eat. Food appeared before me randomly. I was surprised at first, but continued eating the addictive food. It wasn't just burgers that appeared. Pizza, hot dogs, chips, chicken wings, candy, ice cream, cake, cookies, donuts, steak. All of this and more was put on my plate, No matter how much of it I ate, I didn't feel full. I just kept eating more and more, slowly becoming more and more addicted to the food. I couldn't think of anything besides more food.
Several hours later, I'm awoken from my trance of stuffing with a cough into a megaphone. I slowly look around the room at the bloated forms around me. Every single person has a humongous belly in front of them. Each tummy differs in size from small food babies, to gigantic beach balls. Each person was rubbing their bellies and looking for the source of the cough.
"Everyone seems to have enjoyed their lunches" I hear Shy's voice coming from the megaphone, but I can't see her. I try to stand up, but some weight kept me down. I looked down to see what kept me pinned and only saw flesh. What I was looking at was my huge stomach. I couldn't see the end of it. I stared in disbelief at my once small tummy turned gigantic gut. It covered my entire lap. It forced my legs open and almost touched the floor. I poke my stomach slightly and see a rippling effect go across it. It was pure fat.
"That was your guys first competition. It was to see who could eat the most food out of all of you, and this young fellow on stage won by a landslide." I looked around for the stage, only to notice that I was elevated above everyone else. That's when I realized I had won.
"Parker here ate 350 pounds of food in the four hours we gave you. The only other person to come close ate 210 pounds. Both students will be receiving a reward in private. Now, please exit the room and go to your dedicated cabins. Dinner will be served their. The two contestant winners please stay here." Everyone waddled out of the room exception of me and the girl who I noticed next to me. She was in a similar state as me, belly drooping between her legs, unable to move. I saw Shy walking up to the stage slowly.
"Great job in the contest, guys. Would you like to know what your reward is." I nod slightly, curious as to what the prize would be. Shy walks up to me. She grabs something above my head. "Open your mouth please" I do as instructed and feel a tube slide down my throat. Shy flips a switch that I hadn't noticed was on the chair I sat in and I felt the tube shutter a little bit. Then I feel it. A cold substance was being pumped into my stomach directly. I couldn't taste it, but everytime I licked the tube, I felt a pulse of pleasure through my body.
"You both will be left here for the remaining two weeks, like this. You will be completely cared for and kept clean until it is time for you to leave the camp. Enjoy :D" she walks out of the room, leaving me and the girl to suckle and lick the tube which slowly filled us more and more, expanding our stomachs to girths unknown.
Time seemed to stop for me, all I could think about was the blissful feeling of being filled to maximum. At some point, I felt people touching my belly, but I ignored it, focusing more on the tube which made me feel good.

Two weeks ended quickly for me. I couldn't see anything anymore. I felt warm and content. From a third person's view of me, my belly filled the entire room. It touched the ceiling and all the walls. It completely consumed the girl who was supposed to go through this with me. No one could fit inside the building with me and the girl because of how big my gut was--------

I didn't realize that what I was imagining would be considered weird among my peers. I simply thought everyone thought like this. Every night, my little boy mind would have fantasies like this one. I didn't get sexual satisfaction out of these stories, well not until I was older anyways, but that is just what I thought about, sometimes even dreamed about. That was the beginning of my feederism fetish.
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