Chapter 1 - guess that kink

This is a story with two of my first Oc's and how they first met.

- - -

It was a hot sticky sweltering month in July. The night time, albeit lacking the heat of the sun, were just as hot. A little anxious about going out that night, Sarah, a university freshman done for the semester, was getting ready.

Whenever she did go out, which was rarely, she typically wore the same black cocktail dress that had gotten her a few looks in the club, but never really got her into anything she couldn't handle.

Besides, not many guys at those things were her type, and the ones who were, never really approached her.

Luckily this was just a social gathering at a friend of a friend's house, nothing too painful would happen, but she definitely knew something would go wrong. After all, she had gone to high school with some of these idiots.

Full of self pity and feeling a little tired after work, Sarah slipped on the black cocktail dress with heart neckline and surveyed herself in the mirror. Biting her lip softly, she did a small turn, finally resigning to the old type and putting on a pair of black wedges.

Sarah sighed and texted her friend back that she was ready, finally. This was going to be a long night.

Her friend, Karen, who was already dating and perpetually trying to set Sarah up at every turn, already had a girlfriend and they had been together for two years. Which beat out any relationship Sarah ever had by two years.

Unfortunately for Sarah, Karen was driving both of them and a couple of their mutual friends, and she was pretty determined to set her up with someone.

"Well... do you like girls or boys?" Karen asked again as they drove up the winding suburb streets.

"I don't know, both, I guess?" Sarah covered the side of her face to hide how embarrassed she was by the conversation. Although since she was sitting right next to the drivers seat Karen probably saw anyway.

"Bisexual! Ooh- you know what! Alex loves bisexuals," joked Jeanine from the back, after she had overheard Karen talking to Sarah, "you could have a threesome, he'd totally be down."

Alex was the host of the party they were going to that night and he enjoyed flirting with Sarah, as well as a large number of other girls.

Sarah moaned and flung her head against the head rest. "Noooo-" she groaned and ran a hand through her hair.

"Well what do you like in a guy then?" Asked Kelsey, the fourth and last person in the car to join the conversation.

Sarah suddenly went red and pulled herself as close to the window as possible.

Kelsey and Jeanine were two of her best friends since grade ten, but they knew how to pluck her nerves. Jeanine was with her on-and-off boyfriend of four years and Kelsey was the other single in the group, like Sarah, but unlike Sarah, she had no issues with being able to hook up with anyone she wanted.

"Oh- that means it's kinky," Jeanine giggled light heartedly, which made Sarah go even more red, her feet twitching.

"What's the kink?" Kelsey asked, playing off of what Jeanine had said.

They really were going to make this the most difficult night.

"A-I'm not into a kink," Sarah stuttered.

"Wow, denial." Karen grinned over her shoulder, still looking at the road.

Jeanine smiled comfortingly in the rear-view mirror and patted Sarah's shoulder, "hey, no worries, we all got something, after Fifty Shades of Grey, Kelse was using gags and ropes."

Kelsey shot her a dirty look and elbowed her in the ribs causing the small red head to flinch back.

"Is it gags and ropes, Sarah?" Jeanine asked with a smirk on her lips.

"It's nothing, really- I'm just, you know, not interested." Sarah laughed it off, taking the humour approach to convince them to drop the subject.

Apparently she didn't even have to, because they had already pulled up to the house. Sarah couldn't help but gape a little at the enormous mansion that they had come too in the middle of the suburbs. Loud music and spurts of yelling could be heard coming from inside even though the rest of the block seemed deserted.

They walked past the people chasing one another on the front yard, avoiding a few people who were passed out on the grass.

"This looks fun," Karen smiled positively, ringing the the doorbell. A second passed before her girlfriend, Skye, opened the door, she was a tall blond with amazing eyes and the figure of a goddess.

She immediately and forcefully took Karen into her arms and kissed her passionately. When they let go of one another Skye turned her attention to all of us.

"I'm so glad you all came!"

Skye wasn't exactly a friend of Sarah's, but they had been going down that path ever since Karen had introduced them a year ago.

"Got a little tongue in your teeth there, Karry," Jeanine smirked.

"Shut up," Karen muttered, clearly flustered. Skye didn't notice too much as she slid one arm over her girlfriend's shoulder and squeezed gently.

"Come on lover." Skye whispered.

"I'll see you guys later," Karen smiled innocently as she was lead away by her girlfriend.

"Oh- Sarah, Alex was looking for you," Skye smiled and gestured to the pool in the back.

"Oh, yah I'll... go see him." Sarah smiled back but felt the exact opposite. Skye was Alex's younger sister by three years, but she had always been a part of his parties because all the creepy football friends of her brother's still tried to make passes at her.

Alex wasn't a creep or a typical jock type, he wasn't conventionally attractive either, but he was nice. Even though they were typically very different, he had always been a little flirty with her after high school.

"Hey, Sarah-" A voice shouted through the crowd and she instantly recognized it as Alex.

She turned around to see him waving her over from outside and knew that she had been spotted.

"Well... go on," Kelsey said and Jeanine urged her on with a look. "Go meet your prince."

Sarah frowned, but headed in that direction anyway. It would be suspicious and rude if she ignored him after specifically seeing him.

She avoided a few elbows and hands that were thrown wildly out, everyone in an intoxicated state of dancing and talking.

Suddenly Sarah wished she had grabbed a drink on the way out. She was to need it.

"Hey! I thought that was you," Alex grinned down at her after polishing off the beer he had been holding.

"Oh well- you caught me." Sarah tried to joke, but found the whole thing a bit awkward. Alex chuckled, opening another beer as quickly as he had let go of his last one.

"Glad you could make it, we don't see you around too often."

Sarah winced and combed her finger through her hair to tame it a little. "I know- I'm kind of a stick in the mud, really."

Alex was halfway through the beer in his hands already and Sarah subconsciously hoped he hadn't been drinking that much. This could get weird if he had.

"How about you come with me and we open up the hot tub," Alex grinned enthusiastically, "you can borrow one of Skye's suits and we can start a game of sociables with some of the football guys."

Immediately shocked by how fast the tides had turned against her, Sarah took a small step back and put up her hands in protest. Normally she enjoyed sociables, and occasionally she even liked being the centre of attention or being the fun one, but this was not one of those days.

"Oh man, I mean- I'd love to, but I hear hot tubs have a ton of bacteria-"

Although Sarah's objection was sure to fail hard anyway, the conversation was interrupted.

"Alex-" Skye suddenly came up to them, and Sarah felt incredibly relieved as Alex's sister took a step into their circle.

"Hey, sorry to interrupt," she smiled with a bit of nervous energy in her voice. "Oh my god, Alex, have you seen Lee?"

"Haven't seen him since finals in first year," Alex said, somewhat bothered. Unfortunately for Alex, he had applied too quickly without knowing what he wanted to go into and ended up dropping out from his choice university in the first month. "That's like, what- three years? He said he was back for the summer and I asked if he wanted to come."

She shook her head energetically like she was about to explode, "oh my god, Alex- I didn't even recognize him."

He snorted and took another gulp from his beer bottle. "Come on, did he finally get that face tattoo Liam had or something?"

Finding this the perfect time to escape while they were engrossed in their conversation, Sarah backed away and quickly gestured to the house.

"I'll be right back, gotta... freshen up," she tried to pull out an excuse to get away quickly.

"Hey wait-" Alex protested, but she was already on her way to the house. Sarah was just close enough to see him give Skye a withering glare for interrupting them.
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